Mini Ulta Haul

Hello love bugs!

This girl went to Ulta, so naturally there’s a haul!

I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty darn proud of myself. I went into Ulta for three things, and came out with three. All under $30 bucks!

The first thing I got was Milani conceal + perfect 2 in 1 foundation and concealer.

Now I’ve seen this online so many times, so when I found out our Ulta JUST started selling them, I had to get it before it was gone. I was just about to run out of foundation, and I was fresh out of concealer so this was a win win! I really like how velvety the application is, and it really does act as both a foundation and concealer. Although it didn’t really cover up my dark circles as well as my age rewind stick did, but other than that I really loved it! New fav foundation. And it was only $9.99!

Eessence eyebrow designer.

I got this eessence eyebrow stick because I liked how it also had the brush on the cap, plus my two faced eyebrow stick also broke ( 😦 ) so I needed an eyebrow pencil ASAP! the brush doesn’t work very well because the cap is very loose, but the pencil itself is really good! This was only $1.99

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LA Colors Matte Lipstick

Hello my lovelies! I hope you all are having a lovely week so far!

Today I will be reviewing La colors matte lipstick

LA colors matte liquid lipstick

I’ve always loved dark red matte lipsticks, and for this photo shoot I was going on, I thought that this shade would be wonderful for the job!

I got this from my local drugstore (I know I know pretty soon I will have bought the whole drug store!), la colors is known for being sorta cheap and not the highest of quality, but I didn’t care so long as it was dark and matte.

The application was very good, it was smooth and easy. A bit messy at times.


If you do mess up though, it’s very hard to simply wipe it off with your thumb.

I also noticed how long it lasted, this matte lasted about half the day, which for a matte was kinda of disappointing, usually mattes stay on 24/7, but half the day is a lot better than having to re apply every hour.

My biggest issues was that it got messy after you’ve applied it. I could have had it applied neatly and perfectly, have it all dried, and somehow it would end up all over the place and I would look like the Joker! I couldn’t really eat with it on, or drink with it on. I couldn’t really do anything. There were times I felt I couldn’t even talk in fear that it would somehow end up everywhere!

So I don’t really know where I stand with this product, half of me loves it and half of me hates it.

I feel like this is perfect lipstick for like a photo shoot or any event where you’re doing literally nothing but standing, this isn’t perfect for going to work or school!

Ta ta my loves!

What’s you’re favorite matte lipstick?



Nyx liquid eyeliner

Hello my lovelies!

Coming right back at ya with another review!

First off can we just acknowledge how there’s like 5 more months till summer?! Ummm comment if you’re ready for some S-U-N !

Story time with Christine.

Once upon a time Christine bought a crappy elf eyeliner, and she quickly learned…you get what you pay for. She was put into a state of panic for the young and slightly dramatic maiden had a party to attend in only 4 hours!

Whatever would she do without her eyeliner?! She ran back to the drugstore and bought herself the NYX Liquid eyeliner.… The maiden lived happily ever after!

*based on a true story*

My true story!

Yes it is all true, I was a bit scared to by this. I love Nyx, but I had grown attached and relied on eyeliner pens to get me that perfect winged eyeliner. As many of you may known by now. I’m SUPER clumsy, so having the control I can have with an eyeliner pen is vey helpful. I knew this wasn’t a pen, but more of a stick.

So I bought it thinking I would never do winged eyeliner on it because I just knew I would mess it up every time.

To my surprise for the type of brush it had, I had a lot of control over it. It was a good consistency, it stays on 24/7 and it was only like 7 bucks. So this chick is a winner winner!

I absolutely love this eyeliner, I have 0 flaws through it. I bought it all the way in December, and I’m still using it come February!

I highly recommend NYX eyeliner!

Ta ta my lovelies!

Comment down below your favorite eyeliner!



LA colors eyeshadows

Hello my lovelies!

I can’t believe how quickly March is coming upon us!

Today I will be reviewing LA colors eyeshadows.

The first palette I bought was a larger one that had a bunch of brighter colors. I was in a bright colored eyeshadow mood, and it was like 4 bucks so I bought it. I will say a lot of the shadows had a lot of pigment, and work really well, but there was just too much glimmer and shimmer in the shadows, not to mention the second i stuck my brush in one of the shades, it broke off! All in all I didn’t like this palette personally a whole ton. If you’re into lighter and more shimmery colors I do recommend it though!

The second palette I got when I was going to a photo shoot and needed some darker colors. I was happily pleased with the pigment and application that this palette gave me, it was very good for the price and brand! I have nothing wrong with this palette, I like the mixes of nude tones it has too!

Ta ta loves!

Comment down below what your favorite eyeshadow is!




Wet n Wild finishing powder

Hello my loves!

Today I will be reviewing wet n wild’s pressed powder

I got this in November at the local drug store and fell in love with it! I love how this product adds to the matte look even though it not a matte powder, also it was only like $5.99, which I find is a huge steal!

Unfortunately, my little sister got mad at me one day before I was able to take a picture of this, and dropped the powder onto the floor, ruining most of it. That is why it is so broken up!

Other than that I adore this powder!

What is your favorite wet n wild product?




E.l.f highlighter and Concealer duo


Hello lovelies! To make up for my absence I shall post every day!

Today’s review will be on E.l.f’s concealer and highlighter duo in the shade ivory.

I’m not a huge fan of E.l.f’s concealers, but this being a duo I wanted to give it a try.

Do it for the blog am I right?!

The first thing I noticed about the concealer part is that when you pull it out, very little product comes out. I went through the whole bottle of concealer in a week.

The highlighter I personally didn’t like simply because I don’t really like liquid highlighters. When applying it didn’t spread very well, making it obvious where I applied the line.

Overall I didn’t like this product very much.

Let me know what you think of this duo!

What is your favorite ELF product?




Mini Makeup Haul from the Drugstore!

Hello guys! I was traveling this weekend and found some brands that we don’t have in the drugstores where I live, so I picked up a few new things!

Wet and Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks

I got the shades rebel rose and give me mocha which are my favorite sort of deep nude shades to wear everyday. These two were calling me and I couldn’t pass up the chance to try the formula!

Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter

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Fall 2017 Ipsys!

Hello my lovelies!

So I’ve been a little forgetful when it comes to the ipsy bags, I am very sorry!

I completely forgot to do a September post of the September bag, so I decided to combine September and October’s bags into one big  fall ipsy bag review.

For September the first item I pulled out was…

Smash box photo finish primer in the shade of radiance


Now as much as this is a good product, I find I just don’t use it as much. Not that it’s bad, I just don’t really use it, this primer didn’t WOW me enough for me to use it daily.

Pacifica blush

Now I love the brand Pacifica, all their products are amazing! So I was so exited when I opened this one up, the two blushed are an amazing shade and apply as if you were naturally blushing, by far my favorite ipsy item so far!

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E.L.F haul

Hello all!

I am so sorry for not posting as much this past month, school has been killer if you know what I mean.

Today I am going to be sharing with you all my E.L.F haul!
E.L.F baked eyeshadow


This eyeshadow is so beautiful I absolutely love the colors, unfortunately most of the colors are hard to get off, I cannot apply this eyeshadow with a brush because it’s very hard to pick things up. When using my finger, I usually have to rub the shade a few times till I get the pigment I want.

E.l.f no smudge pot

This little container is the holy grail!

I have always had the problem of my eyeshadow/eyeliner smudging off by the end of the day so that I look like this:

I have to admit, when I bought this I wasn’t convinced, but I’m actually really surprised at the outcome! The times I have used this, my eye makeup as stayed on all day!

I love it!

E.l.f blemish control primer

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June Beauty Favorites!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog. So June finished super quickly and now we’re on into summer! I wanted to share with you guys my june beauty favorites today. I hope you all enjoy!


Rimmel match perfection concealer –

this is an old favorite that I rediscovered. When its warm out and some concealers tend to start creasing and settling into lines, this didn’t move at all and I absolutely loved it.
Bobbi brown smokey eye mascara –

This looks beautiful as an all in one mascara! I use this on my bottom lashes and on the top ones. I usually layer two mascaras to get my desired look but with this I didn’t have to do this. I recommend this soo highly to you all! Continue reading “June Beauty Favorites!”