Maybelline master precise all day liquid liner

Hello my lovlies! Welcome back to our blog! I hope youre all enjoying your spring! I always say that fall is my favorite season, which it is, but im really starting to LOVE spring down here in Texas. Other than the allergies its the most beautiful thing i’ve seen. Back where i used to live, all spring meant was rain rain rain.

Which leads me into our topic of today…Kind of. As many of you know im always on the look out for a good reliable eyeliner. Before i bought this Maybelline i was using a Wet n Wild eyeliner that just wasnt working for me. It would last maybe an hour and was not water proof at all. Having waterproof makeup is a huge must for me. For some reason my eyes always leak when im laying down, and it has ruined many a eyeliner. I had done some research and this eyeliner popped up every time. So why not invest in this?

So lets start with what this product promises to do.

Maybelline promises that this eyeliner is an all day liquid liner thats long lasting , smudge proof, water proof that delivers precise definiion in just one stroke.

What are its benefits?

It features an ultra-fine tip that delivers defined lines. Also fragranc free and is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Now the real question is, does it do all it promises? I will say when i wore this it was definitley water proof. Not once did it wash away from my leaky eyes. Nor did it wipe off when i constantly rubbed a it. I really liked that because not only do i have leaky eyes, but i constantly rub my eyes! So to have an eyeliner that is stronger than my leaky eyes and rubbing is AWESOME! It also did last my entire 10 hour shift, so basically all day.

one of my issues with this product was that it said it was suitable for sensitive eyes, but it really irritated my eyes. They itched a lot when i applied them as wings. So that was kind of a bummer.

Also i know it never said it was matte, but i wished it was because i love how bold and elegant matte looks on me. This kind of gave me water color vibe, which i wasnt a huge fan of.

I would give this product a 4.5 our of 5 stars. It was a good product other than the irritation it caused me. I didnt count the lack of matte to my scoring, just beccause they didnt say it was matte.

Thats it for todays blog. Let me know down in the comments what youre favorite eyeliner is!


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