Blog Party!

Hello guys! We have decided to host a blog party in order to give back to you guys, (our very supportive followers) as a thank you for 2,000 follows. We want to give you the opportunity to promote your blog, connect with some new bloggers and get some new readers!

(This is not an original idea, many other bloggers have done blog parties. Naya is one of the bloggers we follow who does blog parties every month, go follow her if you are interested in that!)

If you would like to, please follow our blog if you are into beauty!


1. Write a comment summarizing what your blog is about and leave a link to your homepage/favorite post!

2. Check out at least one other blogger’s link for each link you share, that way everyone gets to benefit from the party.

3. No offensive content

Have fun!

— Christine and Hailey