My Top Three Mascaras for Everyday!

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Eye makeup is some of my favorite, and as we all know, mascara has magical powers to make us look awake and alive even early in the morning! Today i am going to show you all how I normally do my mascara for the longest lashes with a lot of volume. There may or may not be a drugstore dupe in here, I’ll let you guys decide! Continue reading “My Top Three Mascaras for Everyday!”


Products I Sadly Won’t be Repurchasing

Hello everyone! Welcome to anyone who is new here, and thank you if you are returning. Today’s post is on products that I didn’t love, but these brands are still great!

It cosmetics Hello Lashes mascara –

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Massive Tarte Haul from Hautelook

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Tarte is one of my favorite brands, I love their products. I got nine products for this haul, so it’s a pretty large one in my opinion. I ordered all of this stuff through the website Hautelook which has all of their products at almost half price so that is a huge discount! If you haven’t visited Hautelook they have discounted clothing, shoes, purses and makeup so I would definitely check them out.

1. Tarte pure maracuja oil rollerball –

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My Skincare Routine for Dry Skin + General Tips

Hi guys! Welcome back if you are returning and welcome if you are new here! I thought this post might be helpful for those of you looking for better ways to hydrate your skin as we move into the colder months of the year. (no more dry flaky patches!) As well as show you my personal routine I also have a couple of extra tips that everyone can follow.

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Quick and Goofproof School Makeup for Busy Mornings

School hasn’t quite started for us yet, but it will soon! Today I’m going to share the makeup routine I usually do when I’m pressed for time on busy school mornings. To be fair, the mornings don’t have to be busy but I am definitely one of those girls who sleeps as long as possible and then figures out how to get out the door! (Anyone else like that? comment down below!) Today’s look is really simple, (I like to call it goofproof since there is no way you can mess it up) only using five products. Of course makeup has no rules and you can skip bronzer or add concealer, do whatever you like, this is just a baseline!


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You are beautiful 

So many girls view themselves as “ugly” because of today’s depiction of an average size body. Everywhere you turn you see beautiful models and wish you could be like them. Continue reading “You are beautiful “


Mini Marshalls Makeup Haul!

Now this is not a store you would usually think of for makeup, it’s mainly a bargain shop for clothing, shoes, purses and other accessories. Naturally (I must have some sort of internal compass) I steered myself toward the makeup aisle, looking for any sort of product that looked interesting. There were a few well known brands such as Kat Von D, and Stila but a ton that I didn’t know at all! It was very exciting finding a whole bunch of cosmetics from a couple of companies I hadn’t heard of, and discovering they were actually great products.

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Benefit High Beam Review + swatches + dupe!

Hi guys, welcome back if you are returning! And welcome to our blog if you are new here! If you like this content and some previous posts, then follow and comment any thoughts! Since this is a post you’ve probably all seen before I decided to add in a drugstore dupe for the high beam just to make it a little more interesting. I know this is an older makeup product but I love it, so I thought I’d share it with you.


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Butter London ‘Pretty Proper’ Palette Review and Swatches

Hello guys! So I aquired this palette from Butter London cosmetics a bit ago and wanted to tell you my thoughts on it. Today’s post will be a Butter London pretty proper palette review!


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Acne cure!  

With  the school year coming upon us fast, I thought I would give you guys a helpful acne mask.
I’ve never had acne before, but I know from friends that it is not fun to have.

So let’s get rid of your acne before picture day!

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