Milani Retouch and Erase Concealer Review

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog. Today I want to share a review on a concealer that I really love from the drugstore that I haven’t heard anyone talk about in a while. For me this is a drugstore gem and I want to share it:


  • $8.99
  • comes in 3 shades
  • cruelty free

Promise: Milani’s Retouch + Erase Light-Lifting Concealer is designed to instantly hide dark circles, spots, blemishes and imperfections with a brightening effect. (From Ulta’s website)

So I really love this concealer because it blends out really easily with your fingers, or a sponge. It gives a nice sheer-medium coverage on me and the really yellow tone of the concealer makes it nice for covering my undereye circles.

Their shade range does leave a lot to be desired, there is only three shades and they are all medium, so if you are deep skinned or fair skinned like I am then you might be out of luck. The shade fair works for me if I use it under my eyes but for spot concealing it is a bit deep on me and I do wish that the shades were more inclusive for those of us with really fair skin or for deep skin!

This concealer does not crease though, it lasts all day and it doesn’t dry out my skin, instead it seems to hydrate it. I enjoy the consistency and how it looks because it sets well and moves with your skin so it doesn’t crease. It also looks pretty natural which I am a big fan of!



  • Price
  • cruelty free
  • natural finish
  • doesn’t crease
  • lasts well
  • sheer-med coverage (this is a pro for me, some of you guys might consider this a con!)
  • doesn’t dry out your undereye area


  • only 3 shades
  • brush tip applicator gets dirty quickly

Overall this is a good solid drugstore concealer that is also cruelty free if you are looking for that. I enjoy it and definitely recommend it to you guys if it sounds like the kind of concealer you normally like!



7 thoughts on “Milani Retouch and Erase Concealer Review”

  1. I really wanted to love this concealer but it just did not work very well for me. Everyone I know loves it though so I’m kind of convinced I may have gotten a dud. I might have to pick it up and try it again!

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