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My Bullet Journal Setup for June!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! Today’s post is a little bit different, not beauty related. I want to share something I have done the past couple of months that has really made me much happier. This is a peek inside my bullet journal setup for June. Some of you guys requested this so I hope you enjoy this post!

On Instagram, everyone has such artsy colorful bullet journals and I just am not that artsy and I can’t draw and I wanted it to be more functional and to serve as a daily journal for me and as a non-academic planner for my hobbies and my life. I want to share it with you guys because I love it, and to put an example of a ‘not perfect’ journal out there.

So these are all the little spreads that I do for each month.

Page one is a title page: 

This just says June 2019 and one of my favorite quotes that inspires me to  take care of myself. If you are like me and can’t draw this is a cute option for your cover spread!

Page two has a little calendar and four weekly to do lists:

On the calendar I circle the days that I have track meets, events, vacations etc like the big things for this month that I need to not forget! I then have four big boxes that are my ‘weekly to do lists’ where I put adult stuff like ‘refill prescription’, ‘make doctor appointment’ etc. It really keeps me organized and I will forget anything I don’t write down. Continue reading “My Bullet Journal Setup for June!”

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Life Update: First Year of College!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! Unfortunately, neither of us have been able to blog lately, but now that it is summer we are back! I recently just finished my first year of college and I wanted to share how I felt about it:

First semester life update: here!

*My first semester was lovely, I truly enjoyed it! If you haven’t read that post then it might make sense to read it first before this one!*

My second semester of college started in mid-January and it ended just last week after finals. This semester I felt like I had a better handle on my coursework and that I could take on some side projects, I also felt like I was happier, I was less lonely, less homesick and like I was finally starting to make a lot of good friends.

My grades are still good, the classes I am taking are so interesting, and I love what I’m studying. I always make sure that schoolwork is my first priority, I want to keep my good gpa, and I am proud of myself for the work that I did this semester.

As you guys know, I also run cross country and track for my college! Continue reading “Life Update: First Year of College!”

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Life Update: First Semester of College!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog. Today is going to be a more personal post so I hope you are along for the ride! Grab a snack because I don’t know how long it will be. We will return to our regularly scheduled beauty blog programming in a couple of days.

I go to a college in California, at my dream school! I am majoring in Music industry studies, so I’m learning about the music business. I’m so excited to graduate and be an artist manager, or a social media marketing person for an artist, I’m not sure what the job title is.

Anyway, I moved into my dorm in mid-August of this year, my roommate is lovely and she and I are good friends. I’m happy to report that I had no roommate horror stories, which is great because we will be rooming for the next semester as well.

My dorm was so fun to decorate! it is all cute and Pinterest-y. I enjoyed creating my own space, all the wall art is from Marshalls and I love it.

I also joined the cross country team! I love all the girls on the team and I had a great time getting to know them. I was the only freshman but I had so much fun! I wish I could show you my uniform but it has my school name on it and I’d like to keep that private.

We run 6k races and we practice every weekday morning at 6 am, which I struggled with a little, not gonna lie. We did weights on Monday and Wednesday, and then a pool workout on Thursday. I am incredibly in shape right now and I love it!

My classes are not super difficult, they are based a lot on meeting industry people, so I’ve been able to manage my classwork with sports. I’m chasing down a social media marketing internship as well, so fingers crossed!

I am also in a rock band, and frequently write songs with a couple of composing friends so that is awesome! I enjoy being creative in my free time, I’ve been really busy with new projects so it has been preventing me from blogging!

I was able to make friends, I have several good guy friends, and a few good girl friends! Of course I still miss my high school orchestra cross country friends, Christine and I face time every couple of weeks if we can. I wasn’t homesick, but I did feel a little lonely during the semester so that was the only part that wasn’t the best, I just missed being around familiar people. Other than that I really enjoyed my college experience and I’m excited to go back for next semester!


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A Year Working Retail, My Story

Hello my lovelies! I can’t believe it’s almost August! The summer has gone by so fast am I right?!

I thought today I might share a little story with you. Since by the time this goes up, I will have left my job due to my move.

A year ago being a dirt poor high school student I decided to look for a job. I had just turned 18 so I knew there were many job opportunities for me, but what? I swore off working fast food, and I had so many hobbies that I could use in the work force. I thought maybe the book store, since I love to read, but I also LOVE to chat. In my experience there has never been a whole lot of chatting in book stores, so I knew that wouldn’t be a great fit for me. Then I tried applying to ultra (even though that’s like so dangerous for me!) , since your girl loves makeup. I had applied, but never heard back. Getting a little panicked I began looking at stores in my local mall. That is when I found the store I currently work at, I will keep the name of the store private for safety reasons, but I used to shop there a ton when I was a tween because of the sparkly jewelry and super cute clothing. 13 year old me would go crazy in that store. I asked an employee there if they were hiring and she said they were and just so happened to short of staff. That night I sent in my application and a day later I was hired..a week later I was on the clock.

At first I was beyond overwhelmed, this was my first retail job. I have 0 customer service experience, all I had done previous to this was babysit! It was a rough start, my feet would feel like I was walking on glass by the end of the night, and it seemed that no customer cared now knew I was. There were days were I would run in the back crying due to the stress of a situation, or the rudeness of a customer, days where I wanted to throw in the towel. Maybe working at a bookstore didn’t seem too bad? Something inside me told me, keep trying, give it time. So I listened to the voice inside me head. And within 2 months I was completely in love with my job. I had an amazing team, and an amazing boss.

To this day, and it’s been almost a year. I absolutely love my job and the opportunities every there gave me. I didn’t think working somewhere would give me family, but I now know that I have a family with them, even when I do leave off to college. Our sometimes traumatic, frustrating and funny experiences have helped shape and bond each and every one of us. My experience working with My team has helped shape me as a person and as a worker. I am now confident in who I am and how I present myself, and I sure as heck don’t let anyone talk me down anymore for being new!

I know retail can be a pain in the butt to work, trust me I’m not saying it isn’t! But working with the girls I work with made my first retail job the most memorable experience I have ever had.

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Get Ready With Us for Prom! 💃

Hello lovelies! Welcome to a very chatty post about our senior prom, we will show you our makeup looks and our dresses and some fun photos!

*We couldn’t find the time to get this up earlier with graduation and finals and things but at least this post is finally here!*

Christine’s Makeup: 

Milani foundation, elf concealer, tarte contour palette, DLShighlighter, La colors brow pencil, elf eyeshadow, NYX lipstick!

Christine’s Dress:

I went with a group of my gal friends since my boo is in another state and couldn’t make it for prom! He was with me in spirit!

Group Pictures:

Hailey’s Makeup:

All the products:

I went for a pretty natural and simple look because I wanted my dress to be the star of the show! I put this makeup on really early in the day because I was going to a wedding in the early afternoon and that would be why it looks a little faded in the evening pictures!

Hailey’s Dress:

This photo was taken right before we got to the dance, around 8:30pm! This photo of the dress is true to its actual color, a rich emerald green!
I found my dress at a tiny little boutique in our local town center! I love this gown so much!


I asked my boyfriend if he would like to be in a blog post and he said sure, so here are some of our pictures!

Us taking a selfie on the dock. Mostly included this picture because I look like a mermaid here!
How that selfie turned out! 🙂
Here is us on the waterfront looking down at the water. PS: Got my hair done in those tight curls, but by the dance, they’d fallen out into lovely loose waves!
We really hope you guys enjoyed seeing our prom looks! Let us know what you think in the comments, do you like our looks?

— Christine and Hailey

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Life Update – High School Graduation, College, Our Pets etc.

Hello our loves! This is a super chatty post, so grab your popcorn ‘cuz this will be a dense one!

Okay, lets start off with our high school graduation!

We will be graduating high school in two weeks. For the both of us, it hasn’t really set in that our high school career will be at an end. We met our freshman year, so this will be bitter sweet. The two of us have already gotten our caps and gowns, as well as our graduation dresses. When we got our caps and gowns, we thought finally it would sink in that we’re graduating, but it hasn’t. We both feel so ready to be out, yet at the same time we aren’t ready to leave.

Both of us are going to college next fall, but it was tough to make the decision of which schools we wanted to attend out of all that we had applied to!

Hailey: I was stuck between a school in Boston and one in California for the longest time. The college in Boston was the best in the world for what I was studying, but I didn’t like the people or campus as much as the California, and it was hard to let that opportunity of such a good program go even if I knew it wasn’t a good fit for me. It made me so stressed, but I didn’t realize until I had picked the California how much it had been affecting me. That was one of the reasons why Christine took over so much in April, I just was not able to blog from the nerves of picking a school.

Christine: Choosing the college that i am attending to caused me a lot of stress too. In one hand I had my family, who were very set upon me going to the school of their choice, and in the other I had Continue reading “Life Update – High School Graduation, College, Our Pets etc.”

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Dorm Room Decor Idea

Hello love bugs!

As many of you know, Hailey and I will be college freshmen this coming fall, which means…DORMS

I am so uber excited to decorate my dorm. And since I strongly believe that myself, and all women are queens/princesses in their own way, I’m decorating my dorm in a princessy way. Now it’s not going to be uber little girl girly, my plan is to make it girly yet chic.


I really like the blush pink ruffle bedding idea with accents of white pillows. I think it’s super cute. And not overly girly. Real talk though. While shopping for this I realized how EXPENSIVE duvet and comforters are! Like OMG WHAT?!

Continue reading “Dorm Room Decor Idea”

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How I Deal With my Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression is something most people experience, some more than others.

I experience both, my anxiety tends to be the worse of it, after an anxiety attack I do suffer from depressive spells.

When I was younger i didn’t really know how to handle them. I used to feel someone to physically hold me tight as I let it all happen, then after I was done and my depressive spells started I would close myself away for a few days. It was really hard to motivate myself to do anything but sleep.

As i grew older I figured out better ways to deal with all this. Continue reading “How I Deal With my Anxiety and Depression”

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Do’s & dont’s  of high school

Hi my loves!

Now that the school year is among some of us, I thought I would do a post for those of you going into high school!
High school

That’s a scary word, but don’t worry! Although it isn’t like high school musical, it isn’t like mean girls either.
Here’s a little guide to help you through high school!


  • Study study study! Don’t go into your freshman year with that mentality of “colleges don’t look till junior year”! You gotta work hard.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it can save your life!
  • Organize EVERYTHING! I find keeping a planner with me in every class really helps, so I know what’s going on during which days. And what’s due on what dates.
  • I would highly suggest packing your own lunch, HEALTHY
  • Makes appointments with your school councilors. They can help you so so so so much
  • Sleep early.
  • Be active in your school.
  • Plan your homework, I usually do the most important homework first


  • Save everything for the last minute
  • Stress too much
  • Stay up too late
  • Anything dangerous
  • Get too terribly distracted

High school is only scary if you make it. I feel high school as taught me how to really manage my time.


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Girl Talk #2 – Relationships

Lets face it girls, we all have that one friend who is dating a guy you don’t like,but she is so caught up with him that she is ignoring you.Yet there is so much about him that just doesn’t add up, or he is being rude to her. What do you do then? You want to shield and protect her from his toxicness. You wonder why she sticks around after everything he keeps doing, but if you talk to her about it she is going to get upset, insisting that they are alright, and that he’s perfect in every way.

girl talk 2.jpg

Maybe you are that girl, and your friends keep telling you they don’t like your boyfriend. In that case, they’re probably right if their suspicions are grounded. We know, we have been there. Completely head over heels for the guy. Love can leave you blind. WE KNOW! It’s very typical. Unlike you, your friends aren’t completely head over heels for your guy (at least we hope not) and their thoughts can be pretty valuable because their outside the situation. If they’re saying they don’t like him and have reasons, then it’s a good idea to start thinking over the whole situation yourself.

Red Flags: Continue reading “Girl Talk #2 – Relationships”