Charlotte Russe Perfume

Hello my lovlies! Who is loving the Christmas season right now? Also what does the Christmas/Holiday season look like for you? Right now for me it’s actually rather warm. Im so used to a cold holiday season since i used to live in Washington. We usually got a white Holiday, but here in Texas its actually kind of bi-polar. One moment its cold and the next its in the in the high 80’s or 90’s which i dont mind at all. I have Latin blood in me, so living in a cold state was always very hard for me.

Speaking of the holiday season, if you’ve followed along with our blogs, you know that a few months ago i went to Charlotte Russe and basically bought the whole entire store.


Anyway, when i did go it was August, and i decided to get to perfumes. Now i dont normally use perfumes like this. Im more of an essential oils type of girl, but during the move to Texas i had lost my essential oil rollers so, sad life please pity me (JUST KIDDING). Since i had lost my dear rollers, i decided to get two perfumes, one was a more summery fragrance (coconunt) and the other was more of a fall fragrance, which is the one that i will be reviewing today.

I have been using this perfume every day since i got it. I love how its not an over powering scent, its very natral low scent that is perfect for fall! You can definitley smell the vanilla and sugar, and its all really subtile which i love.

I really dont like over powering or very obvious fragranes, and thats why i mostly use essential oils, and this warm vanilla scent is truly amazing. I highly recommend going out and getting yourselves a little bottle of your own!

Well thats it for todays blog!

Comment down below what your favorite fragrance is!


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