Used and Abused Makeup Products Tag

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! I’ve been watching these videos on youtube and I absolutely love them so I decided to do one! In flatlays on instagram or blog posts, I never show you guys what my loved and used makeup actually looks like. It doesn’t stay perfect and insta-worthy for long!

Here are four of my most used makeup products that will be empties soon:

1. Juice Beauty CC cream in natural glow

This one is almost gone, the cap is broken, it’s leaking, it is just a mess. I have repurchased this several times, it is truly a great cc cream, holy grail status! I also have a backup for whenever I run out because I love this so much! It looks so natural on the skin and lasts so long. It hydrates my skin and makes it look so healthy.

2. Bareminerals Translucent Veil Powder


This is supposed to be a pressed powder, I have no idea when it stopped being a pressed powder and just sort of became a loose powder. I’m just too lazy to repress it when it only has a tiny bit left. This has been dropped, repressed 4 times and carried in my bag almost everywhere, it has definitely served me well and I love this product because it blurs out my pores!

3. ELF eyebrow kit in Taupe

This is the first eyebrow product I ever got, the lid has broken off, it has massive pan and it has certainly been well loved. I really still love this for my brows and I can’t wait to finish it off and buy a new one!

4. It cosmetics hello Light Luminizer

This is something I’ve loved and used for a couple of years, it is so pretty on the skin! It is also almost gone, been carried with me everywhere and I absolutely love it. I definitely will be finishing this up and buying a new one soon!

I hope you guys enjoyed this kind of lighthearted and fun post, if you want to do it and you have a blog, then go for it. See you guys soon!

— Hailey



39 thoughts on “Used and Abused Makeup Products Tag”

  1. Are the IT Cosmetics really as amazing as they are hyped up to be? That highlighter looks beautiful and I’ve been wanting to try their foundation but I know anything can be airbrushed on television so I’m leery of trying anything that could be “faked” so to speak.

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    1. It will cover redness but it won’t cover pimples it is more sheer coverage. I have dry skin so I don’t know about how it’ll work on combination but it is very hydrating and has a dewy finish. You can set it with powder for a lovely matte to satin finish!

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  2. Please give that bareminerals powder the sweet release of being trashed.
    But really, I admire that you’re still able to use it! You’re getting every cent of that use.

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    1. A lot of people haven’t! I get mine at the local health food/vitamin shop at my town where they sell more natural makeup, maybe look there for it. I do too, and it is so light and feels like a moisturizer!

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