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How I Deal With my Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression is something most people experience, some more than others.

I experience both, my anxiety tends to be the worse of it, after an anxiety attack I do suffer from depressive spells.

When I was younger i didn’t really know how to handle them. I used to feel someone to physically hold me tight as I let it all happen, then after I was done and my depressive spells started I would close myself away for a few days. It was really hard to motivate myself to do anything but sleep.

As i grew older I figured out better ways to deal with all this. What I find helps is writing down my feelings, and what I think might have caused this episode. Then writing down reasons that I shouldn’t be worrying so much about them.

For example a common anxiety trigger is test/quizzes for me. I will worry my life away because of test or quizzes. I used to go home sick just from worrying, and many times send myself to the hospital.

What I now do is write about how I’m feeling about this test

then I’ll list reasons why I have nothing to worry about. This tends to really help.

What I find also helps is accepting the fact that this is something I have, but not letting the control me.

With my depression, I tend to try and surround myself my people who I love and whom I know love me. Hailey is a big help. If I can’t do that I find going to work really helps. I work retail, in a job that you’re constantly fixing and putting things together. It’s so busy all the time that I have no time to worry about what’s upsetting me. And it most certainly takes my mind off things.

Now retail has its ups and downs. There will always be that one customer who says something rude to you. When retail doesn’t work, I find listening or playing music really helps. Debussy is a composer that tends to help me when I’m not feeling 100%, listening to any of his compositions helps. Since I play violin as well I also find that playing Beethoven helps me a lot.

You are not alone

You are loved.


9 thoughts on “How I Deal With my Anxiety and Depression”

    1. Yes, how people deal with their stresses is different, im glad writing helps you! As for the pressure, oh boy do i have it coming out of my ears. I tend to just continue to work through it until it gets better.

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  1. Depression and Anxiety are the pits and so easy to fall into😞

    Well i find what works for me is thinking positive, setting goals and achieving them all. When I think about work, I hardly get the “spells”🙆


  2. To speak about anxiety or depression on this huge platform is itself a courageous sign! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it ! With the kind of lifestyles we all have adopted, every 2nd person here is inflicted with fear, anxiety and depression ! Great post ! Keep Glittering,…Love TGA by Misha

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