Acne skin care routine

Hello my lovelies!! I’m back and here with the much awaited skincare routine. And let me just tell you, you’re in for some laughs!

So over this past year I have been getting really bad acne. I used to be those lucky girls that never had to worry about acne, so I thought that it would never happen to me..yet it did and I HATED it. I think the main reason for the acne was because my hormones were all over the place.

My acne needed action and FAST. I tried all the Pinterest all natural things, and nothing worked. So I turned to my good ol Target. And let’s just say I am pleased with my results!

Neutrogena all-in-1 acne control daily scrub:

Now you may be asking, “Christine what is the laugh you’re talking about? Skin care is a serious business!” And girl trust me I know! Let’s just say…Christine didn’t read the back of this and temporarily made her problem worse. On the back it bold all caps… DO NOT PARTNER WITH OTHER ACNE SCRUBS, COULD CAUSE IRRITATION. And you would never believe what I was doing…partnering them together. I was using both this and the Clearasil together, they were technically the same thing so my logic was it would make it work even faster…well it didn’t and it irritated my skin causing red bumps to show up around my cheeks. Thankfully I realized my mistake and stopped using the Neutrogena. I am not using this because it is bad, but simply because I’m using the clearasil first and cannot use this at this time. Once I finish the clearsil I will begin to use Neutrogena!

Clearasil rapid rescue deep treatment wash:

This is what I’ve been using twice a day. Once in the morning tight when I wake up, and then at night before bed. And let me tell you, after the previous story above. This really helped. Once I started ONLY using this, the red spots from combining the two products, plus any existing acne went away within a day. I really like how this also treats scars. The scars don’t go away as quickly as those non scarred acne, but within a day you can clearly see it start to lighten up. And when I use it in the morning I feel so refreshed and awake i really do enjoy this product. I will warn, with all these products your skin does dry out a lot.

10% Benzoyl Peroxide gel:

I heard of this gel via instagram, and I was eager to see if it would aid my acne and zits. I usually use this right after the Clearasil wash, and I think it really does aid in the treatment. I also apply this twice a day. The only thing I dislike about this is that it dries out your skin even more than the acne wash. But I knew that going into this product. It really helps with the acne though.

I would like to also add that I use the Pixi Tonic Glow serum once a week as well. I forgot to take a picture of it, but I also use that and it helps a lot. Stings a little but it works!

Comment down below what helps your acne!

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July Beauty Favorites!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog. Today I’m going to share with you some products I’ve been loving throughout the month of July. Lets get into it:

Face Products:

Milani Make It Last setting spray – I’ve been to a few events in the heat this past month and this setting spray has really helped keep my makeup on longer, and it doesn’t make my face look dehydrated!

Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer – I am pretty sure this was in last month’s favorites, oops! But I love the tone of this, it never makes my skin look muddy and instead makes me look naturally tan!

Eye Products:

NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel – This has been my go-to! It keeps my brow powder/pomade in all day and it doesn’t make your brows crunchy, even though it’s medium hold. I highly recommend you pick this up.

NYX Worth The Hype Mascara – My lashes look so good with this mascara on. It is a more natural looking mascara, lots of length and definition and a little bit of volume. It stays on all day and is really black, I love it!

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July Ipsy Bag!

Hello my lovelies!!! Unfortunately July has come to an end…but you know what that means!! Ipsy bag time!

I really liked this months bag because it had a mix of makeup and then like skinish care stuff. Now I say ish because most people don’t classify lip balm and skin care!

  • The Balm Nude Eyeshadow
  • Now a few months back I got this brand’s highlighter and I loved it! It was very pigmented and just the perfect shade of highlight for me so I was super excited to get this.
  • I absolutely love this shade, it blends really well and can go with about any warm colors.
  • Steve Laurant Blush
  • To begin with I love love love the rose gold packaging. I think it’s really aesthetically pleasing. I was a little bummed to get blush because I don’t really use blush. I still don’t really use blush, so if Hailey wants this she can have it! It wasn’t a bad blush, very natural pigment, it’s just I’m not a huge fan.
  • H2O+ Oasis Ultra Hydrating hand cream
  • I also really like how aesthetically pleasing this tube is! Plus I really like it because of the term h2O because it makes me think of my FAVORITE childhood show called h2O just add water! (Like if you’ve ever watched that!) the consistency is a little watery, but not so much that it takes away from the hydrating. I wouldn’t say it ULTRA hydrating because I have to re-apply so much, but when I use it on my face it really does keep my face hydrated.
  • Mellow pink lipstick
  • I heard that this morning as a fairly new brand coming out, so I was super excited to get my hands on their lipstick. I love how the tube is rounded kinda like a MAC lipstick. As I said in my NYX lipstick review, i have recently been getting into brighter shades lately,
  • so I was even more excited to find out that it was a bright pink shade! I absolutely love it. It has a semi long last, I have to re-apply about every 6 hours, but other than that I have nothing negative to say!
  • Bkr Paris water lip balm
  • When I opened this up, I was blown away from the way the packaging looked. I really liked how they packaged it. The lip balm itself looked super aesthetically appealing too soooo!!!
  • What I really like about this is not only does it hydrate my lips perfectly, but it gives that super watery look that’s so in right now. So I love it!
  • That’s it for today’s blog, comment down below what you got in your Ipsy bag, or if you have any of these in your beauty drawer!
  • Tata
  • Christine

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A Year Working Retail, My Story

Hello my lovelies! I can’t believe it’s almost August! The summer has gone by so fast am I right?!

I thought today I might share a little story with you. Since by the time this goes up, I will have left my job due to my move.

A year ago being a dirt poor high school student I decided to look for a job. I had just turned 18 so I knew there were many job opportunities for me, but what? I swore off working fast food, and I had so many hobbies that I could use in the work force. I thought maybe the book store, since I love to read, but I also LOVE to chat. In my experience there has never been a whole lot of chatting in book stores, so I knew that wouldn’t be a great fit for me. Then I tried applying to ultra (even though that’s like so dangerous for me!) , since your girl loves makeup. I had applied, but never heard back. Getting a little panicked I began looking at stores in my local mall. That is when I found the store I currently work at, I will keep the name of the store private for safety reasons, but I used to shop there a ton when I was a tween because of the sparkly jewelry and super cute clothing. 13 year old me would go crazy in that store. I asked an employee there if they were hiring and she said they were and just so happened to short of staff. That night I sent in my application and a day later I was hired..a week later I was on the clock.

At first I was beyond overwhelmed, this was my first retail job. I have 0 customer service experience, all I had done previous to this was babysit! It was a rough start, my feet would feel like I was walking on glass by the end of the night, and it seemed that no customer cared now knew I was. There were days were I would run in the back crying due to the stress of a situation, or the rudeness of a customer, days where I wanted to throw in the towel. Maybe working at a bookstore didn’t seem too bad? Something inside me told me, keep trying, give it time. So I listened to the voice inside me head. And within 2 months I was completely in love with my job. I had an amazing team, and an amazing boss.

To this day, and it’s been almost a year. I absolutely love my job and the opportunities every there gave me. I didn’t think working somewhere would give me family, but I now know that I have a family with them, even when I do leave off to college. Our sometimes traumatic, frustrating and funny experiences have helped shape and bond each and every one of us. My experience working with My team has helped shape me as a person and as a worker. I am now confident in who I am and how I present myself, and I sure as heck don’t let anyone talk me down anymore for being new!

I know retail can be a pain in the butt to work, trust me I’m not saying it isn’t! But working with the girls I work with made my first retail job the most memorable experience I have ever had.


Charcoal teeth whitener

Hello lovelies! Now if you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed these little teeth whitened popping up on YouTube and Instagram lately. Like my usual self I have always been curious to try new and interesting things.

The charcoal teeth whiteners have been on my list for awhile! So when I went to Marshall’s and found this for $6 I was sold instantly. Now I will note it did not come with a tooth brush like most of this do, but luckily I had some extra.

After my first use, I found that the powder is magic because somehow it gets EVERYWHERE. so I would recommend you do it over a skin or in your shower, the charcoal itself looks really cool as your brushing it, I kinda feel like a pirate with gross looking black teeth. And it does feel very grainy as your brushing your teeth as well as after.

After use I would recommend swishing some water or mouth wash because there do tend to be little black specks left on your teeth right after use.

As for results you can see a slight change after the first use, but for best results I would use for a week.

The container says you could use this as a substitute for toothpaste, Which I mean you totally could, but if you’re like me, who likes minty fresh breath, I would use this charcoal Whitener first, and then right after brush your teeth with your normal toothpaste!

Comment down below if you’ve used any of these and what you think!




Beauty Counter Products Review

Hello my lovelies! It’s been awhile I know! I’ve been going through some stuff and have been super busy with work lately that I haven’t been able to blog much! Alas I am back and ready to RUMBLE!!!

So a few months ago Hailey and I found this Instagramer ( shout out to @betterbeauty101 follow her on insta!) who was giving out free Beauty Counter Face serums. Wanting to try this out we hopped on board! The sample size came with four serums. Rejuvenating face cleanser, Rejuvenating radiance Serum, Rejuvenating day cream, and Rejuvenating night cream. As you could probably tell by their names, the purpose for these serums is to Rejuvenate your skin. And you best believe with all the stress this girls been going through, she needs herself some rejuvenation!

Rejuvenating face cleanser:

I used this cleanser after I washed my face for the night. What I really like about this cleanser is it makes me feel so refreshed afterwards. Doing this after washing my face with my witch-hazel feels so Gucci! Since I do this at night, its refreshing-ness really helps put me in the going to bed mood. I also really like how you can really feel it cleansing out your face.

Rejuvenating Radiance Serum:

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Reviewing New Mascaras to my Collection!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog. I’ve been buying new mascara a lot lately, and I want to share mini reviews on the ones that I picked up telling you guys what I love and what I don’t love!

1. NYX worth the hype mascara

So I’ve discovered a holy grail. I have only had this for two weeks, but I cannot stop using this mascara! It gives you long, black and fluttery lashes. Not a ton of volume, so if you love volume you probably will find this mascara disappointing, but personally I love the natural and defined lash look that this gives. It lasts all day, it is easy to remove, your lashes will not get clumpy, and I just can’t stop using it.

2. Tarte Gifted mascara

This mascara is a meh one for me. I really liked the wear time and the volume it gave me, but with two coats it did make my lashes kind of clumpy. The formula is kind of on the drier side, and it takes a while to coat your lashes. Overall I think that it is good, but Continue reading “Reviewing New Mascaras to my Collection!”


New Makeup Haul from Ulta!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! I recently went shopping, and I may have picked up a few new products to try, but I swear I needed most of them!

Let’s get into it:

Milani Make It Last setting spray

I’m so excited to try this, I have never really used a setting spray, usually I just use face mists, so I hope that this really helps my makeup last a long time in the warm summer weather!

NYX worth the hype mascara

I’ve read a lot of meh reviews on this so I decided to pick this up and try it myself. I really hope that I love it because it is so affordable!

NYX control freak eyebrow gel

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June Beauty Favorites!

Hey guys! Welcome back to our blog! Today I want to share my June beauty favorites, I have been shopping a lot and have been trying out tons of new products:


Becca Backlight Priming filter primer – This has been my go to every time I’ve needed to do my makeup for an event this past month. It makes my skin dewy and hydrated and it also keeps my foundation on longer, so I have really been enjoying it!

Hourglass Vanish stick foundation in Blanc – This has also been my go to this past month! I always went to this foundation for weightless full coverage as well as the gorgeous satin finish for my prom and graduation makeup.

NYX Butter Gloss in angel food cake – This has been my favorite to throw on for everyday. It is a beautiful pink color that makes my lips juicy and pretty. You guys already know how much I love these glosses!

Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer – This bronzer lasts ages on the skin, isn’t too dark for me, I just love it. I won’t bore you guys because I recently did a review and talked all about this!


valjean labs Glow serum – This serum delivers really nice hydration. It is my favorite serum for this warm weather because it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, but it still keeps your skin really moisturized.

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Beauty Empties: May-June!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog, today I’m going to share all the products I finished in the last couple months. Lets get into it:


w3ll people expressionist mascara – This is one of my favorite mascaras, it is very black and gives you long defined lashes that are very fluttery and natural. Definitely need to repurchase!

Smashbox Brow Tech to go in Taupe – I really enjoyed this, but after finishing two full sizes I’m just over it, and I’m going to try something else!

Physicians formula Eye booster eyeliner – This has a very thin and watery formula. I prefer my other eyeliner pens so would not repurchase!


Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum – I’ve been loving this for my skin lately! It makes me really glowy and gets rid of any dryness. Picking up the full size for sure.

Burts Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes – These were nice makeup removing wipes, if you are looking for some you might like these. I have a makeup eraser though and because it is less wasteful than wipes I’m going to stick to that instead!

Burts Bees Flavor Crystals Lip Balm – This was a lovely lip balm. It kept my lips moisturized, smelled like pineapple, would repurchase!



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