Pomegranate hair conditioner

Hello my loves! Welcome back to our blogs, and Happy New Year to all! I cant wait to see what 2019 has in store for all of us, and all of you! Comment down below what one of your New Years resolutions is.

Before i get too deep into this blog i really would like to thank all of you for follow our journey thus far. Hailey and i always say this, but its very true. When we started this blog we had no idea how big it was going to be, we had dreams of our blog becoming big, but we had no idea how quickly this would all gain, and many of you have been following our post since we were in our fetus stages of blogging. Thank you all! We love you all so much.

Now that you guys are all probably thinking “OMG Christine, get on with the blog”. I shall.

A few months ago i found this company in my local outlet mall. I had never heard of Crabtree and Evelyn so i wanted to test their products out. When i walked into the store i could definitley tell that their products were from all natural ingredients. It didnt smell like Bath and Body works or any of those stores. Crabtree i noticed mostly had hand lotions, but they also sold body washes and hair conditoners. Since i was running low on conditoner i decided why not give it a try. Now persoanlly fruit sweet fragrances arent really my cup of tea, im more of a floral kinda gall in case many of you couldnt tell from previous blogs! Unfortunatley they didnt have any floral fragrances for hair conditoner, which isnt a problem with them at all. I decided to go with the Pomegranate & Argan oil & Grapseed conditioner. From readying the back, and becoming more educated on the company and what they sell i was right when i noticed the all natural ingredients. Ontop of having Pomegranate, Argan oil and Grapseed (which are all very good for your body, espesically your hair) the conditoner also has maraccan oil in it which is also good for your hair. Needless to say this conditoner is chalked full of goodness for your hair.

Upon testing it out, i noticed how soft and silky the conditoner made my hair, which i really like in a conditoner. Even why dry it kept my hair soft and silky for days! I got so many compliments on my hair after using this product. Along with keeping my hair soft and silky, it also made my hair 10x more healthy than it was. My tips had started to look a bit dead and my hair in general began looking dull before using this, but after the first wash there was a noticable change in how healthy my hair looked and felt,.

The only flaw that i find with this product is the fragrance, which is not a fault on the company, its a fault with my nose Hahah.

Anyway, i completely love this product and would recommend to anyone who would like to brighten up their hair!


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