Summer Project Pan Halfway Update!

Hi guys! This is my halfway update for my seasonal project pan which will be ending in late september. I have a few makeup items I am attempting to use up and I am excited to share my progress with you guys!

What I have finished:

EOS lip balm – was okay, would not repurchase because it isn’t cruelty free!

Neutrogena Cream Cleanser – this is amazing! Definitely recommend to you guys if you are able to buy it, but it isn’t cruelty free so I won’t repurchase


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One Month – One Palette Finale

Hi guys! Welcome back to our blog! So this whole past month of July, I have been only using one palette: The Bobbi Brown Beauty Book Palette. It has six eyeshadows and a blush and bronzer so I had plenty to use.


I am happy to say that I actually used this almost everyday for the whole month and I really did enjoy it. The eyeshadows were not bad, the only duds for me were the matte brown transition shade which lacked pigment/was chalky and the silver shade which had a lot of fallout.

My absolute favorite shade was the champagne-pink shimmer (shade name: Blush Gold)! It is stunning and the formula is amazing on that one. I have to find a cruelty free dupe because I need that shade in my collection.

I used the white shade to set my foundation and concealer and it worked fantastically which was actually quite neat to discover!

Before and After Eyeshadow:

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June Beauty Favorites!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog. So June finished super quickly and now we’re on into summer! I wanted to share with you guys my june beauty favorites today. I hope you all enjoy!


Rimmel match perfection concealer –

this is an old favorite that I rediscovered. When its warm out and some concealers tend to start creasing and settling into lines, this didn’t move at all and I absolutely loved it.
Bobbi brown smokey eye mascara –

This looks beautiful as an all in one mascara! I use this on my bottom lashes and on the top ones. I usually layer two mascaras to get my desired look but with this I didn’t have to do this. I recommend this soo highly to you all! Continue reading “June Beauty Favorites!”


One Month – One Palette Challenge: July!

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog! I’ve seen a couple other girls do this on wordpress and so I wanted to do it myself on this Bobbi Brown palette that I want to use more. It is basically where you only use this one palette for a month, I think that it will help me keep this in rotation because I never use it. I never use this and want to give it some love since it was a gift and I could never give it away even though you all know I love decluttering. After this I’ll give it a break and then I actually want to do a panthatpalette challenge on it, which will be fun!

*we will be posting so much this summer so we hope you all enjoy what we have in store for you!*

Beginning of the month : starting point!

As you can see only the white and silver eyeshadows have really been used. I really don’t give this palette too much love but it is beautiful. Continue reading “One Month – One Palette Challenge: July!”


Summer Project Pan!

Hi everyone and welcome back to our blog! I am loving project panning so I am definitely going to be doing another one for sure. I picked 10 products this time, but only six are makeup (mostly newish too) so I think I should be able to get through most of the products (certainly will get through the skincare ones).


Juice beauty face mask – This has been open for almost two years and I don’t want it to go bad, I love it so I want to finish it.

Neuotrogena purifying cream cleanser – I absolutely love this but it has been open for a long time and I also have a cruelty free face wash that I am in love with so I want to use this up!

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Update On Becoming Cruelty Free

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog! If you’ve been following for a while, you know that I’ve been trying to only use products that are not tested on animals and made that resolution in January. Now six months in I want to update you guys on what I still have left to use up. I’ve done a lot more research and discovered companies that I thought were cruelty free actually are not!

I am still passionate about the cause! I have gotten rid of 23 products that aren’t cruelty free, next, after my makeup is cruelty free I will move onto skin care and then hair care as well. I’m finding dupes for what I have left that isn’t cruelty free so that when they are finished I will still have comparable products

in total: 12 makeup products, 1 lip balm

Face makeup:

Benefit Dallas Bronzer – found a dupe from butter London

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer – Dupe is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, this is about 1/4 gone.

Loreal Lumi – Half gone! Dupe is NYX illuminator

Benefit High Beam – 1/4 gone, dupe is also from NYX


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Another Massive Makeup Declutter!

Hello everyone! It’s time for spring cleaning and taking old products out of my makeup stash. I love decluttering so here are all the things I’ve decided to part ways with!

Lip products:

All four of these glosses found their way to the bottom of my lip gloss box and I just never reach for them, their great products. The burts bees glosses are moisturizing but sheer so I never use them. I also don’t use my lip tint very much so into the decluttering bag it goes!

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February Beauty Favorites!

Hello everyone! February sort of flew by, and here are some of my absolute favorite products that I have been loving all month. Some of these are new faves and some are old favorites! I hope you all enjoy and here are my favorites in makeup and haircare for this month!


Loreal lumi illuminator

You guys know how much I love this stuff! I’ve been trying to use it up lately and it gives me such a nice everyday glow.

Rimmel match perfection concealer

I recently rediscovered this! I absolutely love it, it is so lightweight and blends super easily. It doesn’t crease and this might just be my holy grail drugstore concealer!

Lancôme lipstick in The New Pink

One of my friends gave this to me, completely new, so thank you! It is such a pretty pink, it makes your lips look healthy and a little bit brighter. It is comfy to wear and I have been absolutely loving how lightweight and pretty it is!

Bobbi Brown smokey eye mascara

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My Simple Everyday Makeup Routine 

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to show you the everyday makeup look that I do most days when getting ready for school. This is nothing too fancy, school is not really the place for a crazy smokey eye or dramatic wing liner. This only takes me about 15 minutes total.


This pur powder foundation is really natural and evens out my skin tone well, and I just apply it with a big kabuki brush. The Alba botanica concealer for getting rid of dark circles has been one of my favorites, it really makes them disappear and is peachy yellow toned. For small spot concealing my favorite is this dr. Haushka concealer in shade one.

Blush contour highlight:

To contour I love my profusion palette, (review here) and then I go in with the wisteria blush from becca. This is a stunning pinky purple toned shade which is really light and it looks gorgeous on fair skin in general. For highlight I use a combo of the lightest pink and white toned highlights in this bellapierre  glowing palette. Review here!

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Lots of January Beauty Favorites!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our blog! Today I want to share with you guys all of my January beauty favorites, and believe me there is a lot. Because I received so much makeup for Christmas I’ve been trying everything out. Here we go!


Alba Botanica undereye corrector – 

I’ve been using this every day as part of my routine and I think it definitely cancels out the purple under my eyes. It is easy to blend out and it doesn’t crease!

Becca Blushed with light trio – 

The shade Wisteria in this is a light purple pink. I think this is one of my favorite blushes! It is easy to apply because it is not overly pigmented so I have been using this a ton!

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