Urban decay naked Smokey pallet

Hello my lovlies! I want to apologize for my lack of blogging over the last few months. A life update is soon to come explaining more into why i haven’t been blogging much! I promise though you will see more of me now!

I have been wanting to type up a blog on this makeup pallet for awhile now. Recently i have been getting really into eyeshadows, i really love how you can express yourself through it. I got this Urban Decay Smokey Pallet for Christmas this year and i really loved it! Normally ( espesically during fall and winter) I wear more neutral colors like brown and nude. So this pallet was perfect for me!

The Shades:

As you can see in the picture above, a lot of these shades can be worn for both an everyday look and a night out. For example the browns, pinks, and golds can be used for an every day look, while the blacks, metalics and blues can be used for a night out!

The first three shades i absolutley love! Perfect for a subtle glowing look. I found the pigment pay off to be very good! this is only after one swipe of my finger. I know with more shimmery colors its sometimes a bit dodgey on if it will last or not, but i was pleasantly surprised on it lasting the whole day. As many of you know by now i dont really wear makeup for the whole day, at tops i will wear it for 6-9 hours, so when i say the makeup last the whole day thats what i mean! When it comes to which of these three shades are my favorite, i really cant decide. I have done many looks with these three shades together. First i will use the sweet shade first on my crease, then has a transition shade i use dirtysweet and then on the outer corner of my lids i use the radar shade.

These next shades i have to say i havent tested out very much. These dark metalic blues/grey/blacks never look flattering on me so i never wear them. Just as the shades previous to these ones though, the pigment pay off was wonderful on these ones. I totally loved how creamy all of these shades were, and how easily they applied onto the eyes!

As i stated above, the darker shades like black and greys dont look good on me, so unfortunatley i havent tested out blackmarket or smolder much other than for these swatches. Password though is a more of a brown shade which i really am a fan of. Although this one turned out to look a bit greyish on the swatch, it turned out really well if you put a little bit on the outer corners of your eyelids.

Aside from the first three swatches i showed you, this is definetly another favorite shades. Whiskey and combust are the two that i use the most and i use thirteen on the inner corners of my eyelids to brighten up my eyes. Once again i cannot express how much i love the creaminess of these shades enough. Its so easy to apply, and it last so long!

All in all i give this eyeshadow pallet a 5/5 stars. I didnt really have any issues with this pallet!


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