E.l.f Brand Review

Hello my lovelies! I’m back with another Elf review! Lately I haven’t been a huge Elf fan. Elf has always been a hit or miss with their products, and for awhile I was getting more hits than misses, but now I’m getting more misses than hits.

I’m gonna start with the…

Elf makeup remover pen:

As you can see I’ve already used this..well duh Christine, why wouldn’t you review something you haven’t used?

Well I wouldn’t, can’t judge a book by its cover. This product I found with Hailey and we were both very excited for me to try it out. If you’re like me, there are those days that your eyeliner just doesn’t want to work with you (comment down below if you have those days!) and that can be a PAIN! I thought that this one would clean away any eyeliner mess perfectly. I was surprised that it did kind of work, although the brush of this pen is a bit oily to help remove makeup, it took the eyeliner off, but it also smudged that area really bad, so it didn’t fully remove the makeup. So I give removal a 3/10 because it didn’t fully remove the makeup. I also didn’t like how it dried out within the hour I opened it, and I didn’t even have it opened for that long, so that was my second biggest issue with the product, it doesn’t fully remove makeup and it doesn’t really last long at all, for last I would give it a 0/10. All in all I really thought this product would be a big hit, a must have, but I would make recommend this if you have like a special event for the day and want it just in case? Other than that it didn’t work very well.

Elf baked highlighter:

I am not a huge fan of baked products, I feel that they don’t apply as easy as non baked products. So I will admit I went into this product with a sour attitude, not to mention I used it right after the makeup remover pen. I got this product because I really love the shade of the highlighter, I really liked how it looks like it can give that amazing golden hour glow. Upon trying it I grew to actually like it, yet the application was a bit hard, you really had to swirl your brush along it for awhile, and even after that you don’t get a lot of product on the brush. Which at first I wasn’t too happy about, but I found out to my surprise that a little goes a long way.

I really like how it’s this natural golden hour glow. Perfect for summer or a night out. Application I would give a 3/10 because it was a bit difficult, as most baked products are. As for how it actually looks I give it a 10/10 because I really do like how it turns out!

That’s it for today’s blog! Comment down below what your favorite highlighter is!


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