A month in Texas, Life update

Hello my lovlies! Today i am NOT doing a beauty blog. I know that is quiet a big shock, but as many of you know i recently moved to Texas. Since thats such a big change in my life i thought i would write a life update for y’all.

Week 1:

I arrived in Texas on Thursday the 16th of August. I arrived pretty late at night so i pretty much got shown my room and went to sleep. The morning after i arrived my aunt and uncle showed me around the town we now live in. I was really expecting the weather to be a lot hotter than it was. I mean it was 101 F, but there was a breeze so i didnt really notice the heat all that much. That night we went to a BBQ resturant. I dont tend to eat a lot of meat, but i thought that since im in Texas, why not try some ribs. The hardest say was the fourth day, i realized how much i miss my sister. I was also extremely stressed about school and being un employed. There was a lot of anxiety and home sickness that day, but the day after i applied for about fifty jobs in the area, thanfully i heard back from a company and got hired as key manager. Now another worry came through, how am i going to get to work? Its almost an hour walk, and Texas showers are brutal when they happen, not to mention the heat can be unforgivable at times. My uncle and i decided to look for a moped, since commuting to school and work are both very short distances, and its a very good way of transportation. I will be getting this PINK moped on sunday the 26th of August. I am so extremly excited to start driving this super cute moped, and to be working with such an amazing company. Although my stay in Texas started out stressful and a lot more scary than i thought, so far, after a week of being here it has taken a turn for the best. All i need to do is gain residency so that i can attend college for a lot cheaper. Which adds slightly more stresses, but not nearly as much as it did before i had a job! I forgot! My first Saturday in Texas, we went to Waco to visit Magnolia Farms. I absolutley love the show “Fixer Uppers” So getting to be there in person and see everything they made got me so excited. I also got to visit Baylor University which i would like to attend after community college!

Week 2:

My second week in Texas was just as good as the first week. My homesickness wasnt nearly as bad as the first week either. I can now sleep without crying myself to sleep, although i dont tend to fall asleep till two am… but thats because im watching Gilmore Girls until i fall asleep. Last week i mentioned a Pink moped for getting to and from school and work, unfortunatly there wa some false advertising and i couldnt get the moped. They had booked the price up way out of the buget i had set, so instead i got a pink bike… thats close enough right? Not to mention a heck of a lot cheaper. At first i was a bit bumbed about not getting the moped. I was so ready for a pink moped and riding around town like Barbie, but i think in the end it was the smarter decision to go with the bike. Like i said it is cheaper to ride a bike, theres no gas, no monthly insurance, and all the expanses than come with a car or moped. So for a broke college student like me, i think its a good deal. Not to mention its good exersie. My current plan is to just save up money for school (duh) and a moped. I wont be using the moped forever, but when i do get the money for it, it will be a lot faster getting from place to place. Then later on, maybe in a year or by the end of this school year, once i have school paid for and steady money coming in i’ll look into a car, but for now its my good all pink bike, and then my hopefully pink moped. I’m also super excited to be starting my job on September 3rd! Im also excited to make actual friends, knowing i’ll make some at work. Since im not in school for this semester and im not really able to get out much its been hard making friends. I think thats another bump i’ve discovered. I’m seeing all my friends move off to college and make friends instantly, and here i am spending my day with a toddler and infant. As much as i love kids, living with them 24/7 and being with them 24/7 inst as fun as getting to be with friends. So the fact that i’ll be going to work with girls my age, and become their friend really makes me happy. Thats one thing i really really dont want to happen here, is me not having at least a small circle of friends. So long as i dont have to spend all day every day with young children, i will be good. I love my cousins dont get me wrong, but the youngest is at the age where she is almost walking and getting into everything, so you cant really turn your back for more than a second. The oldest is in his terrible two’s stage, so theres some type of melt down happening hourly. It is pretty stressful. I have two sisters of my own who are both younger than me, and being in the same house as them never seemed so bad. Not to mention i practically raised my youngest sister, so i didnt think it would be so hard.. but it is. I think its because both children are so close in age. My middle sister was like six when my youngest sister was born, so they werent terribly close in age. Props to you moms out there having children close in age, and still survive.

Week 3:

My third week in Texas was a huge sucess. I started my new job as a key holder for a shop in the local outlet. I was nervous at first because with my previous job i didnt have the responsibilites of a manager, but by the time i got there i realized that most of what i had to know was self explanitory, or knowladge i already had from my previous job. I will admit biking in the middle of the day in the Texas heat was hard at first, but after a few days i got used to it. Biking at night though…Thats the scary part. I just not like biking in the dark around a lot of trees. Not only could someone easily hide in the shadows, but i’ve realized that there are many animals and bugs here that can kill you, animals and bugs that can also hide in the shadows. Back in Washinton i never really carried mace or pepper spray with me, but after moving here, and being alone so much during the night i feel that it is probably best to do. I am also really happy to have finally met some friends. Most of the girls i now work with are my age, so its nice to finally talk and hang out with girls my age.

A few months update:

Well due to this title, and when this is being posted, a lot has happened. Obviously life got busy since i stopped at 3 weeks. No i did not move, its just other things required my attention, and i put blogging on the back burner. I left off updating you all on my new job, lets just say that although it started out really well, it quickly went down hill. I started noticing after the first week they were trying to set me up to fail, if i did something wrong they didnt really try and help me or teach me how to fix whatever i did wrong, i had to figure it out on my own which i found difficult concidering i’ve never had a mangment position before so everything was new to me. I was also trained by teenage girls, so it wasnt very in depth. I studied the products well and quickly started to be able to sell a lot of product to customers. Since i started our store was begining to do really well, which made me feel very good since i was making so much progress. The rest of the girls didnt find that too good and got intimidated i feel because it began to get to the point where they would tell my higher up lies to try and get me fired. Eventually after working there for a little more than i month i left. At that pint i had been living in Texas for three months. Im still at the three month mark. Luckily i was raised with the saying “always have a plan B” so i had another job lined up. The day after i quit i had a job interview, and began my first day a week later. That is October 23rd 2018, i am writing the rest of this blog as of the 24th of October. Its been kinda hard, i’ll be real with you. I thought since i made friends easily in school, making friends outside of school would be easy, but the girls at my previous job here were obviously only my friend till i became better than them, and since i’ve only been working at this new store for two days now, its hard to tell if these girls will become friends, like friends that i will hang out with outside of work, or just simply work friends. Its been a hard few weeks when it comes to that. After quitting my old job i realized how lonley i was. My day consisted of waking up, going to work, going to home and then going to bed. Every day. It kept me busy enough that i thought i was fine, but that week i didnt work, i would stay home most of the time. I love my family dont get me wrong, but its hard when your 1 year old cousin and your 3 year old cousin become your only friends that you see phyically and hang out with. I know people in this state, but i hardly hang out with them. Im thankful for my orchestra friends from high school though, we text daily and try and video chat at least once a week. Thats really been keeping me going through this rather difficult time. Texas has been getting better, i definitley like it here, and i believe that as for friend making it will become easier once i start school here in Febuary. As i have said in previous blogs i believe everyone is a princess…Including myself, and as a princess i have to keep my chin held high so that my tiara doesnt fall.

Sorry for such a delay.


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