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Dorm Room Decor Idea

Hello love bugs!

As many of you know, Hailey and I will be college freshmen this coming fall, which means…DORMS

I am so uber excited to decorate my dorm. And since I strongly believe that myself, and all women are queens/princesses in their own way, I’m decorating my dorm in a princessy way. Now it’s not going to be uber little girl girly, my plan is to make it girly yet chic.


I really like the blush pink ruffle bedding idea with accents of white pillows. I think it’s super cute. And not overly girly. Real talk though. While shopping for this I realized how EXPENSIVE duvet and comforters are! Like OMG WHAT?!

Now another idea I had was..

This bedding, having a white duvet cover with white, pink and grey pillows, a pink little throw blanket and a pink bed skirt. Going to be legit so honest here. I need your guys help deciding which I should do! Comment down below!


I really do love the idea of the fake fur white rug idea

I think it’s so chic and aesthetically pleasing to look at. I also think it will go really well with the blush pink going on in the room too!


To go along with the princess theme I want to pin this parking sign somewhere on my side of the room, possibly by my desk?

I think it’s so funny and so cute!!

This canopy, my word does this NEED to be a thing in my dorm. When I was younger I had a canopy and I LOVED that thing with my life! I also really like the little letter initial in the middle too! And the lights can I get a heck yes?! Although I may not do the lights on the canopy because I’m planning on having string lights on my wall for picture like this:

Which I just think is so cute and so chic!

Next I really like the idea of a mini chandelier! Like this picture

Obviously this is just what looks like a wooden one that doesn’t actually light up, but I want one that does. I also really love the little fake fur futons!

I’m planning on living on my schools on campus cottages, which are only about $100-$200 more expansive than their actual dorms. I’m a girl who needs space, and needs her own bathroom, or at least doesn’t have to share with thousands of other people.

Should I do it though? EEK ADVICE!! Comment down below!

Well that’s my dorm room theme!

Comment down below any college advice you have for Hailey and I..boy do we need it!!!

24 thoughts on “Dorm Room Decor Idea”

  1. I really loved some of your ideas!! Ive just changed the focus on my blog to be about my Uni experience and sharing my tips and advice. It would be amazing if you checked it out and gave me your feed back XX


  2. I’m sure you’ve picked your housing option by now, but if not- living in the regular dorms is a good way to make a lot of friends very quickly. I would shower late at night so that I didn’t have to worry about throngs of girls trying to get in before classes in the morning.

    Re the white rug- it’s super cute but super easy to get dirty, especially with such small floor space. You’ll be stepping on it daily and, depending on the size of the rug and your room, so will your roommate and any guests either of you may have.

    Have a great time!!! Undergrad will be one of the most exciting/fun/carefree time of your life. 🙂


  3. Love this! It’s so important to make your dorm (or halls, that’s what we call them) feel like home ! I used to love decorating mine! Xx


  4. You will have the most adorable dorm room ever!! Yes, duvet and comforters are expensive, but you can sometimes find them on Ebay (I got mine brand new for $50 and it retailed in the $100’s) for cheaper. The faux fur rug is super chic! Your room will be so lovely…make it your own, you will want a refreshing and relaxing place to come back to after all of the stresses of a college day!! Good luck!! 🙂


  5. What is a cottage? My college just had dorm towers. I am going back to finish my degree in Data Analytics at SNHU online. I will be done in the Spring of 2020 and I’m starting July 2nd! The reason why my last year is going to take two years instead of one is because I am doing tuition reimbursement through my work and they only do $5250 per year. With my grant, I will only be able to do 3 semesters this year (could have done 4 but I waited too long) and 4-5 next year and possible a 1/2 semester. Then, I only have 1 or 2 semesters in 2020 and I am done! Online school has 6 semesters of 2 courses each at 3 credits each. I really love the first bed option and the first year of college, do not worry about guys! Get used to college first before you start dating. You don’t want to be tied down your first year, you will be stressed enough as is! Are you and Hailey rooming together?


      1. Awe. 😦 You are going to different schools? That sucks. I went to a different college from my best friend and it wasn’t like I had instant friends overnight. Within a few days though, you connect with people in your classes and have new people to hang out with in no time. I was a keep to myself person after class, but it is nice to have people to talk to and sit next to. I was also really smart, so people wanted to be my friend to get help and do group projects. 🙂


  6. First off… congratulations!

    The only thing I would compromise on is the rug. Keeping something with that kind of pile clean is going to take up more time and effort than it’s worth. Everything else is easy to maintain and looks chic.

    I am the Broke-ass Socialite so I looked at some dorm bedskirt prices on Esty… wow. $115 is a bit much for some pleated fabric. You could probably do that for 1/4 the price at a good fabric store with some iron-on hemming tape.

    To me there’s nothing more important than making a space your own. I’m a homebody so creating a good nest is important to my functioning.
    I love your inspiration photos and wish you the best of luck in your college career!

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  7. Firstly the start and build up of leaving for university (what I call it in the UK) is so exciting! I definitely would go for the more spacious accommodation if you can – there’s nothing better than having a place to live and stay which is best suited to you. Same with the idea of a rug – it’s such a home comfort and you’ve made me consider purchasing one for my new accommodation in September! And the bedding is so beautiful – new bedding is one of my favourite perks of being a student! Best of luck as a freshman and enjoy decorating! Char // xx

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