May Beauty Favorites!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog. Today I want to share my makeup favorites as well as some other beauty favorites so lets jump into it:


NYX Worth The Hype waterproof mascara

As you guys know I love  the regular version of this mascara, but I accidentally bought the waterproof version this time when I repurchased it, and I love it. It keeps my lashes curled all day, it is super black, it definitely is officially waterproof (It lasted through a good cry), and it never leaves smudge rings under my eyes!

Smashbox Hydrating Undereye Primer

This is a product that I just shopped my stash for this past month. It is really nice at hydrating my undereye area and my concealer goes on so much smoother when I use it! I also find that this makes a nice primer for my face underneath foundation as well, so I absolutely love it. Continue reading “May Beauty Favorites!”


Itcosmetics Hello Light Creme Illuminator Review

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog. Today I want to review a lovely product that I have been using for years and have not heard that many people talk about! For me this is one of my holy grails and I always repurchase it, so let’s get into the review:


  • Price: $24
  • Cream highlighter
  • One shade
  • Cruelty free!

Promise: An anti-aging powerhouse for naturally pretty, lit from within skin! The IT Cosmetics Hello Light Anti-Aging Creme Illuminizer is all about the look of light, natural radiance and illumination. The formula is infused with skin-loving anti-aging and hydrating ingredients including peptides, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, silk and vitamins A, C, & E (From the Ulta website)

So that is a lot of promises! But this product really lives up to its claims and I really enjoy it. It does make your skin look lit from within, it is a highlight that will give you a natural wet look rather than being super sparkly or glittery. For me this is the highlighter I wear every day, it looks gorgeous, natural and it is everything I need in a highlighter. It doesn’t emphasize texture on my skin as much as powder highlighters do.

I also love the texture of this product because it is very soft and creamy and it blends in well with just your fingers. It’s just a quick and easy to apply highlighter that looks great in any lighting. I think that this highlight wakes my skin up and makes me look much healthier and like my skin is really lit from within. I don’t think that this product lives up to its anti-aging claims because I would have no idea how to measure that, but it definitely does look great!



  • not glittery, very natural and pretty
  • cruelty free!
  • applies easily with fingers or a brush
  • gives you a wet look
  • decent price


  • only comes in one shade
  • some gimmicky claims

That is my review on this highlighter! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know if you guys have ever tried this product in the comments, or let me know what your favorite highlighter is!


Girl Talk/Advice/Motivation

My Bullet Journal Setup for June!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! Today’s post is a little bit different, not beauty related. I want to share something I have done the past couple of months that has really made me much happier. This is a peek inside my bullet journal setup for June. Some of you guys requested this so I hope you enjoy this post!

On Instagram, everyone has such artsy colorful bullet journals and I just am not that artsy and I can’t draw and I wanted it to be more functional and to serve as a daily journal for me and as a non-academic planner for my hobbies and my life. I want to share it with you guys because I love it, and to put an example of a ‘not perfect’ journal out there.

So these are all the little spreads that I do for each month.

Page one is a title page: 

This just says June 2019 and one of my favorite quotes that inspires me to  take care of myself. If you are like me and can’t draw this is a cute option for your cover spread!

Page two has a little calendar and four weekly to do lists:

On the calendar I circle the days that I have track meets, events, vacations etc like the big things for this month that I need to not forget! I then have four big boxes that are my ‘weekly to do lists’ where I put adult stuff like ‘refill prescription’, ‘make doctor appointment’ etc. It really keeps me organized and I will forget anything I don’t write down. Continue reading “My Bullet Journal Setup for June!”


Mini Skincare Haul!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog. Today I want to share a little skincare haul of some items that I have picked up or been gifted for my birthday last month so lets get into it:

SheaMoisture Daily Hydration Face Milk Cleanser

This looks like a super hydrating face wash and I am so excited to try it. I love all the shea moisture products that I have tried so I am sure this will be the same great quality. It has organic raw shea butter, coconut milk and acacia senegal so I think it will be a lovely cleanser for my dry skin!

SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Radiance Serum 

I can’t wait to try this serum because I think it will definitely make my skin glow! The ingredients are supposedly really good for brightening dull skin so I definitely want to try this out, let me know if you guys want a review on it!

Beauticell Revive Rosehip Oil

This is a very good quality, high end oil serum and I think it is supposed to be used as a serum and it has some really nice ingredients in it like sea buckthorn oil and vitamin E so I definitely want to try it out. I also feel like I could use this as an oil cleanser to take off my makeup so I will do some experimenting.

Spascriptions Metallic Mask Set

This set comes with three masks and they are all sparkly with different ingredients. I think this is so fun and I cannot wait to mask with these and see if they actually make a difference in my skin. The green mask is supposed to be nourishing, the white one is supposed to be calming and then the blue one is supposed to be pore-minimizing.

That’s it for my mini skincare haul! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I am excited to try these products out and review them. Let me know in the comments if you have bought any new skincare lately and what you have bought!



Urban Decay Primer Potion Review

Hey guys! Welcome back to our blog! Today I am going to review the famous Urban Decay eye primer and let you know if it is worth the hype. Let’s get into it:


  • Cruelty free
  • Price: $24

Promise: our legendary Eyeshadow Primer Potion delivers everything you could possibly want in an eye primer: No creasing. More vibrant color. Smoother application. (Urban Decay’s website) Continue reading “Urban Decay Primer Potion Review”


Pixi T-zone Peel Off Mask Review

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog. Today I am doing a skincare review of a product I’ve been testing out for a while.


  • Cruelty free!
  • Price: $22
  • 1.25 fl. Oz of product


  • Instantly detoxifies by drawing out impurities & removing excess oil
  • Helps firm & refine
  • Contains natural ingredients rich in antioxidants (From the Target website)

This peel off mask is nice, it does exfoliate my skin where I use it on my face. I do think it helped unclog my pores a little bit, but by no means does it do that much for my face, it doesn’t get rid of blackheads or anything drastic. Continue reading “Pixi T-zone Peel Off Mask Review”

Girl Talk/Advice/Motivation

Life Update: First Year of College!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! Unfortunately, neither of us have been able to blog lately, but now that it is summer we are back! I recently just finished my first year of college and I wanted to share how I felt about it:

First semester life update: here!

*My first semester was lovely, I truly enjoyed it! If you haven’t read that post then it might make sense to read it first before this one!*

My second semester of college started in mid-January and it ended just last week after finals. This semester I felt like I had a better handle on my coursework and that I could take on some side projects, I also felt like I was happier, I was less lonely, less homesick and like I was finally starting to make a lot of good friends.

My grades are still good, the classes I am taking are so interesting, and I love what I’m studying. I always make sure that schoolwork is my first priority, I want to keep my good gpa, and I am proud of myself for the work that I did this semester.

As you guys know, I also run cross country and track for my college! Continue reading “Life Update: First Year of College!”


Hard Candy brand review

Hello my loves! Welcome back to our blog. For those of you who are new, thanks for checking us out! For those coming back for another round of Hailey and Christine, thank you so much for all that support! Hailey and i tell eachother all the time, we honestly are so thankful for all of you. We’ve had this blog for almost four years now, and never in our wildest dreams did we think we would come this far.

A few months ago i had gone to my local Walmart to get some groceries as well as other little things for Valentines day (which was that day). Naturally my little bum finds its way to the makeup section of the store. Now i had already gotten makeup for Valenties day, so there was literally no reason at all that i needed to be in that section, but somehow i always find my way there! As i was searching for old favorites i came across a primer from hard candy. It was very affordable, i think i only spent 8 USD. I also noticed how the whole brand had very affordable prices, to me it looked like a mix between L.A COLORS and E.L.F. This made me a little hesistant to buy any more of their products. I didnt want to buy a full face of their brand and go home to realize its cheap and doesnt work. So for that day i only went home with one of their primers.

After going home and trying out their blurrifying primer i was very impressed and immediately went on their website and orderd an almost full face of makeup. My totally only came out to about 50 USD which i was very impressed with, usually a full face of drug store brand makup may come out to like 60 USD or maybe even 70.


Since i’ve now tried out a fair amount of products from this brand, i thought i would do a blog post on it. I will give a little disclaimer though, i know that you can only purchase Hard Candy’s products from Walmart or their website

Lets get down to business. I’ll start with the primer first.

Blur Face Primer:

Sheer Envy Blur Face Primer blurs away imperfections to create a perfectly flawless skin finish. Worn alone or beneath makeup, this revolutionary liquid-to-powder formula glides on effortlessly, weightlessly; skin feels natural and silky smooth. Blurring effects work with the natural light to color-correct, fill and minimizes fine lines and reduces the appearance of pores

Lets take this step by step. Hard Candy starts with promising that their primer will blur away any imperfections. I will say i was a bit skeptical of this at first, when i hear of something blurring away any imperfections i think of there being some type of color in the primer to correct those imperfections. When i pumped the product into my hands i was surprised to see that it was a skin tone color. i didnt think that it would blur out any of my imperfections. Upon applying this to my face i was pleasantly surprised to see that it actually works both with and without makeup, which leads us to the next topic. Hard Candy assures consumers that this primer can be work with AND without makeup. I’ve never heard of wearing a primer without makeup, if im not in the mood to wear makeup, i will throw on a moisturizer and call it good, but even without putting on any other makeup, this primer gives my imperfections a airbrushed look. This i’ve noticed draws attention away from said imperfections. Now does this formula glide effortlessly, weightlessly and makes my skin feel silky smooth? Well yes and no. This is probably my only issue with this product is that when applied hands to face it feels a little dry going on, after while i feel like im tugging on my skin while massaging it into my skin. Althought i will say it does feel weightless on my skin which i really do like. No matter what look im going for on a day, i do not like the feeling of makeup weighing me down. The last thing that this product promises it does is color correct, minimize fine lines and reduces the appearance of pores. I was pleasantly surprised that it actually did all of this. My biggest issue is the pores on my nose are really big, but once i put this on it does make them look smaller, which gives my makeup look a perfect finish.

I would rate this product a out of 5 stars. My only real issue with this product was that it wasnt very liquidy, so it made it hard to massage into my skin.

Hydrating Coconut Water Infused Primer Mist:

The coconut water infused formula boosts skin hydration benefits for up to 12 hours. Use after face moisturizer to prime and prepare skin for makeup application.

This was one of the first things that i added to my cart. Those of you who have been following along with our blog for some time now know that im a huge sucker for anything that is lavender scented. What you guys may not know is that coconut scented things are also another weakness of mine. I’ve only been the the islands of H’awaii once, but for the like two weeks i spent there i was just covered in coconut scented things. So when i saw that Hard Candy had a Coconut scented mist primer you know i just had to get it. Their primer begins with promising to boost hydration in your skin. When i applied this mist, my skin did feel very hydrated. Like the primer i wrote about previously i also use this primer with out without makeup. If its a hot dry day in Texas sometimes i will throw it on in the morning just to give my face a little hydration boost to get through the day, and it does keep my face feeling hydrated both with and without makeup on. Thats all that was really written about this primer. Its oil free, so if you suffer from oily skin like i do somtimes, i feel like this primer is perfect. My biggest and only issue with this primer is that it didnt smell like coconuts at all, not even coconut water. That made me a little bummed because it smells just like cinnamon, not coconut. As for keeping makeup on for the 12 hours, i dont normally wear makeup for longer than maybe 8 hours, but i can say that it does keep my makeup on for the 8 or 9 hours that i do wear makeup.

I would have to also give this primer out of 5 simply because it doesnt smell like coconut at all and im really butt hurt about that.

Pore Primer Stick

This lightweight primer stick also helps reduce the appearance of pores and absorb excess oil to give you a mattified finish.

This was the second thing that i added to my cart. As i mentioned earlier, the pores on my nose are always so big, and i hate puting makeup on around my nose because it just makes it look so bad. Since this stick promised to reduce the appearance of pores i got this as quick as i could. I was really pleased with now much it minimized my pores, so much so that when wearing it you can hardly tell that i have pores on my nose. What i also like about this is that it really is lightweight. Once its on my skin i hardly notice its on at all. The fact that it absorbs any excess oils also makes me really happy. I dont suffer from super oily skin, but when im stressed out, or nearing my perioid my skin does tend to be a bit more oily than usual. So to have a priming stick that does that is really awesome! i use this on a daily basis, and i definitly will be re-purchasing it when it runs out.

I would rate this product a out of 5. I really love this product and how much it helps my daily look.

16 Hr Wear Full Coverage Foundation Glamoflauge Foundation:

Glamoflauge full coverage foundation is oil free, long wearing, super smooth liquid makeup that lasts for up to 16 hours.

Glides on effortlessly, leaving skin looking naturally flawless without caking, creasing or fading. The lightweight formula offers full coverage, yet feels weightless and comfortable with added Vitamin E.

This was the third thing i added to my cart. Other than lipsticks (wich im surprised that i didnt get from this brand) foundations are my other weakness. I have thousands of foundations, some of which i ever use because i have so many! Latley i’ve been having terrible luck finding true full coverage foundations, and full coverage is a MUST in my makeup bag! And when i read that this was a 16hr wear on top of that i just had to get it. This was 6 USD whihc is possibly the cheapest foundation i have ever bought. The price did sketch me at first, i had such high hopes for this i just didnt want anything bad to happen to it. I will start off by saying this foundation is truly ol free, in no way did my skin feel oily while applying and it throughout the day. As i keep saying in my reviews, i try not to wear makeup for too long. I usually wear makeup long enough to last me through work or a date and take it off right after. SO i only really wear makeup for 8 or 9 hours. Which i was plesantly surprised to find that it did last for the whole 8 or 9 hours that i wore this foundation. Hard Candy also states that this foundation effortlessly glides along your skin, giving it a naturally flawless look. The foundation as a little stick applicator, so it does glide on very easy, it does give a natrually full coverage look. When i think of full coverage foundation, i do think of cakeiness and creasing on the under eyes, so i was also very surprised to find out that it didnt cake or crease against my skin, which just made me fall in love with this foundation even more. Its full coverage without feeling heavy on my skin.

I would rate this foundation out of 5 stars. I had no issues with this foundation whatsoever. I have nothing but praise for it!

Instant Eye Fix Under eye treatment:

Awaken and illuminate dull, tired eyes. Instant Eye Fix eye treatment instantly brightens, de-puffs, and eases the appearance of fine lines. Metal tip applicator cools and immediately soothes delicate under eye area.

This product interested me greatly interested me. I’ve heard of eye serums,but never a i concealor type product. So i just had to try this out! As a young college student working 3 jobs, my under eyes are RUINED, i permenatley look like a 50 year old racoon. So i had high hopes on this working out. Anything to look more awake and more human im down to try. So lets start, does this awaken and illuminate my tired eyes? I would say it does make me feel more awake, but it doesnt illuminate my under eyes. Nor does it brighten my skin, but it does reduce morning puffiness. I would say other than dark under eyes, i suffer from really puffy eyes in the morning. It has a metal applicator which stays cool all the time, i dont need to throw it in the fridge or anything i just open the cap and its cool for me. The product itself comes out ina nude concealor type color, and it blends out very well. I will sy though, other than brining down the puffiness, this product doesnt really do much, i dont see it helping my under eyes in anyway.

I would have to rate this product a out of 5 stars.

Plumping Lip Primer:

Plumping lip primer for added pout & long lasting color.

I guess i did kind of order a lipstick from this brand. I got this plumping primer not because i want Kardashian big lips, but because on the days i dont wear makeup, i want a little colors to be brought to my lips. Hard Candy says that this primer will add a pout to my lips. Unfortunatly i didnt notice any plumping going on. I also realized that instead of a minty flavor that most lip plumpers give off, this one tasted more like vanilla which i didnt mind too much, it was an interesting surprise. AS for lasting color i noticed that if i didnt wear makeup it brought the blood flow up to my lips, giving them the natural tint that i was looking for. And when i did wear lipstick
it helped make the color last longer which is a huge pro for me.

I would rate this a out of 5 simply because it didnt do any plumping like it said it would.

Thats it for todays blog!



Maybelline master precise all day liquid liner

Hello my lovlies! Welcome back to our blog! I hope youre all enjoying your spring! I always say that fall is my favorite season, which it is, but im really starting to LOVE spring down here in Texas. Other than the allergies its the most beautiful thing i’ve seen. Back where i used to live, all spring meant was rain rain rain.

Which leads me into our topic of today…Kind of. As many of you know im always on the look out for a good reliable eyeliner. Before i bought this Maybelline i was using a Wet n Wild eyeliner that just wasnt working for me. It would last maybe an hour and was not water proof at all. Having waterproof makeup is a huge must for me. For some reason my eyes always leak when im laying down, and it has ruined many a eyeliner. I had done some research and this eyeliner popped up every time. So why not invest in this?

So lets start with what this product promises to do.

Maybelline promises that this eyeliner is an all day liquid liner thats long lasting , smudge proof, water proof that delivers precise definiion in just one stroke.

What are its benefits?

It features an ultra-fine tip that delivers defined lines. Also fragranc free and is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Now the real question is, does it do all it promises? I will say when i wore this it was definitley water proof. Not once did it wash away from my leaky eyes. Nor did it wipe off when i constantly rubbed a it. I really liked that because not only do i have leaky eyes, but i constantly rub my eyes! So to have an eyeliner that is stronger than my leaky eyes and rubbing is AWESOME! It also did last my entire 10 hour shift, so basically all day.

one of my issues with this product was that it said it was suitable for sensitive eyes, but it really irritated my eyes. They itched a lot when i applied them as wings. So that was kind of a bummer.

Also i know it never said it was matte, but i wished it was because i love how bold and elegant matte looks on me. This kind of gave me water color vibe, which i wasnt a huge fan of.

I would give this product a 4.5 our of 5 stars. It was a good product other than the irritation it caused me. I didnt count the lack of matte to my scoring, just beccause they didnt say it was matte.

Thats it for todays blog. Let me know down in the comments what youre favorite eyeliner is!



Milani Make it last setting spray

Hello loves! Happy April, and Happy April fools. Nothing i can really trick you with, but i can grant you a small escape from all the trickery while you read this blog.

If you’ve been following along with our blogs you may have realized we have been reveiwing a lot of Milani products. Today will be another Milani review…If you couldnt tell by the title and picture above!

Since moving to Texas, i’ve began to really understand the importance setting spray can hold, espesially as it starts to get warmer. In Washington most of the time my face was so frozen im sure my makeup was just frozen on!

On a hunt for a setting spray that would hold my makup through biking to work and just the usual Texas heat i decided to give Milani a chance. Most Milani products that i’ve gotten havent let me down so i had high hopes for this winner.

So what does the Milani Make It Last Setting spray promise?

Lock in your makeup and keep that just applied look all day and into the night—no touchups needed! Make It Last Setting Spray primes, corrects and sets your look for up to 16 hours without a crease or smudge in sight, and prevents fading and shine. Spray under or over makeup, or wear on its own for a beautifully matte, flawless face.

Lets take this step by step…

Lock and applied look?

When it comes to keeping my makeup on i would have to say yes it really does. It also does keep my make up looking like i just applied it all day. Now i never really wear makeup for longer than like nine or ten hours, so i cant say if it last longer than sixteen, but it does last for the nine/ten that i do wear my makeup.

Primes/Correct/ Set?:

Now i’ve heard that you can use this product as a primer, although i personally haven’t tried it, so i cant speak for priming. Since i use this after i’ve applied my makeup i also can say if it corrects imperfections or not. What i can say is that it really does set my makeup. I will warn though, there is a very potent perfumy fragrance that you will smell when you apply this product. I have sensitive skin and i will say that this didnt really irritate my skin at all, but if you dont like products with strong fragrances then i would suggest maybe not using this product!

No creasing/smuudging?:

I can assure you that while having this on i hardly ever get creases, Its never really a problem i face without setting spray either. As for smudging it does help prevent smuding which i really like about this product because I CONSTANTLY RUB MY EYES! By the end of a nine hour shift i look like a fifty year old alcoholic! So i thank Milani from the bottom of my heart for creating a non smudge setting spray!

No fading or shine?:

When it comes to fading, i’ve been using this product for a few months now, and never once have i witnessed any fading throughout the day while wearing it. Because it is a matte spray there is also no shine which i also like because i feel like dewy sprays tend to make my face look a bit oily.

All in all i would have to rate this setting spray a four out of five. The only thing i didnt like about this product was the fact that the fragrance is so strong that sometimes its just a little too much. Other than that i really liked this product!

Thats it for todays blog! Whats your favorite setting spray?