Sweet Almond Oil shower gel

Hello my lovlies! I want to start this blog with an apology. The last two blogs for me have been deleted because life has been very very busy and i forgot to draft them before they got published. So if you have been following Hailey and i for awhile now and noticed that a few of my blogs have been deleted thats why.

Im perfectly fine, theres a blog going in depth about whats going on in a life update coming soon!

Onto the blog my ladies!

Now i suffer from very sensitve skin like you wouldnt believe. When it comes to clothing and soaps they pretty much have to be all natural and cleaned with speical non scented soaps and all that. Lately i’ve been really liking Crabtree & Evelyn’s Sweet Almond Oil Bath and Shower Gel.

If you’ve ever baked before, and used almond excract, thats EXACTLY what it smells like, but….Just like almond excract….do not taste it…becasue it doesnt taste as good as it smells.

I really enjoy how this shower gel doesnt irritate my skin at all. It really helps to keep my skin feeling soft and clean. Not to mention the fragrance last for days. I get comliments on how my skin smells and looks all the time after i shower with this.

Some other things i really like about this product is the size. Its a 500ml bottle and it last a long time. I got this back in August and im only half way done with it now in Febuary. I mean my only dislike is the price. it was about $30, but then again, for the size of it and the quality i get why. If this only lasted like a month and was $30, then i would NEVER pay that much money, but i knew it would last awhile and i knew from other purchases from this company that it would be worth it.

Thats it for todays blog!

Comment down below what shower products you use for your sensitive skin!

Vanilla or Almond?


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