Haul: Haircare and Bodycare


Hello guys! I know I just did a mini ulta haul for makeup and skincare, but I was out of a lot of bodycare and hair stuff as well, so I did a separate stock up on those products! These are all cruelty free, so if you were looking for cruelty free shower products here you go:


Giovanni 2Chic Avocado and Olive Oil Ultra Moist Shampoo – This is an amazing shampoo if you have curly hair like I do! I’ve emptied so many deluxe size samples and loved them so I bought the full size. Also this shampoo is only $8.99, so its a complete bargain!

Giovanni 2Chic Avocado and Olive Oil Ultra Moist Leave-In Conditioner and Styling Elixir – I’ve tried this from a foil sample once, and it was so nice! My current leave in conditioner cannot be considered cruelty free since I couldn’t find any info on the brand, I am happy to find one that is fully cruelty free and works well!

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Used and Abused Makeup Products Tag


Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! I’ve been watching these videos on youtube and I absolutely love them so I decided to do one! In flatlays on instagram or blog posts, I never show you guys what my loved and used makeup actually looks like. It doesn’t stay perfect and insta-worthy for long!

Here are four of my most used makeup products that will be empties soon:

1. Juice Beauty CC cream in natural glow

This one is almost gone, the cap is broken, it’s leaking, it is just a mess. I have repurchased this several times, it is truly a great cc cream, holy grail status! I also have a backup for whenever I run out because I love this so much! It looks so natural on the skin and lasts so long. It hydrates my skin and makes it look so healthy.

2. Bareminerals Translucent Veil Powder


This is supposed to be a pressed powder, I have no idea when it stopped being a pressed powder and just sort of became a loose powder. I’m just too lazy to repress it when it only has a tiny bit left. This has been dropped, repressed 4 times and carried in my bag almost everywhere, it has definitely served me well and I love this product because it blurs out my pores!

3. ELF eyebrow kit in Taupe

This is the first eyebrow product I ever got, the lid has broken off, it has massive pan and it has certainly been well loved. I really still love this for my brows and I can’t wait to finish it off and buy a new one!

4. It cosmetics hello Light Luminizer

This is something I’ve loved and used for a couple of years, it is so pretty on the skin! It is also almost gone, been carried with me everywhere and I absolutely love it. I definitely will be finishing this up and buying a new one soon!

I hope you guys enjoyed this kind of lighthearted and fun post, if you want to do it and you have a blog, then go for it. See you guys soon!

— Hailey



Mini Ulta Haul!


Hello guys! Today I wanted to share with you my mini ulta haul, I have been trying to curb my makeup spending just a bit so I tried to only buy a few things that I really needed!


Bareminerals Gen Nude Matte Lipcolor in Boss – I have been seeing these lip product hyped up on youtube and I’ve seen nothing but good reviews so I decided to get one to try out! This shade is a lovely nude pink that I will get a lot of wear out of!

Butter london lip crayon in Ruby Murray – This is a really bright pinky red shade that I am so excited to try out! I have one of these in a nude shade already, the formula leaves a glossy finish, so I think this will be a really pretty lipstick for summer!

Pacifica Dream big Mascara – This has a wand that you can change the length of by twisting the cap, so I had to get this to try it out and review it! I know I’ve sometimes wished I could modify the brush on a good mascara, so I can’t wait to try this.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner – I needed a toner but I was looking for one that would dry out my skin or irritate it, and this one seems perfect. I’ve used it a couple times and so far I love it.

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LA Colors Matte Lipstick


Hello my lovelies! I hope you all are having a lovely week so far!

Today I will be reviewing La colors matte lipstick

LA colors matte liquid lipstick

I’ve always loved dark red matte lipsticks, and for this photo shoot I was going on, I thought that this shade would be wonderful for the job!

I got this from my local drugstore (I know I know pretty soon I will have bought the whole drug store!), la colors is known for being sorta cheap and not the highest of quality, but I didn’t care so long as it was dark and matte.

The application was very good, it was smooth and easy. A bit messy at times.


If you do mess up though, it’s very hard to simply wipe it off with your thumb.

I also noticed how long it lasted, this matte lasted about half the day, which for a matte was kinda of disappointing, usually mattes stay on 24/7, but half the day is a lot better than having to re apply every hour.

My biggest issues was that it got messy after you’ve applied it. I could have had it applied neatly and perfectly, have it all dried, and somehow it would end up all over the place and I would look like the Joker! I couldn’t really eat with it on, or drink with it on. I couldn’t really do anything. There were times I felt I couldn’t even talk in fear that it would somehow end up everywhere!

So I don’t really know where I stand with this product, half of me loves it and half of me hates it.

I feel like this is perfect lipstick for like a photo shoot or any event where you’re doing literally nothing but standing, this isn’t perfect for going to work or school!

Ta ta my loves!

What’s you’re favorite matte lipstick?


Empties: January and February


Hello guys! Today I’m going to share my empties from January and February. This is going to be a little bit long, so lets get into it:


Vapour Beauty Chapstick – This was a good chapstick, but it is also so expensive, more than I would ever pay for a lip balm, so would not repurchase!

Smashbox Photo Finish Lash Primer – I would definitely repurchase! When I was using this my lashes would feel healthy even with me wearing mascara every day and now my lashes feel more brittle without that primer barrier between them and mascara!

Emoji Lip Balm – I wouldn’t repurchase because the scent was so strong and artificial!

Laura Geller Marble Lipstick in Vista- I really like her marble lipsticks but I would not repurchase this shade, it was a little too warm toned for me and made my teeth look very yellow.

Body Care:

Philosophy Pure Grace Body Cream – This is a brand you would think would be cruelty free but it actually is not, I was fooled for a while. I would not repurchase just because of their cruelty free status!

Noniko Deodorant Sample – I liked this, it it kept me from sweating or smelling during the day. I couldn’t find anything on their cruelty free status though, so I will wait to purchase a full size!


Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner – THIS didn’t seem to fully clean my brushes so I would not repurchase.

Skincare and Samples:

Terremere coconut and jojoba moisturizer – If I saw this on hautelook again for super cheap I would one hundred percent repurchase! This is so good if you have dry skin!

Jurlique Activating Water Essence – I did like this, but I would not purchase a full size because it isn’t cruelty free!

Jurlique Eye Contour Balm -If you like jurlique products and you are looking for a new eye cream, I would look into this one, it’s lovely! For me personally though, i would not purchase a full size.

Acure Eye Cream – This wasn’t hydrating enough for me, but it was very light and airy. If you are more oily skinned and want something super light you might like this. Wouldn’t repurchase!

Acure Moroccan Face Oil – This felt very heavy on my skin and it did clog my pores, I would not purchase a full size!

Acure Sensitive Facial Cream – This is so moisturizing and I am loving it, it is more of a balm consistency but melts onto your skin. I would definitely purchase a full size!

Acure Seriously Glowing Facial Serum – This was nice, but I like the Evan Healy rose serum better, so I am going to purchase a full size of that one, not this one!

Can you guys tell I am trying to reign in my sample drawer? I have way too many! I hope you enjoyed this empties post, there will be another one coming in April!

— Hailey

Nyx liquid eyeliner


Hello my lovelies!

Coming right back at ya with another review!

First off can we just acknowledge how there’s like 5 more months till summer?! Ummm comment if you’re ready for some S-U-N !

Story time with Christine.

Once upon a time Christine bought a crappy elf eyeliner, and she quickly learned…you get what you pay for. She was put into a state of panic for the young and slightly dramatic maiden had a party to attend in only 4 hours!

Whatever would she do without her eyeliner?! She ran back to the drugstore and bought herself the NYX Liquid eyeliner.… The maiden lived happily ever after!

*based on a true story*

My true story!

Yes it is all true, I was a bit scared to by this. I love Nyx, but I had grown attached and relied on eyeliner pens to get me that perfect winged eyeliner. As many of you may known by now. I’m SUPER clumsy, so having the control I can have with an eyeliner pen is vey helpful. I knew this wasn’t a pen, but more of a stick.

So I bought it thinking I would never do winged eyeliner on it because I just knew I would mess it up every time.

To my surprise for the type of brush it had, I had a lot of control over it. It was a good consistency, it stays on 24/7 and it was only like 7 bucks. So this chick is a winner winner!

I absolutely love this eyeliner, I have 0 flaws through it. I bought it all the way in December, and I’m still using it come February!

I highly recommend NYX eyeliner!

Ta ta my lovelies!

Comment down below your favorite eyeliner!


18 in 2018 Project Pan Update #1


Hello guys! Today I am sharing an update with you for my 18 in 2018 project pan, I’ve made some good progress and managed to finish a product so lets get into it:

Face Products:

Benefit Dallas Blush – This has a dip in it! you can see the metal around the edges and that the product is getting lower in the pan, steady progress which i’m happy about.

Laura Geller Balance and Bronze Foundation and Bronzer – This I haven’t used because I was focusing on the benefit. I will rotate it in next month.

Laura Geller Cream Blush – This has a bit of a dip in it, some progress but not as much as I’d like.

It Cosmetics Hello Light Creme Luminizer – I love this product, and I made tons of progress on it. It went down 0.6cm from the intro.

Vapour Beauty halo illuminator in Moonlight – This is a bit intense for me, so I had not a lot of progress on it, it only went down 0.2cm from the intro!
Eye Products:

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