Full Face with only Cruelty Free Makeup

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our blog! I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season, with Christmas coming soon, I’m incredibly excited. I created this look when going to see A Christmas Carol at a local theater, it was relatively formal so I decided to go for a slightly more dramatic look than usual. I’m happy to say that finding cruelty free products in my collection wasn’t a struggle at all!

Face makeup:

For my base, I used a Juice Beauty cc cream, it gives me a bit of coverage and evens out my skin tone nicely, with hydration. Then I set my face with bare minerals translucent powder, which I am loving! I mentioned it in my last favorites. For concealer, I used the lightest shade from this Ellen Tracy palette.

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Mini Marshalls Makeup Haul!

Now this is not a store you would usually think of for makeup, it’s mainly a bargain shop for clothing, shoes, purses and other accessories. Naturally (I must have some sort of internal compass) I steered myself toward the makeup aisle, looking for any sort of product that looked interesting. There were a few well known brands such as Kat Von D, and Stila but a ton that I didn’t know at all! It was very exciting finding a whole bunch of cosmetics from a couple of companies I hadn’t heard of, and discovering they were actually great products.

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