Cheap Photo Props

Hi loves!

As you may have noticed, our background has changed for our photos! Hailey and I use a marble stock paper that I found on Amazon for $7.00!

Now how does one make your photos good without spending tons of $$$ on props?

Here am i! Ready to help!

Green plant

I found this green plant at Daiso for $1.50, these plants have been very in style lately.

Candle holder

I’ve had this glass Candle holder for ages, and I find it gives the photo a pop of color.


Using those fake flowers from the craft store also gives you photo a nice spring time pop!

Glass elephant

I got this glass elephant as a birthday gift years back and I find it gives photos a very chic look
Holder and flower

Adding these two things together makes your photo really stand out!

Guys, let’s be honest, who DOESN’T own a candle? Other than making your house smell good and providing light,it also makes the perfect prop for photo’s!