5 Products I’ve Changed my Mind About!

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog! I have some products to share with you that I have changed my mind about after using them for a while. Some I disliked and now I absolutely love and some the opposite happened!

1. Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara

This used to be a holy grail of mine but now after trying out so many others it just seems meh. Like it gets the job done but I honestly am not reaching for it. After I finish this tube I won’t buy another.

2. Tarte Tartiest mascara 

I hated this upon first impression because of how bad it flaked and how it was goopy. After using it for a month it stopped flaking and I figured out how to work with it. Now it is actually my favorite mascara! It gives beautiful volume.

3. Becca Beach tint lip shimmer in the shade Rasberry/Opal

I loved this when I first got it and I thought it was so gorgeous! But as a couple months passed I started liking it less. It feels a little sticky on the lips which I dislike especially because of how expensive this is.

4. Too faced Melted Chocolate lipstick in the shade chocolate cherries 

When I put this on in a couple of hours it is completely out of my lip lines and bleeding really badly. Even with a lip liner this still bled. With a color that is this dark it is essential to have a clean edge, and this product made me look so sloppy. I don’t need this kind of stress with a lipstick so I’m gonna let it go in my next declutter.

5. Tartelette matte palette 

Upon first impression this felt so chalky and I didn’t like it, for a while I had such mixed feelings which is why I never did a review on it! Then after a while when I got through the top layer of shadow I began playing with this again and it was so much better. A couple of the shades are still duds but overall I actually love this matte palette!

There are five products that I changed my mind on! What is something that you have changed your mind about, good or bad? I would love to know.

— Hailey

9 thoughts on “ 5 Products I’ve Changed my Mind About!”

  1. I had the same exact experience with the Tarte Tarteist Mascara. I now know that after you wear it out a bit it really applies better… or maybe I got better at applying it. I apply my eyeshadow before my mascara and I so dislike ruining my work with little mascara flakes. Also- the sample size is SO much easier to work with than the full size wand for me!

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  2. Love these kinds of posts! I have definitely had something similar happen after breaking through the top layer of shadows and bronzers! I’m glad the Tarte palette is working better for you these days! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

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