Vivo Per Lei Jelly Scrub Review!

Hello guys! Welcome back to another skincare review! In my winter skincare routine  I mentioned this jelly facial peel and a couple of you wanted a review on it, here you go:

  • Cruelty free
  • Price: $11-20 from various retailers
  • 1.7 Fl. Oz of product


  • MIRACULOUS FACIAL CLEANSING – This lush face exfoliating peel allows you to enjoy a squeaky clean look on your budget.
  • GETS RID OF BLACKHEADS – This daily peel off gel allows you to scrub your way to smoother, fresher and younger looking skin.
  • DIRT AND DEAD SKIN REMOVER – Use the Vivo Per Lei Face Peeling exfoliant to give skin a more youthful and luminous look.
  • NO HARSH IRRITANTS – This face and body peeling treatment for men and women can be used on oily, dry, sensitive or mature skin.
  • GENTLE FACE EXOLIATOR – Exfoliate your face without hurting or irritating skin. All the benefits of glycolic acid peels and chemical peels, none of the pain! (from their website) 

So that is a huge list of promises! It feels like you’ve chopped up a bunch of jello and put it in a jar, it’s so weird! It has little granules that do a really nice job exfoliating my face, and I have noticed that my skin feels so clean and bright when I use this. When you smooth it onto your face, it immediately grabs onto dirt and oil and balls up. When you put it on, it is an orangy clear color, but when it pills up it has turned gray and dirty, taking all of the oil and gunk out of your pores, and the dead skin, which you can then wash away. It doesn’t irritate, it does exfoliate and my face feels lovely after. I haven’t noticed a difference in blackheads at all, so if you were looking for a miracle blackhead product, this is not it.


  • cleans your face so well
  • unclogs your pores
  • exfoliates
  • doesn’t irritate your skin
  • Good price point!


  • If you use this around the perimeters of your face, it will get stuck in your peach fuzz and it will not come out, so I make sure to only use it on my forehead and T zone.
  • Does not reduce blackheads or help scrub them out

Overall I do like this for days when I wear heavy foundation or spf and I need a deep clean. I recommend that you try it out, it is a fun product to use and it does work!

— Hailey


8 thoughts on “Vivo Per Lei Jelly Scrub Review!”

  1. I loooove this product. My friend got swindled into buying it at a mall kiosk years ago for like $70, and loved it, so I found it on eBay for $20, and now you can get it at a lot of places. It’s such a great peel!

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