Reviewing New Mascaras to my Collection!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog. I’ve been buying new mascara a lot lately, and I want to share mini reviews on the ones that I picked up telling you guys what I love and what I don’t love!

1. NYX worth the hype mascara

So I’ve discovered a holy grail. I have only had this for two weeks, but I cannot stop using this mascara! It gives you long, black and fluttery lashes. Not a ton of volume, so if you love volume you probably will find this mascara disappointing, but personally I love the natural and defined lash look that this gives. It lasts all day, it is easy to remove, your lashes will not get clumpy, and I just can’t stop using it.

2. Tarte Gifted mascara

This mascara is a meh one for me. I really liked the wear time and the volume it gave me, but with two coats it did make my lashes kind of clumpy. The formula is kind of on the drier side, and it takes a while to coat your lashes. Overall I think that it is good, but Continue reading “Reviewing New Mascaras to my Collection!”