Milani prime perfection face primer

Hello my lovlies! Welcome back to our blog! Milani seems to be very popular with Hailey and i lately. I can assure you we dont plan getting so many Milani products. They are just THAT good!

Now i know i’ve reviewed Milani in the past, and if i remeber correctly i didnt find much wrong with them.

This primer has been added to the list of must haves in my makeup bin. I really like how smooth this product is. A little dab of product goes a long way which i really like. Often times i find that primers and other makeup that come in tubes like these dont seem to last very long. So when i bought this product i was a bit worried i would have the same issue. Concidering this primer retails out to be $10 i really wanted to not have to continuosly buy this every few weeks.

I also found that this primer also smells like pink peppermint which i actually really liked. Usually i dont like the smell of anything peppermint, i think for me its just too strong, but i really liked it with this primer, it kind of soothed and cooled my skin which i felt was really cool! Im not really sure what the benefits of peppermint in your makeup would be, but i didnt find any hints of peppermint in the ingredients. What i did find though was Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice. After researching the benefits of that i found that this aloe leaf benefits all skin types which is really awesome for girls out there suffering from oily and dry skin. The Aloe Barbadensis Leaf especially helps out dry, damaged, broken, sensitive and irritated skin while also offering anti-inflammatory antioxidants that soothes your skin. Even better it also has anti-itch qualities! I know there have been a few primers that i’ve tried in the past that have made my skin itch after using it, but i do find that this one doesnt make me itch at all which makes putting on the rest of my makeup even easeir!

Now lets see how well their little bio on this product matches up to my experience…

According to the packaging this will add a radiant, healthy-looking glow to my complexion while also softening any fine lines, large pores and flaws. The Prime Perfection Hydrating + Pore Minimizing Face Primer blends invisibly and maintains the skin’s mositure balance, resulting in an illuminating and flawless finish.

Lets take this word for word. First it says that it will give me a radiant, healty looking glow. Does this primer do this for me?

The answer is yes it does. I tend to notice this more in the morning when im putting on my makeup on right after getting out of bed. Like most teenage collage students, when i wake up my face isnt bright and glowing like in the movies…I look like a child in the 1900’s who is suffering from influenza and may not live past the winter. So your girl really does need a little healthy looking glow in the morning.

Image result for pale child painting

Comment down below if you look like this in the morning!

Next Milani says that this primer will soften and fine lines, large pores and flaws. Does it do this for me?

My honest answer is not really…I was really hoping it would follow to its word for this, because your girls pores are large as heck and shes got flaws left and right. So a little assistance in that deparment is always nice. Unfortunatly I didnt find that this primer minimized any of my pores, nor did soften and flaws i had. I had to rely on my makeup to do that.

I will say though, when Milani said that to maintins moisture it really does do this. Unlike most primers i’ve used, this doesnt dry out my skin whatsoever, and keeps it mostuized throughout the day!

Thats it for todays blog!

Whats your favorite primer?


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