Maybelline velvet foundation vs L’oreal 24hr foundation

Happy August my lovelies!!!
Let’s face it girls, every foundation is different, and some we just favor more.

Let’s have a battle of the foundations!

Our first contestant is Maybelline New York’s dream velvet soft-matte hydrating foundation in the shade Nude 40 !

This lovely little tube comes out easily. It’s spreads smoothly and gives a perfect matte look.

And who doesn’t love that matte look?!

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Summer Project Pan Halfway Update!

Hi guys! This is my halfway update for my seasonal project pan which will be ending in late september. I have a few makeup items I am attempting to use up and I am excited to share my progress with you guys!

What I have finished:

EOS lip balm – was okay, would not repurchase because it isn’t cruelty free!

Neutrogena Cream Cleanser – this is amazing! Definitely recommend to you guys if you are able to buy it, but it isn’t cruelty free so I won’t repurchase


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Summer Project Pan!

Hi everyone and welcome back to our blog! I am loving project panning so I am definitely going to be doing another one for sure. I picked 10 products this time, but only six are makeup (mostly newish too) so I think I should be able to get through most of the products (certainly will get through the skincare ones).


Juice beauty face mask – This has been open for almost two years and I don’t want it to go bad, I love it so I want to finish it.

Neuotrogena purifying cream cleanser – I absolutely love this but it has been open for a long time and I also have a cruelty free face wash that I am in love with so I want to use this up!

Tarte maracuja oil – this expires in September and is nowhere near done! I love it so I want to finish it and repurchase. Continue reading “Summer Project Pan!”


1st Project Pan – Through Spring!

Hello everyone! I have never done a project pan before, which seems crazy because I feel like all around me, everyone is doing them! I decided to hop on the train, these products are what I plan to use up by the end of May or at least make some progress on them, since I never use up anything.


I have two I am planning to make progress on. The nude lipstick by Laura Geller is almost empty and I am hoping to finish it off soon. The maybelline lipstick in pink pop isn’t cruelty free and I would love to finish that and be one step closer to cruelty free!

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February Beauty Favorites!

Hello everyone! February sort of flew by, and here are some of my absolute favorite products that I have been loving all month. Some of these are new faves and some are old favorites! I hope you all enjoy and here are my favorites in makeup and haircare for this month!


Loreal lumi illuminator

You guys know how much I love this stuff! I’ve been trying to use it up lately and it gives me such a nice everyday glow.

Rimmel match perfection concealer

I recently rediscovered this! I absolutely love it, it is so lightweight and blends super easily. It doesn’t crease and this might just be my holy grail drugstore concealer!

Lancôme lipstick in The New Pink

One of my friends gave this to me, completely new, so thank you! It is such a pretty pink, it makes your lips look healthy and a little bit brighter. It is comfy to wear and I have been absolutely loving how lightweight and pretty it is!

Bobbi Brown smokey eye mascara

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Benefit High Beam Review + swatches + dupe!

Hi guys, welcome back if you are returning! And welcome to our blog if you are new here! If you like this content and some previous posts, then follow and comment any thoughts! Since this is a post you’ve probably all seen before I decided to add in a drugstore dupe for the high beam just to make it a little more interesting. I know this is an older makeup product but I love it, so I thought I’d share it with you.


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