Essence mascara review


Hello my lovelies!

Happy October! Goodness I can’t believe how fast this month is whizzing by! It’s amazing! 

I’ve decided to give a review today in a product that I’ve changed my mind about. 

Earlier in September I had went to Ulta for some retail therapy and came across this essence I ❤️ extreme mascara. 

Now naturally my eyelashes are already pretty extreme, but this looked like a fun product to try out, so I bought it.

When I got home to try it on I was actually disappointed.  When you hear the word extreme I thought I would be wowed by how the product applied, but when I applied the mascara it seemed like I was just applying nothing. As if no mascara had come out. 

So it fell to the bottomless pit of my makeup bag never to be used again


I got glasses!

Living in a state that rains a lot, I gave up on glasses way last year, it wasn’t until the summer where I realized I really needed glasses again. 

Now as any girl who wears glasses and mascara knows, the mascara tends to get on your glasses, adding to the list of pain in the butt things you need to clean from them. 

But this mascara was so light that when wearing glasses with, they didn’t show up any time I blinked!

So now it’s in my everyday makeup routine! 
Let me know down in the comments any glasses problems you’ve run into with makeup!


Fall 2017 Ipsys!


Hello my lovelies!

So I’ve been a little forgetful when it comes to the ipsy bags, I am very sorry!

I completely forgot to do a September post of the September bag, so I decided to combine September and October’s bags into one big  fall ipsy bag review.

For September the first item I pulled out was…

Smash box photo finish primer in the shade of radiance


Now as much as this is a good product, I find I just don’t use it as much. Not that it’s bad, I just don’t really use it, this primer didn’t WOW me enough for me to use it daily.

Pacifica blush

Now I love the brand Pacifica, all their products are amazing! So I was so exited when I opened this one up, the two blushed are an amazing shade and apply as if you were naturally blushing, by far my favorite ipsy item so far!

Blue nail polish 

Okay so I completely forgot to take a picture of this nail polish, and now I can’t find it anywhere in my house! Forgetful much? I know!

I do love nail polish, but this shade of blue was very ugly in my opinion, it didn’t go well with my skin tone and I over all didn’t like it.

Birch juice hydro sleeping mask

As you guys know, I’m a huge fan of face masks! So when I got this I was very exited to see how it worked, naturally that night I tried it on and LOVED it!! Sometimes I feel that after my night time shower my skin gets super dry, especially my face. After applying this one my face felt so hydrated and fresh. It’s amazing!

Teeez eve’s ready to wear lipstick

I love red lipsticks, love love love them! Unfortunately I did not love this lipstick, the application was sloppy and left the divits of my lips bare. It kinda looked like a used a crayons crayon as lipstick and I didn’t like that at all!
Now on to Octobers bag!

Nail medic, charcoal infused nail polish 

This nail polish I absolutely love!

The color is so cute! My only con is it’s very thin, so you need to apply several coats before getting a finished look.

Brazilian bum bum cream 

Do not be fooled by the name of the cream, it is not for your bum bum!

I love this lotion it is thick and leaves your hands hydrated throughout the day! Not to mention it smells AMAZING!
Luna lip crayon

This lipstick is in the shade of Elara, and is very similar to the pink ELF crayon I reviewed earlier this summer, I love how hyrated it keeps my lips!
Urban Decay 24/7 guides on eye pencil.

I’ll be honest with you, I was a bit nervous about this product. Every cream eyeliner I have gotten I have accidently broken the tip of while applying. So I was nervous to try this one out!

Luckily nothing broke! And the application is beautiful, it’s not dramatic at all which I like. Perfect for every day use!

DLS Eyeshadow bronzed

Lastly I got this in my bag, the eyeshadow is very pigmented which is good, unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of the shade. I’m trying to find a good home for it!
That’s it for today!

Let me know down in the comments if you have that problem with cream eyeliners too!


E.L.F haul


Hello all!

I am so sorry for not posting as much this past month, school has been killer if you know what I mean.

Today I am going to be sharing with you all my E.L.F haul!
E.L.F baked eyeshadow


This eyeshadow is so beautiful I absolutely love the colors, unfortunately most of the colors are hard to get off, I cannot apply this eyeshadow with a brush because it’s very hard to pick things up. When using my finger, I usually have to rub the shade a few times till I get the pigment I want.

E.l.f no smudge pot

This little container is the holy grail!

I have always had the problem of my eyeshadow/eyeliner smudging off by the end of the day so that I look like this:

I have to admit, when I bought this I wasn’t convinced, but I’m actually really surprised at the outcome! The times I have used this, my eye makeup as stayed on all day!

I love it!

E.l.f blemish control primer

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Top 5 Lip Products for Fall!


Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog! I have been obsessed with darker brown nude lips lately, and I wanted to share my top five. I have glosses and matte lipsticks and liquid and cream lipsticks in here basically all different finishes, light to dark shades and sheer to opaque so there is something for everyone!

1. LA colors Matte Lipstick in the shade in love

This is a matte finish lipstick and it is the most stunning deeper brown nude that you can build up to a more edgy look for swipe on one coat for a beautiful natural look. I absolutely love the staying power of this and I don’t think it is drying in the slightest.

2. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in the shade Very Victoria

This one is way more subtle and is a stunning brown nude for fair to medium skin tones. It is so creamy, matte and I actually love this for everyday. I have done a review on it if you want more information!

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Too Faced Totally Cute Palette Review


Hello guys! I have been excited to review this palette for you for ages and so here it is! Especially with palettes I like to give myself a lot of time to play with them and really figure out my thoughts. Here is what I think about this palette!


  • Cruelty free!
  • Nine shades, 3 mattes, 6 shimmers.
  • Price: &$10.99 at marshalls!

There are a few things that I like and don’t like about this palette, here are my thoughts:

The shades Double scoop, bunny fu fu and chocolate donut are some of the best mattes in my collection. I love how they feel, their smooth and pigmented and blend nicely. They don’t show up too well in swatches, they perform a lot better on my eyes. Shooting star is a beautiful face highlight, pigmented and smooth, Clover was gorgeous and pigmented but a bit chunky and Storm cloud is my favorite in the palette. It looks scary and bright blue in the pan but on your eyes it is this gorgeous duochrome smokey blue brown shimmer and I absolutely frickin love it.

Now for the bad, Unicorn is pretty but has less pigment, the pink I heart Too Faced shade has chunky glitter in it, is not as pigmented and is more firmly pressed and rougher. Meow is a little bit crunchy to the touch but it does have good pigment and will blend well.



  • I love the mattes
  • the shadows are smooth and buttery to the touch except for IheartTF and Meow
  • Although this doesn’t look like a palette that would function on its own it will
  • Unicorn and Shooting star make lovely face highlights
  • Storm cloud and clover are the most stunning shimmer shadows and feel so smooth
  • No powder kick up at all!
  • Cruelty free!


  • The pink shade has chunky glitter and is an all around dud for me
  • Meow is a little crunchy but you can work with it
  • Clover is chunky to the touch but blends out beautifully
  • Frosted donut has a little bit of fallout

I actually really enjoy this palette! I don’t ever reach for hot pink or dark plum shades which happen to be the two duds in here so I am enjoying all the other shades. If you were looking to get this palette just for the hot pink, don’t buy it, that shadow doesn’t perform well.

— Hailey

September Beauty Favorites!


Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you my september beauty favorites! I have quite a few because I bought some new things this month and last month and I have loved a bunch of them.

Too Faced Totally Cute palette –

I didn’t think that I would enjoy this as much as I have been. The mattes in here are lovely and I have been using them so often that I am thinking about picking up the natural matte nine pan palette. The go to look I do is storm cloud on the lid with frosted donut in the crease, beautiful for fall.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Frothy scrub –

This is such a good exfoliator scrub! It really gets off all the dead skin and leaves you with super soft skin. This is also super cheap!

Benefit Dallas Blush –

I have recently been rediscovering how much I enjoy using this. It goes on so smooth and is really blendable. I have never worn this and had it look overdone or unnatural which I really like.

Lipstick! –

Buxom Full On Matte Lipstick – These more nude-pink shades have been my everyday go tos lately. I love this shade and formula. It does plump your lips and feels a little bit cooling and stingy when you put it on, but it doesn’t hurt at all. The actual lipstick is really creamy which I enjoy.

Liquid Suede Lipstick from NYX in the shade Soft Spoken – This more cool toned brown lip is something I also have been liking. The more I use this formula the more I enjoy it. It is pretty and I have been wearing it a lot lately because I feel like it plays well with my darker eye looks.

elf Moisturizing Lipstick in the shade Razzle Dazzle Red – This is not only one of my favorite lipstick formulas now but this shade has been beautiful for fall. I love a dark red vampy lip and this was perfect.

Those are my september favorites! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know what you have been loving down below!

— Hailey

Beauty Bargain of the Month: September


Hello guys! I am extremely excited for this post because I have found an amazing concealer that was $3.99 at Marshalls. This is a cruelty free dupe for my Rimmel Match Perfection, so I’m glad to have found a replacement.

This product is from DirtyWorks and it is a color corrector and concealer for undereye circles!




  • Price: Super cheap at marshalls, full price was $15
  • 4.5g of product in each pan
  • cruelty free!
  • one concealer and one peach toned color corrector


  • Instantly camouflage those dark circles and imperfections with this lightweight concealer.
  • Contains soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help moisture and provide antioxidant protection.

These concealers are in little pots and have a super creamy consistency. I can blend this easily with my finger or a brush. The coverage is pretty sheer to medium and you can build it up a little but it isn’t full by any means. The peach toned corrector is easily hidden under the concealer side and does work to cancel out any darkness under my eyes.

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