NYX Brand Review

Hello my lovelies! Lately we have been doing a lot of NYX reviews, but that’s just because NYX is awesome!

I cannot believe that it’s almost September! Almost chia tea latte season! I may not be a full white girl, but your girl loves her some chia tea latte in the fall, especially where Hailey and I used to live, a chia tea latte definitely warmed you up. Now that I’m in Texas I think I’m really going to miss a true fall season, but at the same I’m excited to not be so darn cold until August comes around again.

Ah! Now back to the review!

A few months ago I had a big NYX haul, the first of which was:

NYX Shimmery orange lipstick:

I bought this lipstick because I wanted to try getting out of my comfort zone. I often stick to non bright colors (until recently) so I would stick with reds and other more typical colors of lipstick. I was a bit worried to by this because I tried finding a non shimmery lipstick that was orange, having shimmer in it made this lipstick more out of my comfort zone

I’m happy to say that I actually liked the shimmer on the lips, it adds and nice touch to it and I really like this shade of orange! The last isn’t very long unfortunately, I had to re-apply it like every hour, other than that I really enjoyed this lipstick, definitely a keep!

Lingerie NYX:

I got this color because I absolutely adore the color. I think that this color is perfect for like every season and it can go with most every outfit! So this is definitely a win, I use this lipstick everyday it has become a product that I cannot live without.

I find that the best results is when you apply two layers. That last I would rate s 6/10 because the last is semi long, I got through half the day without having to re-apply.

NYX Liquid Suede:

This color was definitely one that I wouldn’t normally grab, but I really was attracted to the bright pink. I think it’s a perfect summer shade. So naturally I got it (duh it’s pink) although I didn’t think I would end up liking it. Thankfully I really liked it!

If you have ready my July Ipsy bag, you will know I got a similar shade of pink lipstick, so I use the Ipsy lipstick first as kind of a primer, then I apply this one because it’s so liquidy without the primer it doesn’t stay very well and it tends to get messy. I would give this last a 7/10 because I can go throughout most of the day without re-applying!

NYX retractable white:

I got this eyeliner because I heated if you like your under lid with white eyeliner, that it will make your eyes look bigger, so I wanted to test that out. I really like how fine the tip is, which really makes it easier to apply under your eye. I really liked this product and it really does make your eyes look bigger!

That’s it for today’s blog!

Comment down below what your favorite shade of lipstick is for the 4 seasons!


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  1. Hi Christine! Loved this review! 🙂 I’m currently obsessed with the NYX soft matte cream in the color Abu Dhabi which I got in a Ipsy bag awhile ago!

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