January Beauty Favorites!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog. Today I’m going to share with you my January favorites and I have quite a few makeup and skincare items that I’m loving so let’s get into it:


Milani Retouch and Erase concealer – This concealer has been my favorite! It is light, it has a nice texture and doesn’t crease under my eyes. It sets well with powder and gives good medium coverage.

Bobbi Brown Desert Pink Blush – This deep pinky rose blush (It is the blush on the right side in this photo) was something that I used with all my warm toned looks this month. It made my skin look luminous and naturally flushed. I love Bobbi brown blushes and I wish they were cruelty free!

NYX Pigment Primer – This eye base is so nice and it keeps my shadows creaseless. I also find that my shadows are easy to blend over this base and that it keeps pigments/glitter on my lids and not all over my face.

Buxom Lip Polish Gloss in Dolly – I’ve been wearing this a ton this month. It is a little plumping and cooling but the glitter in it is so pretty and it makes my lips look juicy and  a bit more mauve. Highly recommend!

Urban Decay Cream Finish Vice Lipstick in Violate – This is the prettiest neutral purply-pink shade. I love the cream lipsticks because they are not drying at all. I’ve been wearing this with that Buxom gloss all month.


My skin has gone beserk, I moved back to WA for a month for my college break and now that there is moisture in the air, my skin has lost it! These products have really helped me.

Pixi Glow Tonic Toner – I know everyone has probably already tried this and I am late to the train, but this makes my skin so soft and glowy. It also doesn’t dehydrate my skin and I love the results I’ve had.

Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen – I normally hate how sunscreens feel but this one is so moisturizing and goes perfectly under my makeup. I love it!

Those were my January favorites! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and let me know in the comments something you have been loving!






26 thoughts on “January Beauty Favorites!”

  1. I got the glow tonic in my Ipsy bag this month. When I first tried it I felt a strong tingling sensation, and I was worried it would dry my skin out. After I moisturized though, my skin felt amazing. The tingling doesn’t bother me anymore, and I can’t wait to buy the full size. It definitely has a pretty glow too.

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      1. Yes, it may be my skin interacting with the glycolic acid I’ve used chemical peels on my face, and it kind of felt like a milder version of that. I have noticed that it is helping clear up my acne and scarring.

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  2. I do love the buxom lipgloss and the cooling effect it gives to be honest 🙂

    I’m really enjoying the Bobbi Brown natural brow shaper. Oh! And urban decay eyeshadow in “relish”. It’s an eyeshadow better suited to fall but quite frankly I’ve been wearing it anyway 🙂

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