Almay brow pencil

Hello loves! Welcome back to our blog! Once again im here with another Almay product which i’m very excited to share with you.

I just recently started doing my brows (makeup wise) and im more of a natural looking brow look, nothing too dramatic. Let me tell you, this eyebrow pencil DELIVERS!

Lets start with what it promises.

One tool, three easy steps to perfect brows:

  • Define with pointed tip
  • Fill with flat edge
  • Tame with brush

As you can see from my picture above, it is one tool, which is really nice, i dont have to worry about loosing the spoolie brush (which happens to me a lot).

I also really like how the point is defined, the tip is slanted slightly which helps with that all natural look. I will say though the cream can be kind of soft at times, so i wouldn’t retract it up too far. IT WILL BREAK! If you dont retract if very far though it works perfectly.

The flat edge is probably my favorite part of this product, like is said above it really helps create that perfect natural brow.

Another win is the brush, the bristles really do tame my brows which i love because sometimes while im waiting for my brow appointment, the girls can get a little out of control. Having a brush that keeps the strays down and control is a huge help to the makeup routine.

When it comes to how i would rate this eyebrow pencil, i would rate it a 5 out of 5. I have no real issues with this product. I’ve actually re bought it 4 times already, each time it runs out i just have to get it again.

Thats it for todays blog! Whats your favorite eyebrow pencil?


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