Acure Brilliantly Brightening Glow Serum Review

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! Today I want to share a review of a super cheap skincare product that I have been loving lately:


  • Price: $12-15
  • Cruelty free!
  • 1 fl. oz of product

This is the serum that has saved my dry skin! I moved to California for college in August  and my skin dried out so quickly since the air is so dry there. This is the only serum that keeps my skin hydrated, it makes my skin glow too!

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Beauty Empties: September and October

Hello and welcome back to our blog! Today I want to share my beauty empties from the last couple months with you all:


Sadly we’ve only got one makeup empty for the last two months!

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC cream – This is almost finished, and it has gone bad! It is a lovely light foundation for everyday, and I love that it is spf 30. I’ve already repurchased.


Vapour Beauty clarity cleansing oil – I love this cleansing oil, it is so lightweight and it really works to get your makeup off. It is gentle and doesn’t sting my eyes. I have already repurchased!

Acure the Magical Wonderfluff moisturizer – This moisturizer was really light but hydrating. I did enjoy using it but I am not very loyal to a certain moisturizer and I’m ready to try something else.

Sonage Patagonia Berry Stem Cell Mask – I loved this face mask! It was incredibly nice, and it really made a difference in my skin. However, this is $48 dollars so I would not repurchase!

Acure Purifying Fruit Peel – I loved this fruit peel. It really gives you new skin after you use it. This makes my face so soft and it feels very balanced, not dry or irritated. It does seem pretty strong so I would be wary if you have sensitive skin, but it worked lovely on my skin! I will buy the full size.

No 7 Glow Activating Serum – This was a great light hydrating serum. Unfortunately, it is not the type of feel that I want, it feels gel-like and I prefer my serums to feel oily so I would not repurchase, but if you have an oilier skin type you might like this!


Weleda Almond sensitive skin body wash – This was an average bodywash, but it is a little pricy though! I wouldn’t repurchase!

Aesop Rind Concentrate Body Butter – This was a good lotion but it is very heavily fragranced with orange. It was way too much for me, wouldn’t repurchase!


I never use up haircare so I’m happy to have moved out some of this!

Giovanni 2chic Avocado and Olive oil Ultra Moist Shampoo – I did like this shampoo, but it isn’t the most gentle one I could find. I am going to try something else instead!

Giovanni 2 chic Avocado and Olive Oil leave-in conditioning and styling elixir – This is a lovely leave in conditioner and styler, it really defines my curls and moisturizes them. I enjoy what it does for my hair and I repurchased!

Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo – This shampoo was a little harsh on my curls, it did get all the buildup out of my hair but it also made my curls frizz so I would not buy the full size!

Aveda Rosemary Mint conditioner – This was a very watery conditioner and it did a lovely job, but it doesn’t work as well as my MOP conditioner so I will pass on it!

That is it for my empties! I’m sorry for being absent for a bit, Christine has been doing a great job holding down the fort for the last couple weeks. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will see you soon!



Simple Halloween makeup looks

Hello my lovlies As it is now October every day is basically halloween. I’ve decided to throw together a few simple halloween costumes with very simple makup looks!


Adult Scarecrow Costume - The Wizard of Oz Image #1

This look is super easy, you can buy a costume literally anywhere, or buy a flannel shirt and overalls along with a straw hat and cowboy boots and youre good.

As for the makeup look all you need is your usual makeup and some costume makeup. I just so happen to be dressing as a scare crow this year so here is the makeup look i will be doing.

Cool Halloween Scarecrow costume idea. You can find some of these items at your local Goodwill!

For foundation you can use your normal everyday foundation, as well as concealor. For eyeshadow i will be using orange eyeshaodw that i got in a previous ipsy bag, as well as a burnt orange shade. The eyeliner look is the basic wing eyeliner, but to mix it up a little i be putting some under my eyes as in the picture. Next i will be using the face paint on my cheeks as in the picture as well. Along with the nose and the lips. This look can be done in 15 minutes tops.

Cat Costume:

The black cat costume is a usual last minute costume. All you need is black clothing, a tail, collar and ears. As for the maekup look a simple foundation and concealor look followed by face painting black nose, freackles and whiskers andn boom youre done!

Roise the Reviter:

What would our blog be without women impowerment? This Roise look can be done in no time. All you need is either a jean dress or jean outfit, and a red bandana. A simple winged eyeliner look and bright bold red lipstick and BOOM youre Rosie.

Breakfast at Tiffiany’s:

All you need for this iconic and easy look is a trench coat, sunglasses and a tierra. As well as a natural makeup look.


I dont know about you, but i feel like Wednesday on a Monday. This look is so easy, all you need is a black dress with a little white collar. As for makeup, i would do a normal makeup look, use dark lipstick as well as dark eyeshadows.

Thats all for todays blog!

Comment down below what youre planning on being for Halloween!

tata for now!


Fall fashion im loving for 2018

Hello Loves! If one does a blog on fall hairstyles, you best belive that she will follow it up with a fall fashion blog! Like i said before, i adore everything about fall fashion.

Here are a few outfit/fashion ideas im crazy about this year.


women's brown sweater

I love these over-sized, but not over-sized sweaters, i think they are just adorable! Not to mention cozy.

Elle Woods look:

Image result for fall fashion 2018 pinterest

This look is my new obession. I love Clueless and it just gives me MAJOR Clueless vibes.

Sweater and Vest:

Image result for fall fashion 2018 pinterest

What would fall be without a vest?! Paired with a sweater its the perfect cozy look.


Image result for fall fashion 2018 pinterest

Overalls are also my new obession. I have rather a lot of them now, but i just love them paired with a long selve shirt and maybe a little jacket or cardigan.

Overall i really love fall fashion, these pictures are those that have inspiered my fall closet. I hope it does the same to you!

Comment down below your fall obession!



Airspun loose face powder review

Hello my lovlies! Im back with another beauty blog…duh! It would be a little weird if i was doing a video game review or something…

Today i will be review Airspun loose face powder. I’ve heard so much about this face powder that i’ve wanted to try it out for so long. The only issue i had was no matter where i looked, i couldnt find this powder anywhere. I searched high and low in every drug store with no luck. Next i searched Target and found nothing there.

Then the day came, the faitful day where i would find the much awaited Airspun loose face powder. I had to get some shots for college at my local walgreens, now here is a little fact about me…your girl HATES shots. The mere thought of getting a shot, or being around a needle terrifies me so bad. Usually i have my mom come with me, and yes im a nineteen girl and i still need my mom to come with me when i get shots. BUT THIS TIME SHE SAID SHE WOULDNT COME WITH ME…brat…Just kidding i love my mom and i understood how i needed to grow up. ANYWAY, before getting the shots, to relieve some anxiety, i decided to walk around the store. And somehow i came upon the cosmetic section…its really funny how thats the first thing i came across. Being the beauty holic i am, i looked around the beauty section, and then i found it, the loose powder that i have been trying to find for years. It was $9 and SUCH A STEAL.

Airspun Loose Face Powder:


  • Round continer
  • Holes to help filter out powder
  • Orange lip with some time of flower (?) on it
  • Little puff applicator


  • Smells AMAZING, very soft sent, like baby powder
  • Very easy application, if you apply with a beauty blender you wont make a big mess
  • Long lasting
  • gives finished look



All in all i give this product a 10/10 because i really feel this product gives your concealor and under eye area a creasless look, which im totally for. I also am a huge fan of the smell. For some weird reason it reminds me of a new born baby, which i totally 100% love. Im a huge fan of vintage things, and i guess you could consider this product vintage because it was made in 1935. I know i know the product that im using wasnt made in 1935, but the company was, which i really find interesting, because with other vintage companies like Revlon, Maybelline, and L’Oreal they are well known. Most people have heard of these brands, and its because of how well known their brands are that their name has survived so long, but the fact that this brand isnt very well known, and it is still surviving is truly amazing to me.

Thats it for todays blog!

Comment down below if you have tried Airspun, and what you think!

If you a havent, comment down below if you love that new born baby smell!



Fall face mask that will improve your skin.

Hello my loves! Boy do i have a blog for you! Who doesnt love a good pumpkin ANYTHING during the fall season?

Today i shall be sharing a new face mask that i’ve tried and now love for the fall. I find that during the fall season is when your skin starts to get a little dryer. Not nearly as bad as what it will feel like in the winter, but close.

So what i’ve tried is a pumpkin honey face mask. It not only really helps soften and hydrate your skin, but it also taste pretty darn awesome!

What you will need:

  • 2 TBSP of raw honey
  • 2 TBSP of unsweetend almond milk
  • 1 TSP of coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin

What to do:

So what i did first is mix all those together in a glass bowl, i just mixed mine with a medal spoon until everything was mixed together. Next i just wash my hands and start massaging the mask into my skin. It doesnt have to be thick on your skin, but on it (duh). After that i leave it on for 30min to one hour before washing it off. I would reccomend that you wear a headband and put your hair up because it can get kinda messy. Do this twice a month and you’ll see improvement in your skin!

Thats it for todays blog!

Comment down below if you like pumpkin anything!



Haircare Routine for Dry Hair

Hello my lovlies! Im back with another beauty blog. After doing my dry and oily skin blog, i realized that along with suffering with both dry and oily skin, i also suffered both dry and oily hair. I know that many people on this beautiful planet also suffer this problem, so i thought i would share a few things i did to get rid of my dry hair!!

Hair Masks:

One thing i did to help get rid of my dry hair was to start using hair mask. I would recommend making your own opposed to buying pre-made ones from the store. This way you know exactly what is going onto your hair. I mostly used an avacado mask twice a month on my hair.

Do not over wash!:

Try not to wash your hair too much, shampoo can and does often times dry out your hair when you over wash it. I take showers daily, but i only wash my hair every other two days. Also make sure that the shampoo you’re using wont dry out your hair. Some shampoos have acids and what not in them that are a death sentence for your hair.

Use olive oil as conditioner:

Once again, you never know what youre putting on your hair when using store shampoo’s and conditioners. When i had dry hair i used A VERY LITTLE amonut of olive oil as conditioner. If you use to much your hair will look greasy, and we dont want that either. Using olive oil on your hair will also help keep your tips nice and healthy.

Dry your hair naturally or wrap it dry:

Lastly using blow dryers and shaking your hair dry can badly damage and dry out your hair. I always always always air dry my hair when i get out of the shower and i find hat this helps SO much!

I know this is a short blog, but these are the steps i took to fix my dry hair.

Comment down below if you have dry hair!