NYX Worth The Hype Mascara Review

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our blog, today’s post is going to be a review on the NYX worth the hype mascara!

Lets get into it:


  • Price: $7.99
  • Cruelty free!


Easy to apply and comfortable to wear, the clump-free mascara features a specially designed brush that coats and separates individual lashes for ultimate impact and definition. Expect fuller, longer looking lashes with a long-wearing finish. (Product details from the NYX website!)

Overall, I really love this mascara! It gives you natural looking, very fluttery and separated lashes. The brush does define each lash nicely, and it doesn’t get nearly as clumpy as other mascaras that I have tried. This mascara does wear all day, so it definitely lives up to what it says it will do, and it is easy to remove at the end of the day also.

The Brush:

It is my new go-to every day mascara because it is pretty jet black, it doesn’t clump up your lashes, you can apply it in a hurry and it will last all day. It also will hold a curl, the formula is really light and I have found that it doesn’t weigh down my lashes or make the curl disappear during the day.

How it Looks on the Lashes:

It will volumize your lashes a little bit, mostly it will define and lengthen your lashes. If you are crazy about tons of volume and you love the clumpy lash look, you’ll probably think this mascara is meh since it is more of a natural looking one and won’t give you the drama you want.

On the other hand, if you love something that looks more natural and separates your lashes well like I do, then I think you will really love this mascara for every day use!

That’s my review on this mascara! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I’ll see you all very soon!


11 thoughts on “NYX Worth The Hype Mascara Review”

  1. I JUST bought this mascara today! Haven’t tried it yet so I’m really glad your review is promising! I was wanting to find a cruelty free drugstore brand!


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