Becca First Light Priming Filter Primer Review

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog, today I want to review this primer that I bought a while ago but I’ve recently started using it!


  • Price: $38 for the full size, $18 for the deluxe size (what I have)
  • Cruelty free!

Promise: Your new-pick-me up, a lavender hued priming filter powered by luminescence that preps, perks & perfects the complexion. (From the back of the tube)

I really think that this primer is nice! I have normal skin and this just gives very lightweight hydration, just enough to make my skin hydrated and dewy. I also love that this doesn’t have a lot of shimmer or glitter in it because a lot of dewy primers are full of that shimmer and it makes your skin look artificial.

This primer has a light nice texture just like a moisturizer and gives your skin enough of a perfecting blur that some times when I’m lazy I just wear this! It will come out of the tube purple but when it gets on your face the purple hue will disappear. It also doesn’t leave your skin tacky, but your foundation will stay on a bit longer than usual.

How it looks straight out of the tube:



  • Dewy finish
  • lightweight and hydrating
  • brightens your skin because of the color correcting purple
  • keeps your foundation on longer!
  • Cruelty free!


  • Price!
  • This doesn’t mattify at all so if you have oily skin beware
  • It does not do your pores any favors! They won’t look smaller or filled in at all!

I would definitely recommend trying this in the small size first, especially because it is so pricy. I really enjoy the dewy and hydrating parts of this primer, but it will make your pores look bigger until you put foundation and powder on. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and Christine and I will see you next week with a combined post!

— Hailey

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