Wet N Wild product review!

Hello my lovelies! I can’t believe it’s already August! How is everyone feeling about that? I’m excited. Today I move down to Texas!! Comment down below if you’re in Texas…and what it’s like down there because it’s very different from where I used to live!

Okay let’s get into today’s blog. I will be reviewing some Wet N Wild products. I would like to say I really like how affordable Wet N Wild products are, and how cute a lot of their products are packaged. Not to mention they’re cruelty free!

Wet N Wild Velvet Matte Lip Color:

Now I’m going in order of what I bought. I bought this lipstick first. What drew me to this product was it’s matte looking packaging. The orange is a bit softer and more matte looking than a normal orange lipstick would look. I thought that this was how the product would look like on, considering it says Velvet Matte. Unfortunately I was mistaken. It was more of a cream, and the color was hardly visible on my lips.

I wasn’t excited to try the rest of these products after trying this. I didn’t pike how the product wasn’t very creamy, wasn’t very Mattifying, nor was it Velvety. The cap would also not stay on, so it broke and I threw it away.

Wet N Wild photofocus foundation:

What drew me to this product was all the hype I was seeing online about it. Everyone was saying how great it was, so I wanted to try out for myself. I was really pleased with what I got. I really like how it comes with a paddled applicator

This paddled applicator made it glide on easily. I would say the coverage for this foundation is a medium to full. If you want it to look more full you can always apply another layer. When I applied two layers (just to see what it would look like), I noticed it didn’t look very cakey which I liked. The only thing I didn’t like about this product was how it was slightly too dark for my skin tone. Which wasn’t the products fault, but my own.

Photo Focus Matte Face Primer:

Boy does this product really work. I like how thin the primer is, a little can go a long way with this one which I like since the packaging is sorta small. This product mattifys very quickly I find out, and once it’s sunk in, it’s rather difficult to blend out. So I suggest when putting on foundation, put it on in sections! Other than that I really like the product!

Wet N Wild Concealor:

I really liked how well this concealer partnered with the photo focus foundation. It blends easily and had a semi full coverage.

Eyeshadow Pallet:

I was drawn to this product because of it assortment of colors. I really liked how they all worked together and how pigmented they were.

I also really like how you can easily use these for a day out or a night out. I’ve never tried their eyeshadows and I am pleasantly surprised by how much I like them!

That’s it for today’s blog!

Comment down below what your favorite Wet N Wild product is!


23 thoughts on “Wet N Wild product review!”

  1. Welcome to Texas! I’m a native, originally from a suburb of Dallas, but now located in San Antonio. Yes, the weather might take a bit getting used to, but I prefer the warmth over the cold. Although, I enjoy the occasional winter fashions. Depending on the region where you live, there is some “Southern Hospitality” that some neighbors will display. There’s so many things to check out. What state are you originally from? Anyway, I’ve been looking for a good primer. Thanks for your review. It’s helpful!


  2. I like WnW as a brand I own a lot of their products and more often than not their products are great quality. Some are misses but that’s what you get at that price I guess. I looove the foundation and I agree it’s more medium coverage but it looks really great on the skin. I haven’t tried that matte primer but would love to own it for warmer days


  3. That blue shimmer looks so nice! I just posted a full review on this Wet N Wild foundation too. This post makes me want to buy that concealer and palette to try out 🙂


    1. I really dont like the blue shimmer personally, i dont think blue suits me very well, but i can tell it would look beautiful on you. Definitly try out the concealer it goes really well with the foundation.


  4. I am wearing my photofocus foundation today! It really is one of my favorites, looking so natural on the skin and yet covering up so many imperfections. My daughter and I also really like the photofocus eyeshadow primer, it works great for us as long as we set it before we apply eyeshadow.


    1. i completly understand. Hailey and i used to live in a colder state, but now im in Texas and have already noticed that i sweat off the primer within the hour. I definitly need to work on finding a stronger primer. What ive found helps to make it last is using a setting powder right after applying the primer. Granted it doesnt make it magically last all day, but it makes it last a bit longer.

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        1. What i would also try (if the setting powder doesnt work) is putting the primer on, then the foundation and all that jazz and then try the photo focus setting spray! it may help. Maybe look for matte baking powder or finishing powders.

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