What’s In My Shower: Cruelty Free Hair and Body Products

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog. Today I want to share with you the products in my shower. When I went cruelty free it was hard to find cruelty free bath products, so here are some brands and products I’ve discovered that I love, and are cruelty free!

Body Care:

I could not get the body wash bottle to show up true to color in photographs, sorry!

Everyone body soap in the scent Citrus+Mint – I love this body wash and it isn’t super expensive. I highly recommend that you try this brand out, they have more scents and you are sure to find something you will like.

Tree Hut Coconut Lime Body Scrub – This is the best body scrub! It is a nice texture, has a good consistency and leaves your skin moisturized but not oily. This scrub smells amazing and I think you need it in your life.

Alba Botanica Shave Cream – I enjoy this shave cream, it makes my skin really soft and helps stop you from catching your skin or nicking yourself. I also love the cremo shave cream which is just as cheap and also cruelty free.

Hair Care:

Acure pumpkin and organ oil shampoo – This is such a lovely shampoo! I enjoy that it doesn’t dry out my scalp or my hair and it gets my hair incredibly clean. Highly recommend this if you want a gentle shampoo that will also clean your scalp well.

Giovanni 2chic avocado and olive oil shampoo  – This is the other shampoo I keep in my shower. It doesn’t get my hair quite as clean as the Acure, but I would recommend this if you have dry hair and need moisture!

Mop C-system hydrating conditioner – This is my favorite conditioner of all time. It is so hydrating, and so rich and thick that it just makes your hair so soft. I definitely recommend this to those of you with curls, and their other products are great as well!

Juice Organics repairing hair mask – This hair mask is super lovely, I have hardly any of it left! It is super rich and thick, incredibly moisturizing and I only recommend it if you have dry or curly hair.

Earth Science olive and avocado hair mask – This is a great mask as well, I found that it made my hair moisturized, but it was less heavy and a lot easier to rinse out than the Juice organics one, so I recommend this if you have a less dry hair type!

That is everything in my shower! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that it helped you find some cruelty free alternatives to most drugstore shampoos and body washes!




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      1. I know what you mean! My collection grew significantly when I spent some time in my local Whole Foods store. I seems dangerous to leave me alone in a place with beauty products now. :))

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