Sonage Berry Stem Cell Face Mask Review


Hello guys! Today I am going to do a skincare review. I know we don’t talk about skincare a lot on our blog, but we are going to start doing more reviews because both Christine and I do face masks at least once a week!

Today I’m going to review the Sonage Patagonia Berry Stem Cell Face Mask!


  • Natural and cruelty free brand!
  • Supposed to work best on dry skin
  • Price: $48 (which is pretty expensive!)

Promise: Antioxidant-rich intensely hydrating face mask helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Cream-textured stem cell technology leaves skin polished and visibly brighter. (from their website)

The packaging is really sturdy, it’s a glass jar with a nice lid, you could probably take this traveling and be fine, it wouldn’t break. The scent is definitely present, if you are super sensitive to fragrance, then I would recommend you smell it in store and see if it will bother you, it smells sort of like berry medicine. Personally, it didn’t bother me much at all.

It comes out purple, it isn’t a completely smooth texture, it has some small granules which work as a scrub when you take it off and it will leave your face very soft and polished. I did find that my skin looked very radiant for a day or so after, but as far as hydrating, I couldn’t see much of a difference. I would still use this for a light exfoliation and to make my skin brighter, it did my skin look lovely, just not as hydrated as I had expected. I think if you wanted anything super hydrating, and that is the sole reason you would purchase this, there are better options, my favorite is the Dr. Hauschka Hydrating mask! I don’t know what it did for wrinkle reduction because I’m seventeen and don’t have any yet!


Its this super pretty purple color when it comes out of the jar and it dries this shade as well.


  • Light exfoliation
  • will leave your skin bright
  • feels nice on the face
  • good packaging, good brand ethics, etc.
  • All natural (which is a huge bonus)


  • It is quite expensive
  • Not as hydrating as I was expecting
  • Kind of a strange scent

Overall I would say, if you are willing to spend some money on a nice mask and you want  radiance out of this mask, it is a good choice. If you are looking for something that is super hydrating and brightening, I think you could find a better option on the market!

— Hailey


Pan That Palette Intro 2018


Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! I’ve been in total use up my makeup mode lately, and I am trying to keep any of it from going bad in my collection, and get it all to be cruelty free.

You guys have seen this palette so many times before if you have been following our blog for a while, I’ve been using it exclusively for a few months. (While I may have this intro up way late, I have been working on this since the first of the year!)

This is the palette that I will be panning! I’ve never done this before so I chose a neutral palette with only six shadows so there is no way I can mess up, even if I’m not great at panning.

Here is what my palette looks like at the beginning of 2018!

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Empties: November and December


Hello you guys! I wanted to share my empties from the last couple months of 2017 with you today!

Let’s get into it!


Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara – I love this! Won’t repurchase because it isn’t cruelty free.

Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara – I liked this, it was meh. Won’t repurchase.

Smashbox Brow Architect in the shade Taupe – I love this! The brow gel is my favorite, doesn’t leave your brows crunchy but they stay on all day, repurchased already!

Jane Iredale Lip Drink Lip Balm – This left a weird white cast on my lips, even though it was just a balm, I would not buy it again.

Burts Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm – I liked this scent, and I love their lip balms, I’ve already repurchased.


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Makeup Declutter for the new Year!


Hello guys! I got a lot of new makeup to play with for Christmas, which I’m so grateful for, but I really needed to get some of the older products out of my collection to make room for the new. You guys seem to love these posts, I’m so glad you do because I love making them.

Here is what I’m getting rid of!

Lip products:

Laura Geller Lipstick in Vista – This just is an average nude and it wasn’t exciting me so I let it go.

NYX simply Vamp Lip Crayons – This winter I wore more brown or red based dark lipsticks, not purple, so unfortunately these have to go.

Laura Geller Lip Pops Lip Gloss – Dark colored lip gloss is just stressful because it will get everywhere, so I’m letting this go.

NYX butter gloss in creme brulee – I assure you, I love this formula!! This shade was a bit too light pink for my taste. I picked up two better shades for me recently and I enjoy those more!

Other Makeup:

Tarte Play with Clay Quad, Naked 2 basics palette – Lowkey nervous about parting with these palettes, but I have so many duplicate shades, and I don’t need these.

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December Beauty Favorites!


Hello you guys! I don’t think I have done a beauty favorites since September, which is way too long. Here is the roundup of a few items I have been loving through December!

Face Products:

Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter in the shade Pearl – This has been my go to highlighter, It is a so so soft and buttery and glides on without moving your foundation, it is blinding, basically all glitter and shimmer. It has a slight purply pink shift to it and would look lovely on any of you cool toned fair girls!

Dirty Works Bye Bye Dark Circles Corrector and Concealer – This has been what I reached for almost all through December, It is so lightweight and didn’t dry out my undereyes, even with the dry and chilly weather. Review here!


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Wet n Wild finishing powder


Hello my loves!

Today I will be reviewing wet n wild’s pressed powder

I got this in November at the local drug store and fell in love with it! I love how this product adds to the matte look even though it not a matte powder, also it was only like $5.99, which I find is a huge steal!

Unfortunately, my little sister got mad at me one day before I was able to take a picture of this, and dropped the powder onto the floor, ruining most of it. That is why it is so broken up!

Other than that I adore this powder!

What is your favorite wet n wild product?



❄️December Ipsy Bag❄️


Hello my loves! The end of December is very close! Meaning, December Ipsy bag!

I tried uploading a picture of the bag, but it kept crashing. And when it comes to the internet I’m an old lady rather than an eighteen year old girl.

So shall I continue?

Of course!

Ouai hair oil

I first took this little guy out. And I instantly fell in love with it. During the winter my hair gets SO DRY AND STATICY is annoying, after putting this on in the morning and before bed, the static has gone away, not to mention it smells like lilacs, which I love!

Lisa Frank stargazing shimmer eyeshadow

(Picture also won’t upload)

Ummmm throw back to like 2007?!

I was so surprised when I pulled this one out. Yet a little disappointed, it seems like every eyeshadow I get from ipsy is gold, meaning I have an abundance of gold eyeshadows that I only use 1 of. Don’t get me wrong, this eyeshadow is very good and it’s pigment is good as well, I will probably gift this to a friend who is in need of some gold eyeshadow!

Smash box always on gel liner

Once again, another gel liner. My opinion is the same as all the other gel liners I have gotten.

TréStioque brow pencil

I was super excited when I pulled this guy out of the bag, I’ve only used 1 brow pencil and I’m in love with it. So trying out new pencils always gets me excited!

The color is good, it matches my brows, the only thing I didn’t like is how hard you need to press for the right color to actually show up!

Slmissglam brush

I always love getting brushes in my glam bag! They are so fun to try out, and for a girl who loves pink glitter this was a hit!

Unfortunately it doesn’t grab onto product very well!

That is it for my ipsy review

What did you get in your glam bag?!