Charlotte Russe beauty blender trio

Hello my lovlies! Welcome back to our blog! Today i will be reviewing yet another Charlotte Russe makeup product. I got this along with all the other CR products i got. It was really nice too because i had been running out of beauty blenders, and i know you girls know how EXPANSIVE these little sponges are.

Side note time! I find it really interesting how trendy these little things are, and how darn EXPANSIVE these are. I mean for a little sponge that is meant to get dirty, i would never spend twenty plus bucks on these little suckers.

WHICH leads me into why i bought these. If i were to buy these each seperatley at ulta or any other store, i would most likely be spending eighty something bucks on something that is just gonna get moldy and dirty ( i love beauty blenders dont get me wrong, they are a life saver, but like real talk, they arent very hygenic!). So while i was shopping at Charlotte Russe and found a set of three for twelve bucks, i had to get them. It just so happened my beauty blender prior to these was on its last days, so unlike everything else i was buying, it was truly a nessecity.

Now i dont know about you guys, but to me beauty blenders are all different and unique in their own way. Some are super soft, while others are kinda rough and hard. I was very interested in seeing how these twelve dollar beauty blenders would feel. Now disclaimer, i literally use all my beauty blenders to blend in my foundation and concealor. So yes these are meant for different things, but i use them all for the same things.

Contour Blender:

This contour blender is kinda double sided which is very nice, i use this blender when i want to cover more area on my face (AKA when i’ve slept through my alarm and have 10min to get to work!). It works really well, the blend isnt spotty and it blends perfectly into your skin. The only thing i didnt like about this sponge is that the middle is actually rather thin, so when holding it the sponge kind of flops around a little. Its really hard to get a good grip with this.

Blend Blender:

First off, that was a lot of fun to type up, i laughed way harder than i should have! This is my primary beauty blender. What i really like about this sponge is that the tips on it are really thin, so when im working around my eyelids it really gets in there! The only thing i dont like about this blender is that its kinda is rough, so while im vigorusly pounding away at my face…It hurts a bit.

Perfect Blender:

Other than serving like a normal beauty blender, i really dont understand what the creators meant by “perfect”. Like once you’ve blended in your makup…other than like setting powder, theres nothing really to “perfect”. So i use this blender when my primary one the “Blender Blender” is being washed or im too lazy to clean it just yet. It works just as well and pretty much the same as the “Blender Blender”. The only difference is that the tip on this beauty blender isnt as fine as my primary one.

Well girlies! Thats it for todays blog! I hope you enjoyed.

Comment down below your opinion on beauty blenders!


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