Summer Project Pan Halfway Update!

Hi guys! This is my halfway update for my seasonal project pan which will be ending in late september. I have a few makeup items I am attempting to use up and I am excited to share my progress with you guys!

What I have finished:

EOS lip balm – was okay, would not repurchase because it isn’t cruelty free!

Neutrogena Cream Cleanser – this is amazing! Definitely recommend to you guys if you are able to buy it, but it isn’t cruelty free so I won’t repurchase


Lancome lipstick in The New Pink – Progress on this was great! I smashed it into the cap accidentally (😥😥) so I have depotted it and am applying it with a lip brush. It will most likely be gone by the end of the project because I love this so much.

Loreal Lumi Highlighter – Progress on this is so slow moving! I feel like i use so much but this will not most likely be gone by fall. I’ve moved down a little bit, the third mark is where I am now and the second is where I started at the beginning of the summer.

Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara – I haven’t been reaching for this, I’ve used it maybe three times! I have to reach for it more.

Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara – This progress is slow moving as well! I don’t reach for this one either which is bothersome because I would like to finish it!
Bobbi Brown Smokey eye mascara – This is more than halfway gone and it is the only one  I have been reaching for. Right now it is my absolute favorite and I love using it! Itll be gone soon but I do have a second tube to finish after this.

Juice Beauty Rejuvenating mask – This is so lovely I have used it twice a week lately and I am almost done with it!

Tarte Maracuja Oil – This is now half gone, I’ve used a quarter of the tube this project. I hope I can finish this by fall!

Bobbi Brown Bronzing powder in medium – I have made a significant little divot and I am excited because I might be close to pan on this which will be my first pan on any bronzer ever.

That wraps up my current project! I have no idea what I will be able to accomplish by fall but we will see. I am super excited about my progress on some items and I am happy to move some non cruelty free items out.

— Hailey



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