July Ipsy Bag!

Hello my lovelies!!! Unfortunately July has come to an end…but you know what that means!! Ipsy bag time!

I really liked this months bag because it had a mix of makeup and then like skinish care stuff. Now I say ish because most people don’t classify lip balm and skin care!

  • The Balm Nude Eyeshadow
  • Now a few months back I got this brand’s highlighter and I loved it! It was very pigmented and just the perfect shade of highlight for me so I was super excited to get this.
  • I absolutely love this shade, it blends really well and can go with about any warm colors.
  • Steve Laurant Blush
  • To begin with I love love love the rose gold packaging. I think it’s really aesthetically pleasing. I was a little bummed to get blush because I don’t really use blush. I still don’t really use blush, so if Hailey wants this she can have it! It wasn’t a bad blush, very natural pigment, it’s just I’m not a huge fan.
  • H2O+ Oasis Ultra Hydrating hand cream
  • I also really like how aesthetically pleasing this tube is! Plus I really like it because of the term h2O because it makes me think of my FAVORITE childhood show called h2O just add water! (Like if you’ve ever watched that!) the consistency is a little watery, but not so much that it takes away from the hydrating. I wouldn’t say it ULTRA hydrating because I have to re-apply so much, but when I use it on my face it really does keep my face hydrated.
  • Mellow pink lipstick
  • I heard that this morning as a fairly new brand coming out, so I was super excited to get my hands on their lipstick. I love how the tube is rounded kinda like a MAC lipstick. As I said in my NYX lipstick review, i have recently been getting into brighter shades lately,
  • so I was even more excited to find out that it was a bright pink shade! I absolutely love it. It has a semi long last, I have to re-apply about every 6 hours, but other than that I have nothing negative to say!
  • Bkr Paris water lip balm
  • When I opened this up, I was blown away from the way the packaging looked. I really liked how they packaged it. The lip balm itself looked super aesthetically appealing too soooo!!!
  • What I really like about this is not only does it hydrate my lips perfectly, but it gives that super watery look that’s so in right now. So I love it!
  • That’s it for today’s blog, comment down below what you got in your Ipsy bag, or if you have any of these in your beauty drawer!
  • Tata
  • Christine

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June Ipsy bag!

Hello lovlies! Summer is finally upon us, thank goodness! Here in Washington it’s always so cold and rainy, so we take up all the sun we can get!

I just want to say I LOVE this months ipsy bag!!!

Hey Honey come clean facial scrub:

This is such an amazing exfoliating scrub! I love it and it really gets all the yucky dead skin off, I used it before getting a tan and it was amazing!

Feel pure anywhere rose balm

This balm smells so gooooddddd!! I’m a sucker for anything Rose and Lavender (if you couldn’t tell from some of my more recent post) so I was so excited to get this, it moisturizes really well and it last all day!

MAC prep+prime primer

This primer is so smooth and silky, it has a hint of glitter in it, which for some people could be a issue with, but it’s ever so slight and gives you this glow. I don’t mind the glitter much, helps my makeup stay on all day!

Pacifica eyeshadow

I love love love love love this eyeshadow. My two favorite shades are the orange ones because I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for a good pigmented orange and I finally found it! I use this every day!

Firma 102 brush

I love this brush, it’s very soft and applies very naturally. Not to mention it looks really good with the marble!

That’s it for this post!

Let me know down in the comments what you got in your ipsy! Or if you have any of these items!

Ta ta



April Ipsy bag! 🦋

Hello my loves!

April is quickly coming to a close. Which means deciding on colleges is days away for Hailey and I. EEK!!

So naturally I’m writing this blog to distract myself from my future.

Who needs that stress?? Pfft not me!

I just want to start off by saying, I adore the design of April’s bag! The butterflies.. TOO CUTE!!

It gives a perfect spring time vibe, not to mention all the makeup I pulled out! I LOVE THEM ALLLLLL

Delectable (miracle material) ultra nourishing hand cream.

I am a violinist, who’s hands get grossly dry. So I am an avid lotion user. Some may even say an addict. Honestly ask Hailey, if she were to need lotion, I know I’m the first one she ask, because I always have some type of lotion on me at all times! So when I opened this I was so excited. I was worried at first because I thought it would smell like a minty toothpaste, luckily it only had a soft hidden scent of mint. The lotion also has coconut oil, shea butter and aloe oil in it, so I know my hands are definitely getting the nourishment they need! I love love love this!

Luna eyeshadow

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February Ipsy bag!

Hello my lovelies!! The month of love has come and gone, although I think every month should be a month of love.

Now you may be wondering, what happened to January’s bag?

Welllll let’s just say I completely forgot! My plan was to do a combine post, but then I completely forgot what I got in my January bag.

Now on to the review!

Meteor shower by BLAQ

This little bath scrub I thought I would really like. I’m all for sugar scrubs and other bath type scrubs. When I tried it in the shower it does turn your skin an ash grey. Which it says on the packaging, but it makes it sound so easy to scrub off, but I found it to be very much the opposite. I felt like I was scrubbing off my skin just to get it off. Also the mess is inevitable, it’s impossible not to get it everywhere. My whole bathtub with black and it took hours of scrubbing to get off. Definitely did not like!

Marsk Sydney London silver Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow I didn’t really like either, it was a nice change from the usual gold that I get in all my Ipsy bags, but never in my life would I wear silver eyeshadow, I will probably regift this to someone more likely to wear it!

Sand and Sky brilliant skin detoxify and brighten mask

Now as many of you know, I love face masks! And I was so excited to try this one out, it’s a clay mask so it’s pretty thick. I left it on for about an hour and the results were amazing, my skin already looked slightly brighter already!

Lychee + Gold healthy glow rose gold blush

This I will admit I was a little scared of, I’m more of a highlighter girl, blushes I tend to just not like, but after trying this out I love it! It’s almost like a blush and a highlighter combined, not to mention it smells like strawberries! (Don’t mind my arm in the picture, it was freezing!)

Luxie duo brush

I always love getting brushes in my bags, it’s not as if I have like a million already! This is an addiction I will admit to having, the brush it very soft and application is subtile and smooth, plus it’s pink!!

That’s it for today!

Are you more of a highlighter or blush girl?




❄️December Ipsy Bag❄️

Hello my loves! The end of December is very close! Meaning, December Ipsy bag!

I tried uploading a picture of the bag, but it kept crashing. And when it comes to the internet I’m an old lady rather than an eighteen year old girl.

So shall I continue?

Of course!

Ouai hair oil

I first took this little guy out. And I instantly fell in love with it. During the winter my hair gets SO DRY AND STATICY is annoying, after putting this on in the morning and before bed, the static has gone away, not to mention it smells like lilacs, which I love!

Lisa Frank stargazing shimmer eyeshadow

(Picture also won’t upload)

Ummmm throw back to like 2007?!

I was so surprised when I pulled this one out. Yet a little disappointed, it seems like every eyeshadow I get from ipsy is gold, meaning I have an abundance of gold eyeshadows that I only use 1 of. Don’t get me wrong, this eyeshadow is very good and it’s pigment is good as well, I will probably gift this to a friend who is in need of some gold eyeshadow!

Smash box always on gel liner

Once again, another gel liner. My opinion is the same as all the other gel liners I have gotten.

TréStioque brow pencil

I was super excited when I pulled this guy out of the bag, I’ve only used 1 brow pencil and I’m in love with it. So trying out new pencils always gets me excited!

The color is good, it matches my brows, the only thing I didn’t like is how hard you need to press for the right color to actually show up!

Slmissglam brush

I always love getting brushes in my glam bag! They are so fun to try out, and for a girl who loves pink glitter this was a hit!

Unfortunately it doesn’t grab onto product very well!

That is it for my ipsy review

What did you get in your glam bag?!




November ipsy bag!

Hello my lovelies! I can’t believe November has come to an end, though Thanksgiving may have passed, might I say how incredibly thankful I am for all you guys! You have no idea how much you have helped Hailey and I, and how much you mean to us!

This months bag has to be my favorite so far!

Lately I have been very obsessed with the natural look, the subtitle makeup that isn’t too over the top. For me personally that has been my 2017 fall look! So when I opened this months bag I was thrilled!

First up in my bag was….

Benefits they’re real sample mascara:

I adore this mascara so so much and will definitely buy the actual mascara. This mascara gives me so much volume, I already have camel lashes, but this mascara brings them out even more (I keep trying to flutter those chemistry test grades away but it doesn’t seem to be working!) the only thing that o don’t like about it is it takes awhile to get off at the end of the day, which his both good and bad, I mean I’m glad that it stays on 24 hours, but at the end of the day when I just want to go to bed and I’m spending an extra 2 minuets rubbing it off, it can get a little tiresome.

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Fall 2017 Ipsys!

Hello my lovelies!

So I’ve been a little forgetful when it comes to the ipsy bags, I am very sorry!

I completely forgot to do a September post of the September bag, so I decided to combine September and October’s bags into one big  fall ipsy bag review.

For September the first item I pulled out was…

Smash box photo finish primer in the shade of radiance


Now as much as this is a good product, I find I just don’t use it as much. Not that it’s bad, I just don’t really use it, this primer didn’t WOW me enough for me to use it daily.

Pacifica blush

Now I love the brand Pacifica, all their products are amazing! So I was so exited when I opened this one up, the two blushed are an amazing shade and apply as if you were naturally blushing, by far my favorite ipsy item so far!

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August 2017 ipsy bag!

What do I look forward to once the new month begins???

Ipsy bags!!!

And these month’s was very unique! August bag had 3 different designs, so ontop of the surprise makeup, you got the surprise of finding out which bag you got!

I got the link and  orange bag that says  “peace, love, lipstick “. Which is just perfect considering I LOVE lipstick!

The first thing I got in my bag was…

Formula 10.06 pores be pure skin clarifying mud mask  strawberry yarrow version

This not only smells like strawberry yogurt, but it really helps your skin. Leaving it soft and pure.

Next was..

Balm voyage shadow luminizer 

At first I was a little hesitant about this, but after using it I started to really like it! This shadow really does illuminate!
Sugar cream eyeliner was next

Now this one I truly thought I would give to Hailey, when I opened it the cream felt as if it were melted. Leaving a very sloppy application. The tip also broke the first time i used it so I had to work my way around the broken tip. Other than that, after using it for a bit. This eyeliner kinda grew on me, definitely not may favorite eyeliner, but still a good one.
Clarria cosmetics tinted primer was next

This one i was really exited about. I’ve never used a tinted primer, and it definitely like this! It’s very light and helps your foundation give a more finished look. Even using just the tinted primer itself makes it look like you have foundation on. I really like it!

Hikari blush and contour was last.

I didn’t like this as much. No matter how use it, you’ll always get more blush than bronzer. So this definitely wasn’t my favorite.
Over all I really enjoyed this month’s month’s bag, and I’m very exited about what September has in-store!!
Ta ta!



Ipsy July 2017 bag!

Ahh the much awaited July Glam Bag has arrived!

I’ve never tried anything like ipsy  and was very excited to receive one. Plus who doesn’t enjoy makeup for $10 a month??

This month’s theme was Gudetama the sleepy egg. I have been following what ipsy’s bags have looked like over the past year, and I think this month’s bag is just adorbs! Plus the back of the bag has a little egg yolk butt! 🙊🙊

In this month’s glam bag, the first thing that fell out was OFRA’s gold rush eyeshadow.

It has a beautiful gold pigment, and the prefect little travel size! I can tell i will be using this a lot already, perhaps more during the fall months.
Next was Hanalei’s Lil treatment Rose.

I absolutely weird this little lil trearment. It smells so good and keeps your lips moisturized all day. A little definitely goes a long way too!
The next thing to call out was Cougars 24-hour liquid lipstick. 

Too be honest I wasn’t too thrilled with this product.It went on really sloppy and stained quickly. It did last 24-hours though and the shade was Mulberry which I really liked as a shade.
Eyeko  skinny liquid eyeliner black was the next to fall out. 

Not gonna lie, I love this product. I like how it glides and how small it is. I have small hands, so small sample sizes things are a lot easier to work with!
Last to fall out was So Susans brush.

This brush is so soft and blends out eyeshadow so well. I love it!
All in all I really liked this month’s glam bag, and can’t wait for August’s