5 Products I Will Always Repurchase

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! Today I want to share my five favorite makeup products that I cannot live without that I think are definitely worth the money and that I’ve repurchased myself multiple times:

1. Becca First Light priming filter

This is a pricy primer, but if you have dry to normal skin and you want an illuminating primer that is not sparkly or glittery this is a great one. It won’t make your skin look fake or that you’re wearing makeup, but it’ll make your skin dewy and a little more moisturized. I wear this every day before I put on foundation and it makes my skin look great!

2. NYX Microbrow pencil in taupe

This is my favorite brow pencil! It is very pigmented, the shade taupe is perfect for my hair and skin tone, the pencil itself is creamy. I also love that it is drugstore price, this is a staple for me and my routine since I cannot bring myself to pay $20 for the Anastasia or any other high end pencil.

3. ITcosmetics Hello Light Creme Highlighter in Radiance

This is my favorite cream highlighter, it is gorgeous, so creamy and blends out easily with your fingers. I always slap this on in the morning and the glow is very pretty and wet look. I have literally already went through one of these and repurchased

4. NYX Control Freak brow gel

This is a lovely brow gel! It definitely keeps my brows in place all day, it is drugstore price, it works well for me and I like that it doesn’t make my brows crunchy. I definitely recommend it and it’s a regular in my routine.

5. Urban Decay vice lipstick in Violate

My favorite lipstick of all time is this one, it is a beautiful mauve-purple-pink! I always pair this with cool toned eye looks and I just love it. It is the perfect nude pink for me and the formula is great and high quality.

That is it for this post guys! I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me in the comments something you have repurchased and can’t live without!

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