Max Studio Liquid Lipstick

Hello my lovlies! If you guys have been keeping up with our blog, you know that Hailey and i love us some Marshalls makeup. Going to Marhsalls was one of my favorite things to do with Haily becuase her and i would pick apart the makeup/beauty section till there was nothing left! Anything with Hailey is a joy, its also just fun to talk about our lovely followers, and you better believe her and i talk about you all non-stop!

Today i will be reviewing Max Studio’s liquid lipstick. I found this lipstick at Marshalls while Hailey was helping me find shoes for graduation. Its funny because i told myself i was only there to get shoes and help Hailey pick out makeup or shoes if she needed it. Naturally i have no self control and bought this lipstick…want to know my reasoning? “Christine, you need this lipstick because you dont have lipsticks.” If you have seen any of our post, a majority of mine are lipsticks. I have a huge addiction to lipsticks its kinda scary. But hey, more content for our blogs right?

Max Studio Liquid Lipstick:


  • redish pink shade
  • plastic tube
  • cushioned applicator
  • long gold cap to hold


  • smooth application


  • doesnt last long
  • weird shade not my personal favorite
  • if left in your purse or hot area, it will melt and be hard to work with

All in all i give this product a 1/10. I didnt like this lipstick at all, i thought it was a weird shade, the tube looked darker than the actual product which i thought was weird considering the tube itself when emptied is clear. I also really didnt like how quickly it rubbed off. It didint even last an hour before i had to re-apply. Needless to say i didnt end up using this for graduation.

Thats it for todays blog!

Comment down below what your favorite thing to do at Marshalls is!


9 thoughts on “Max Studio Liquid Lipstick”

  1. For the love of all lip products, Limelife perfect Lipgloss, Enduring Lip colors and Perfect lipsticks are amazing! The Lip colors are free shipping as we speak. Last 8+ hours and dry a beautiful matte color!
    Feel free to check us out or id love to chat.😊💄


  2. Who really has control when it comes to shopping at Marshall’s or TJMAX?? Especially when it comes to the beauty section! There is just too much selection!! 💖💖💖


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