Charlotte Russe Prime in your step Primer Review

Hello my lovlies! Welcome back to our blog, Winter time is here, meaning basically christmas, and all the other winter holidays are here!

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So, when does Christine not have a funny story? NEVER!

Since moving to Texas i’ve discovered that there is a Charlotte Russe in my local mall. I dont even think there was a Charlotte Russe in Washington so im really loving it. Although i was surprised that Charlotte Russe carried makeup products, when i think of that clothing store i think of clothing. As i said i was very surprised to find a decent amount of makeup products. Who would have thunk that i would find a product such as this in a place like Charlotte Russe.

I decided to get this primer for the simple reason that i had run out of my wet n wild primer, and Texas is hot, so why not test this primer out.

Instead of being in a squeezy bottle like most primers tend to be, this primer was a spray which i found really unqiue beause most of the primers i’ve had have been squeeze bottles or pumps. I was a bit hesitant at first, it being a primer from Charlotte Russe i didnt expect the best from it.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well this primer actually worked. Now it wasnt the worlds best primer let me tell you that, but it did its job. I found nothing wrong with this primer at all. It primed my skin as it said it would.

If i had to nit-pick i would say the only thing i didnt like about this primer was the fact that it was kinda dewy when applied, although it didnt give my makeup a dewy look, but when rubbing it into my skin it felt dewy.

Thats it for today’s blog!

Comment down below if you’ve ever tried Charlotte Russe makeup products.

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