My everyday look!


With summer just around the corner, I thought I would post a little everyday makeup post! Enjoy!

E.L.F lavender primer:

While shopping at Target, I came across this ELF lavender primer. Now, me being a girl who’s a sucker for anything lavender I bought it. As I eagerly drove home to test this bad boy out, I couldn’t help put imagine the calm and welcoming smell of lavender being rubbed across my face every morning before I applied make up. This little fantasy was quickly shattered when I got home and began putting it on. Unlike what the bottle had said, the primer smelt NOTHING like lavender. I cried a little on the inside. If ELF means that the color of the bottle is lavender, I would have to say, yes, the COLOR of the bottle is lavender purple.. Another thing I found about this primer is that even after applying your makeup, It leaves my skin looking oily. I don’t enjoy the oily look too much. Other than those two little bumps, the primer does really does make my makeup last a lot longer!

Cover girls cgsmoothers BB tinted moisturizer+ sunscreen, light medium:

Okay, now a long time ago in a not too distant galaxy, I ordered the wrong type of BB cream off Amazon. Typical me. Anyywhoooo…I found after buying the ELF primer, if I applied a VERY little amount on my face after the primer it took away most of the oily look. The tint is very mild.

Rimmel BB cream radiance skin perfecting super makeup light:
This BB cream is a bit heavier than the previous. This was given to me by Hailey when she found it was too dark for her. Well. Another mans loss is another mans treasure right! It was indeed! While it didn’t give me the complete coverage as a normal foundation does, it did help to give it the complete look. Not to mention it kind of smells like oranges!!

Maybelline dream BB pure skin clearing perfector light medium sheer tint:

This is my normal everyday foundation. Paired with the 2 other BB creams, it really gives me a finished over all look.

E.L.F light concealer:

After my foundation I put on this concealer. I really like how much it does conceal. Unfortunately, after taking the brush out, it only gives you a little bit of product, so you need to keep putting it back in and out.

Jordana sculpt N’ Go  creamy contour stick: 

Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick Review 


Hi guys! Welcome back to our blog. Christine is posting tomorrow so that is exciting! Anyways, I have been doing so many reviews but I have just been picking up so much new “cult favorite” products lately that I have to let you all know what I think about them! Here is my answer to whether this hourglass foundation stick is a good investment:

Promise: long lasting foundation stick with the fluidity of a liquid, coverage of a concealer and weightlessness of a powder for light and full coverage (sephora)


  • Cruelty free!
  • Price: $46 (pretty high end)
  • Medium to buildable full coverage
  • Satin finish
  • 26 shades available (😍)
  • Can be used on all skin types according the the website

My skin type: dry to normal and mostly clear

My shade:

This wears beautifully for me and does not come off until the eleven hour mark. I absolutely love that they actually had a shade that matches me because I’m usually never able to find anything light enough! This really was one and done, I didn’t need concealer or powder afterward at all. It is soft and not dry at all when coming straight out of the tube and it doesn’t look unnatural which I love. It blended well with my neck and did not look like a mask at all. The coverage for me was medium to on the fuller side when I applied it with a stippling brush.



  • Fast to apply
  • Good coverage
  • Cruelty free!
  • Good shade range
  • Satin finish is really pretty!
  • Good wear time
  • Looks so natural
  • Blends easily with any tool
  • Isn’t dry when coming out of the tube


  • can get cakey if you let it sit too long before blending it
  • Sticks slightly to my dry patches but that is fixable if you moisturize right before

How I apply it:

The cons definitely are outweighed in this situation and I absolutely love this foundation. It is what I use whenever I need more coverage than usual for an event or just because I feel like a dramatic look, and I would recommend it to all of you guys! Also let me know if you want a review on the charlotte tilbury shadow sticks that I picked up, do you guys want to see that?

— Hailey 💄

Huge Entire Vanity Declutter


Hello guys and welcome back to our blog! I have been watching a lot of makeup declutters because they are so satisfying and was inspired to clean out my makeup, hair products, bath products, brushes, jewelry and nail polish, so here is a compilation of everything and the final numbers will be down at the bottom, if you want to skip there go ahead!


Eye makeup:

I never reach for the eyeshadow, mascara, or the Tarte fibers but their good products. I also never use liquid or gel liner really, so I got rid of those two. These pencils were all dried out and I have to repurchase the It cosmetics one. Continue reading

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Review!


Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog! This is the first lipstick I have ever bought from Charlotte Tilbury and her products are always hyped up quite a bit. This was in my may favorites but I still think that it deserves a review of its own!

Promise: Magical, matte lipstick with a long-lasting, buildable, hydrating formula. Lipstick Tree & Orchid extract softens, protects and hydrates lips for younger-looking, healthy lips. 3D glowing pigments create the illusion lit-from-within lips that appear wider and fuller


  • Cruelty free!
  • Shade: Very Victoria
  • $35.99 (above high end, major splurge)
  • matte finish

Continue reading

Update On Becoming Cruelty Free


Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog! If you’ve been following for a while, you know that I’ve been trying to only use products that are not tested on animals and made that resolution in January. Now six months in I want to update you guys on what I still have left to use up. I’ve done a lot more research and discovered companies that I thought were cruelty free actually are not!

I am still passionate about the cause! I have gotten rid of 23 products that aren’t cruelty free, next, after my makeup is cruelty free I will move onto skin care and then hair care as well. I’m finding dupes for what I have left that isn’t cruelty free so that when they are finished I will still have comparable products

in total: 12 makeup products, 1 lip balm

Face makeup:

Benefit Dallas Bronzer – found a dupe from butter London

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer – Dupe is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, this is about 1/4 gone.

Loreal Lumi – Half gone! Dupe is NYX illuminator

Benefit High Beam – 1/4 gone, dupe is also from NYX


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ELF Flawless Finish Foundation Review


Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog. I have promised you guys a review on this foundation for so long! I really wanted to give it a good test out and I got distracted by my new hourglass foundation so now after playing around with it here are my final thoughts!

Promise: Enjoy full-coverage with this oil free foundation that blends and protects. This UVA/UVB SPF 15 foundation is combined with a semi matte finish that creates a flawless look for every day wear. (ELF’s website)


  • cruelty free!
  • semi – matte finish
  • Has SPF 15
  • Price: $6 (bargain!)
  • Limited shade range

This shade is the lightest one but it is way too dark for me. It has medium to full coverage, and it wore for a good amount of time on me (about six hours) before fading around my nose, but the rest of the face stayed perfect. Adding other face products will not move around this foundation. it will leave a pretty semi matte finish. If you have combo or oily skin I think you might not like this because it felt a little bit oily, but it was super light and I did not notice it feeling heavy on my face which I enjoy.. It doesn’t seem like anything too special but I do feel like it is a drugstore dupe for a lot of my high end CC creams in terms of coverage and feel. One pump of this did my entire face but applying this with a brush will leave streaks so use a sponge.

skin type: dry and mostly clear



  • hydrating, semi matte finish (I like this but it could be a con to any with oily skin who want completely matte)
  • lightweight
  • SPF 15
  • putting other face products on top will not move it around
  • one pump does your whole face
  • did not emphasize pores
  • wasn’t patchy at all
  • price/cruelty free


  • limited shade range
  • was streaky with a brush so you will have to use a sponge
  • looks a lot lighter in the tube than on your face, so be careful picking shades
  • did not last too long on my skin
  • will emphasize texture

I like this a lot but I feel like it wasn’t anything super special to me, I would recommend it if you have drier skin because it is really hydrating and makes your face a gorgeous semi matte canvas. I hope you guys enjoyed my review and if you did leave a comment telling me your favorite drugstore foundation!

— Hailey





May Beauty Favorites!



Hi guys! Welcome back to our blog. As you all know I’ve been hauling things like crazy and I have a few new favorites! Everything you will read about today is something I have  truly discovered this month and it is all cruelty free.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette


This palette was my absolute favorite for creating quick easy looks on school mornings and also had a variety of shades that were perfect for going out in the evening which I did have to do a few times! I absolutely love the shade Primavera!

Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick in the shade Blanc


When I wanted full coverage this was absolutely my go to. I will definitely review this for you guys because it is rather expensive and I have some thoughts on it! But i definitely like it and it did not break down all night and I did not look cakey or unnatural at all which I loved.

Elf powder blush in the shade Shy

This is such a beautiful and easy to work with blush that I have been using non stop. I actually love the formula of this because it is softer and easier to use than my becca blushes so lately I have been reaching for this over those!

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in the shade Very Victoria

My mom gave this to me a couple of weeks ago but I am in love with it. Charlotte tilbury lipsticks are a cult favorite. I have been using this non stop because it is so long wearing and creamy. It is so moisturizing and I love the shade and this is one of my favorite formulas already.

Tarteist Lip Paint in the shade TBT

I have been using this so much as well! It comes out of the tube matte so you don’t have to deal with it drying down and the texture is so fluffy and light. It feels like you have nothing on the entire day, so I have been definitely loving that.

LA Colors Matte lipstick in the shade In Love

This formula is super creamy and natural looking on the lips which I love and I already did a review on these so I will not bore you! If you want to read it click here!

That’s all of my may favorites for this month! Let me know in the comments down below what is something that you have loved this month, and leave a like if you enjoyed. I hope that you guys liked this post!

— Hailey 💄