1,000 Followers Thank You and Q&A Announcement!

Thank you so much for 1,000 followers! It means so much to us because we love having you guys read and comment on what we write. Our original goal was 100 followers so to get to 1,000 really means so much! We didn’t even think we would reach 100, so this is a really big deal! Thank you to anyone whose ever commented and followed us or read a post!


Our first follower was annabankester who has an amazing blog herself and continues to support us so we wanted to give her a huge thank you for her support from literally day one.

Our goals now for blogging are to gain more of you in our little community and to have a broader variety, like having more fashion and skincare bloggers enjoy our posts. We also want to post three times a week this summer until school starts!

To celebrate we want to let you guys learn more about us so we are going to do a Q and A! Leave your questions for us down below in the comments and they can be about beauty or other topics or our lives, suggestions for our blog posts or anything you want to see!


We will answer all of them in a post on Monday July 10th which is our one year anniversary of blogging to celebrate that as well!

Once again thank you so much for following us through this amazing adventure. It has been so thrilling seeing all your comments and all your love!

-Hailey and Christine-