Big Makeup/Vanity Declutter!

Hello guys! I feel like it hasn’t been that long since I went through my collection but there was just some stuff in there that I needed to get rid of.


Tarte Brow Toolbox – I never use this because the shades are too brown for me, but I think Christine might love it so i’m going to gift it to her.

Laura Geller Lipstick in Berry – I don’t feel like berry lips suit me very well anymore so I’m getting rid of this one.

Jane Iredale lip stain in the shade forever peach – I liked this at first but I don’t think the bright coral orange color suits me well when I have red hair.

W3ll people Bio Brightening Invisible Powder – I somehow ended up with two so I’m going to give away this one.

Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Mean Girls – This is too bright for me, but I think it would look gorgeous on christines tanner complexion so I’ll gift it to her.

Stila Cushion Gel liner in sapphire ink – I don’t like this formula at all so I’m getting rid of this.

Bareminerals Single Shadows in Rhyme and Lyre – Both of these are gorgeous but I have dupes for them in palettes.


I got rid of so many! I just never reached for these while doing my makeup so out they went. I am happy to have a smaller selection where I will use most of them everyday!


Barielle Cuticle Remover and Deborah Lipmann Cuticle Remover – I never use cuticle remover and I rarely do anything with my nails so I didn’t need these.

I have way too many hair clips for someone who doesn’t do anything with their hair. I got rid of these two to narrow it down!


I got rid of all of these except the Mineral Fusion because they weren’t cruelty free. I got rid of the mineral fusion ones because their a tinted cream and the shade was too dark for me from the one that I had tried. My mom would like these though.

I hope you guys enjoyed this declutter! I had a lot of fun doing it! Let me know if you guys want to see an updated makeup collection or vanity tour or anything like that in the comments!

— Hailey

24 thoughts on “Big Makeup/Vanity Declutter!”

  1. I went through my collection past couple weeks ago and I feel so much lighter, I’m not stressed out that I don’t use most of products in my collection and right now everything is so much more organized. Well done. xx

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    1. I know I hate wasting makeup! I always let my friends and mom pick through it so I never have to throw away much! Yeah I do the same, once you learn how long it takes to go through something that really curbs your spending

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