Huge Entire Vanity Declutter

Hello guys and welcome back to our blog! I have been watching a lot of makeup declutters because they are so satisfying and was inspired to clean out my makeup, hair products, bath products, brushes, jewelry and nail polish, so here is a compilation of everything and the final numbers will be down at the bottom, if you want to skip there go ahead!


Eye makeup:

I never reach for the eyeshadow, mascara, or the Tarte fibers but their good products. I also never use liquid or gel liner really, so I got rid of those two. These pencils were all dried out and I have to repurchase the It cosmetics one.


These two I have had for a long time and really liked but I don’t reach for them.

Lip Products:

Okay, I went a little nuts decluttering lippies. These glosses I had dupes for in my collection and I prefer those. The tartiest lip paint and butter london glosses are too pale for me to pull off.


I never use any of these!

Bath Products/Skincare:

Most of these are so old that I completely forgot I had them. I know that that cleanser is at least four years old (oops) and the bliss set I got in 2015 and never used! Some will go to the trash for sure.


The alba botanica one expired in 2014 (!!). The burts bees ones were nice but not hydrating enough for my dry hair, but they will work for someone else. The abba conditioner I just don’t reach for. I have blue hair dye for some reason, I won’t use it. These two are little samples that I probably won’t use.


Nail care:

I am a musician and never paint my nails much so the amount of nail art stuff I had was insane. I’m saying goodbye to all of these!

Nail Polish:

Getting rid of four! I don’t use the blue zoya one or the black. This topcoat can’t compete with my holy grail barielle one, and I don’t wear glitter on my nails so this butter london one will go to a new home.


I also never wear earrings except diamond studs, so I am going to give these to friends and family because I won’t wear them and someone else will!

overall: 58 things leaving!

amount of non cruelty free items leaving: 10

That is it for my declutter, I didn’t know I could still get rid of so much because I just rooted through my collection two months ago. I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you did then I am glad and I hope that I inspired you to do a little cleaning out before summer!

— Hailey



29 thoughts on “Huge Entire Vanity Declutter”

  1. Wow, you’ve inspired me to do one of my own😂😂
    I really need to sort all my makeup and skincare out but I’ve always put it off, I will definitely do one now😊😂 if you have time please check out my blog, I’ve only recently just started🌸😊

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  2. I love reading about decluttering makeup items! It makes me want to do mine, I have been doing it as I go. but I might make a post on it when I am done! I have a makeup collections series going on at the moment, and as I go through each of these items I throw out the ones I don’t like – I might keep them and do a post at the end as I love reading them so much! Great post xo

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    1. Me too, those are some of my favorite posts and YouTube videos to watch! You should do an ultimate post like that, it’s nice to show a roundup of what you’re getting rid of and why because it can be so helpful to some people! Thank you so much! And thank you for reading and commenting!

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