Favorite Drugstore Lipsticks!

Hello love bugs!

Now you know how your girl love her some drug store makeup! Here is a little mini review on some new lipsticks I got!

Nyx liquid suede

Now I lost this one just recently and I’m so upset! I really love this lipstick. It gives the perfect matte finish and it’s so long lasting!

Nyx lingerie


This one I love love love! I tend to lean more toward the red shades when it comes to lipsticks, but this is my favorite non red shade of lipstick I have! I love the thick matte finish, but it doesn’t feel thick against your lips! My only advice it to put on lip balm before application, once it dries it tends to flake off, lip balm keeps it smooth all day.

Liquid catsuit

Like I said before. I love red shades. I’ve never had a super bright red lipstick so I was super excited to get this. Unfortunately after I put it on it began to crust and flake, so I didn’t like it as much. I do now put on lip balm before hand, it does help, just not as much as I would like.

That’s it for today! What’s your favorite brand of lipstick?



My night time routine

Hello love bugs!

I remembered way back when our blog was little itty bitty fetus, I did a morning routine, so today I shall share my night time routine.

  1. Remove all makeup.

I remove my makeup using coconut oil, I find it really helps to remove my mascara. For a deeper cleanse I use rose water to remove all the excess dirt and makeup. I use a cotton ball until there’s no more makeup/dirt. After that I spray the Mario Badescu facial spray on and massage it into my skin. Once a week I will use a charcoal face mask before bed

2. Brush and braid hair

My hair has grown a lot longer since cutting it, and I find that if I have it down or up in a pony tail I wake up with the most horrific knots. So I brush through my hair about 100 times (50 each side) to make it soft, silky and knot free. Next I put a very little amount of rose oil onto my fingers and run it through my hair. This helps with shine, after this I braid my hair and call it good! I also find the rose oil helps my hair smell amazing the next morning when I take the braids out.

3. Brush teeth

Naturally I brush my teeth. I use baking soda and lemon juice first. I find it helps whiten my teeth as well as break down plaque and other gross stuff resting on your teeth! Next I use Tom’s mint toothpaste to brush my teeth. I really like how Tom’s has no fluoride in their products, it’s all natural!

4. Switch on my essential oil diffuser

I have a really hard time sleeping at night. With a little lavender oil in the air I find my sleeping has greatly improved! This especially helps after a long day of school and retail!

5. Put my mouth guard on and call it a night!

As a high stress person, I grind my teeth at night. This causes a lot of pain in my jaw the next morning, so I use my night guard to stop myself from grinding, after that I go to sleep.

That’s it for my nighttime routine! What do you do?


LA Colors Matte Lipstick

Hello my lovelies! I hope you all are having a lovely week so far!

Today I will be reviewing La colors matte lipstick

LA colors matte liquid lipstick

I’ve always loved dark red matte lipsticks, and for this photo shoot I was going on, I thought that this shade would be wonderful for the job!

I got this from my local drugstore (I know I know pretty soon I will have bought the whole drug store!), la colors is known for being sorta cheap and not the highest of quality, but I didn’t care so long as it was dark and matte.

The application was very good, it was smooth and easy. A bit messy at times.


If you do mess up though, it’s very hard to simply wipe it off with your thumb.

I also noticed how long it lasted, this matte lasted about half the day, which for a matte was kinda of disappointing, usually mattes stay on 24/7, but half the day is a lot better than having to re apply every hour.

My biggest issues was that it got messy after you’ve applied it. I could have had it applied neatly and perfectly, have it all dried, and somehow it would end up all over the place and I would look like the Joker! I couldn’t really eat with it on, or drink with it on. I couldn’t really do anything. There were times I felt I couldn’t even talk in fear that it would somehow end up everywhere!

So I don’t really know where I stand with this product, half of me loves it and half of me hates it.

I feel like this is perfect lipstick for like a photo shoot or any event where you’re doing literally nothing but standing, this isn’t perfect for going to work or school!

Ta ta my loves!

What’s you’re favorite matte lipstick?



Nyx liquid eyeliner

Hello my lovelies!

Coming right back at ya with another review!

First off can we just acknowledge how there’s like 5 more months till summer?! Ummm comment if you’re ready for some S-U-N !

Story time with Christine.

Once upon a time Christine bought a crappy elf eyeliner, and she quickly learned…you get what you pay for. She was put into a state of panic for the young and slightly dramatic maiden had a party to attend in only 4 hours!

Whatever would she do without her eyeliner?! She ran back to the drugstore and bought herself the NYX Liquid eyeliner.… The maiden lived happily ever after!

*based on a true story*

My true story!

Yes it is all true, I was a bit scared to by this. I love Nyx, but I had grown attached and relied on eyeliner pens to get me that perfect winged eyeliner. As many of you may known by now. I’m SUPER clumsy, so having the control I can have with an eyeliner pen is vey helpful. I knew this wasn’t a pen, but more of a stick.

So I bought it thinking I would never do winged eyeliner on it because I just knew I would mess it up every time.

To my surprise for the type of brush it had, I had a lot of control over it. It was a good consistency, it stays on 24/7 and it was only like 7 bucks. So this chick is a winner winner!

I absolutely love this eyeliner, I have 0 flaws through it. I bought it all the way in December, and I’m still using it come February!

I highly recommend NYX eyeliner!

Ta ta my lovelies!

Comment down below your favorite eyeliner!



February Ipsy bag!

Hello my lovelies!! The month of love has come and gone, although I think every month should be a month of love.

Now you may be wondering, what happened to January’s bag?

Welllll let’s just say I completely forgot! My plan was to do a combine post, but then I completely forgot what I got in my January bag.

Now on to the review!

Meteor shower by BLAQ

This little bath scrub I thought I would really like. I’m all for sugar scrubs and other bath type scrubs. When I tried it in the shower it does turn your skin an ash grey. Which it says on the packaging, but it makes it sound so easy to scrub off, but I found it to be very much the opposite. I felt like I was scrubbing off my skin just to get it off. Also the mess is inevitable, it’s impossible not to get it everywhere. My whole bathtub with black and it took hours of scrubbing to get off. Definitely did not like!

Marsk Sydney London silver Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow I didn’t really like either, it was a nice change from the usual gold that I get in all my Ipsy bags, but never in my life would I wear silver eyeshadow, I will probably regift this to someone more likely to wear it!

Sand and Sky brilliant skin detoxify and brighten mask

Now as many of you know, I love face masks! And I was so excited to try this one out, it’s a clay mask so it’s pretty thick. I left it on for about an hour and the results were amazing, my skin already looked slightly brighter already!

Lychee + Gold healthy glow rose gold blush

This I will admit I was a little scared of, I’m more of a highlighter girl, blushes I tend to just not like, but after trying this out I love it! It’s almost like a blush and a highlighter combined, not to mention it smells like strawberries! (Don’t mind my arm in the picture, it was freezing!)

Luxie duo brush

I always love getting brushes in my bags, it’s not as if I have like a million already! This is an addiction I will admit to having, the brush it very soft and application is subtile and smooth, plus it’s pink!!

That’s it for today!

Are you more of a highlighter or blush girl?




LA colors eyeshadows

Hello my lovelies!

I can’t believe how quickly March is coming upon us!

Today I will be reviewing LA colors eyeshadows.

The first palette I bought was a larger one that had a bunch of brighter colors. I was in a bright colored eyeshadow mood, and it was like 4 bucks so I bought it. I will say a lot of the shadows had a lot of pigment, and work really well, but there was just too much glimmer and shimmer in the shadows, not to mention the second i stuck my brush in one of the shades, it broke off! All in all I didn’t like this palette personally a whole ton. If you’re into lighter and more shimmery colors I do recommend it though!

The second palette I got when I was going to a photo shoot and needed some darker colors. I was happily pleased with the pigment and application that this palette gave me, it was very good for the price and brand! I have nothing wrong with this palette, I like the mixes of nude tones it has too!

Ta ta loves!

Comment down below what your favorite eyeshadow is!




❄️December Ipsy Bag❄️

Hello my loves! The end of December is very close! Meaning, December Ipsy bag!

I tried uploading a picture of the bag, but it kept crashing. And when it comes to the internet I’m an old lady rather than an eighteen year old girl.

So shall I continue?

Of course!

Ouai hair oil

I first took this little guy out. And I instantly fell in love with it. During the winter my hair gets SO DRY AND STATICY is annoying, after putting this on in the morning and before bed, the static has gone away, not to mention it smells like lilacs, which I love!

Lisa Frank stargazing shimmer eyeshadow

(Picture also won’t upload)

Ummmm throw back to like 2007?!

I was so surprised when I pulled this one out. Yet a little disappointed, it seems like every eyeshadow I get from ipsy is gold, meaning I have an abundance of gold eyeshadows that I only use 1 of. Don’t get me wrong, this eyeshadow is very good and it’s pigment is good as well, I will probably gift this to a friend who is in need of some gold eyeshadow!

Smash box always on gel liner

Once again, another gel liner. My opinion is the same as all the other gel liners I have gotten.

TréStioque brow pencil

I was super excited when I pulled this guy out of the bag, I’ve only used 1 brow pencil and I’m in love with it. So trying out new pencils always gets me excited!

The color is good, it matches my brows, the only thing I didn’t like is how hard you need to press for the right color to actually show up!

Slmissglam brush

I always love getting brushes in my glam bag! They are so fun to try out, and for a girl who loves pink glitter this was a hit!

Unfortunately it doesn’t grab onto product very well!

That is it for my ipsy review

What did you get in your glam bag?!




E.l.f highlighter and Concealer duo


Hello lovelies! To make up for my absence I shall post every day!

Today’s review will be on E.l.f’s concealer and highlighter duo in the shade ivory.

I’m not a huge fan of E.l.f’s concealers, but this being a duo I wanted to give it a try.

Do it for the blog am I right?!

The first thing I noticed about the concealer part is that when you pull it out, very little product comes out. I went through the whole bottle of concealer in a week.

The highlighter I personally didn’t like simply because I don’t really like liquid highlighters. When applying it didn’t spread very well, making it obvious where I applied the line.

Overall I didn’t like this product very much.

Let me know what you think of this duo!

What is your favorite ELF product?




Rimmel matte foundation

Hello my lovelies!! I want to apologize for my absence lately, with it being my last year of grade school I have been over my head with Work! I feel so bad for leaving you guys for like this whole month, and poor Hailey having to take the reigns alone!


But I am back and ready to RUMBLE!

Today I will be reviewing Rimmel’s stay matte foundation in the shade ivory.

I found this at the drug store (as I always do) in need of a change, my last foundation I loved, but I wanted to see what else was out there. And I had heard from a friend that this foundation was a gem.

I bought this foundation toward the beginning of November (sorry that’s how busy I’ve been!!) and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. This foundation gives a finished look.

I have a love hate relationship with the thickness of this foundation, one weeks where I have ugly break outs (due to period ) the thickness really helps cover up those nasty little things, while other times when my face is normal and no real outs are present, this foundation can see a little too heavy.

Other than that, I really do like this product!

Let me know down in the comments what you think of this foundation, and if you don’t have it, what is your favorite go to foundation?



Makeup, Skincare

Massive Beauty Declutter!

Hi guys! Lately I have bought some new products and its time for me to get rid of the old stuff that I no longer am using.  I’ve cleaned out my makeup and also my skincare and samples for this declutter so I’m going to show you what I’m getting rid of.

I also know that Christine has been beauty purging as well so maybe you’ll see a post like this from her soon!


I never color correct except for canceling redness so I’m getting rid of the bulky palette and I’ll purchase green concealer separately. That becca quad is not good quality in my opinion but christine wanted to try it so I’ll give it to her. The mascara is expired so it is going away! I never reach for coral so the milani gloss got no use from me. I also never reach for single shadows so I duped all of those seven shades in palettes. they are so amazing though, if you like single shadows I highly recommend these!


I didn’t use the nude polishes from Deborah Lippman or the barielle. The butter london one was so cool toned it looked awful on me, and the pink zoya polish is just not me anymore. I also never do nail art so I don’t need the stickers, and I hate nail files I am keeping only one. Continue reading “Massive Beauty Declutter!”