Covergirl Clean Professional setting powder

Hello my lovlies! I cant believe that its already October! Chia tea latte here i come!!

Today i will be revewing Covergirl’s clean professional setting powder.

When it comes to setting powder it wasnt until i got this product that i started using setting powders very much. Or loose ones for that matter, but i thought that i would give this product a try and see how it helps. When it comes to application i apply this setting powder to my T-zone to help set and seal my foundation and conceler.

Clean Professional Setting Powder:


  • fairly large container
  • transluent powder
  • holes in container to shake product out
  • also comes with a little puffy application (i just use a beauty blender or brush)


  • Seals makeup
  • long last
  • Smells like rosemary
  • applies smoothly


  • Can get everywhere easily
  • doesnt come out of clothes (especially black) easily

Over all i give this product a 9/10 because i had to nit pick to find cons for this product, i throughly enjoy this product and will definitly be using this and re-purchasing it when it runs out.

Thats it for todays blog!

comment down below what your favorite setting powder is!


5 thoughts on “Covergirl Clean Professional setting powder”

  1. I too have Covergirl’s loose setting powder and while I would rate it about a 7 or 8. And like you mentioned, the mess is about the biggest complaint there is.

    Nailed it! 👍🏼


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