Too Faced Totally Cute Palette Review

Hello guys! I have been excited to review this palette for you for ages and so here it is! Especially with palettes I like to give myself a lot of time to play with them and really figure out my thoughts. Here is what I think about this palette!


  • Cruelty free!
  • Nine shades, 3 mattes, 6 shimmers.
  • Price: &$10.99 at marshalls!

There are a few things that I like and don’t like about this palette, here are my thoughts:

The shades Double scoop, bunny fu fu and chocolate donut are some of the best mattes in my collection. I love how they feel, their smooth and pigmented and blend nicely. They don’t show up too well in swatches, they perform a lot better on my eyes. Shooting star is a beautiful face highlight, pigmented and smooth, Clover was gorgeous and pigmented but a bit chunky and Storm cloud is my favorite in the palette. It looks scary and bright blue in the pan but on your eyes it is this gorgeous duochrome smokey blue brown shimmer and I absolutely frickin love it.

Now for the bad, Unicorn is pretty but has less pigment, the pink I heart Too Faced shade has chunky glitter in it, is not as pigmented and is more firmly pressed and rougher. Meow is a little bit crunchy to the touch but it does have good pigment and will blend well.



  • I love the mattes
  • the shadows are smooth and buttery to the touch except for IheartTF and Meow
  • Although this doesn’t look like a palette that would function on its own it will
  • Unicorn and Shooting star make lovely face highlights
  • Storm cloud and clover are the most stunning shimmer shadows and feel so smooth
  • No powder kick up at all!
  • Cruelty free!


  • The pink shade has chunky glitter and is an all around dud for me
  • Meow is a little crunchy but you can work with it
  • Clover is chunky to the touch but blends out beautifully
  • Frosted donut has a little bit of fallout

I actually really enjoy this palette! I don’t ever reach for hot pink or dark plum shades which happen to be the two duds in here so I am enjoying all the other shades. If you were looking to get this palette just for the hot pink, don’t buy it, that shadow doesn’t perform well.

— Hailey

18 thoughts on “Too Faced Totally Cute Palette Review”

  1. I love Clover and Storm Cloud! It’s great that they swatch so beautifully! I would have been very disappointed in the pink shade. Sometimes I really wonder if the people making these shadows even swatch them?! They are happy putting out stuff like that?! Lol it’s just something I always think of when seeing bad shadows. But for $10.99, one or two bad shades isn’t a big deal! The upper four shadows look great!

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    1. yeah me too! Their some of my favorite shadows in here. I was disappointed in it as well! Agreed, I didn’t expect two duds in a too faced palette though; normally their gorgeous quality. I love those four!
      Thank you for such a lovely long comment πŸ™‚

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  2. I can’t believe you got it for such a good price! I need to reach for this palette more, it’s so good. Totally agree about Meow, also Storm Cloud never works for me. I love using Shooting Star and Unicorn for highlighters

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    1. I know I was so excited! Storm cloud is gorgeous foiled onto the lid with frosted donut in the crease; a beautiful grungy look. Yeah it is such a versatile palette, I love being able to use it as a face palette too

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