Whiter teeth in 5min!

Imagie you wake up the morning of picture day. Waring a cute outfit and your hair is all neat. Suddenly you look in your mirror. Your teeth are as yellow as a banana!

I am here to make sure this doesn’t happen to you!  This diy teeth whitener will leave your teeth looking amazing for picture day!  Continue reading “Whiter teeth in 5min!”


My 2016 July beauty favorites

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So this is the time when everyone starts putting out all of their favorites posts! Today I have 10 items that I would like to share with you that I have been loving through the month of July. Sometimes favorites posts only include old favorites and nothing new that the blogger purchased during the month, but this one is not like that. I’ve purchased 8/10 of these products this month and can’t put them down.


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Avocado hair mask

Okay, who doesn’t love avocados??  They are magical and taste totally amazing. Aside from their amazing taste, avocados can help with getting silky and smooth hair.  And let’s be honest,  who doesn’t want silky and smooth hair? Continue reading “Avocado hair mask”


Drugstore Makeup Haul 2016

Brands listed: Rimmel, LA Colors, E.L.F, NYX and Maybelline

Hailey’s Reviews:

Rimmel BB cream 9-in-1

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