Acne skin care routine

Hello my lovelies!! I’m back and here with the much awaited skincare routine. And let me just tell you, you’re in for some laughs!

So over this past year I have been getting really bad acne. I used to be those lucky girls that never had to worry about acne, so I thought that it would never happen to me..yet it did and I HATED it. I think the main reason for the acne was because my hormones were all over the place.

My acne needed action and FAST. I tried all the Pinterest all natural things, and nothing worked. So I turned to my good ol Target. And let’s just say I am pleased with my results!

Neutrogena all-in-1 acne control daily scrub:

Now you may be asking, “Christine what is the laugh you’re talking about? Skin care is a serious business!” And girl trust me I know! Let’s just say…Christine didn’t read the back of this and temporarily made her problem worse. On the back it bold all caps… DO NOT PARTNER WITH OTHER ACNE SCRUBS, COULD CAUSE IRRITATION. And you would never believe what I was doing…partnering them together. I was using both this and the Clearasil together, they were technically the same thing so my logic was it would make it work even faster…well it didn’t and it irritated my skin causing red bumps to show up around my cheeks. Thankfully I realized my mistake and stopped using the Neutrogena. I am not using this because it is bad, but simply because I’m using the clearasil first and cannot use this at this time. Once I finish the clearsil I will begin to use Neutrogena!

Clearasil rapid rescue deep treatment wash:

This is what I’ve been using twice a day. Once in the morning tight when I wake up, and then at night before bed. And let me tell you, after the previous story above. This really helped. Once I started ONLY using this, the red spots from combining the two products, plus any existing acne went away within a day. I really like how this also treats scars. The scars don’t go away as quickly as those non scarred acne, but within a day you can clearly see it start to lighten up. And when I use it in the morning I feel so refreshed and awake i really do enjoy this product. I will warn, with all these products your skin does dry out a lot.

10% Benzoyl Peroxide gel:

I heard of this gel via instagram, and I was eager to see if it would aid my acne and zits. I usually use this right after the Clearasil wash, and I think it really does aid in the treatment. I also apply this twice a day. The only thing I dislike about this is that it dries out your skin even more than the acne wash. But I knew that going into this product. It really helps with the acne though.

I would like to also add that I use the Pixi Tonic Glow serum once a week as well. I forgot to take a picture of it, but I also use that and it helps a lot. Stings a little but it works!

Comment down below what helps your acne!

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28 thoughts on “Acne skin care routine”

        1. It could be! My skin was never really hormonal so birth control didn’t have an effect. I needed to moisturize more, which was counter intuitive.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog bc I to have been struggling with breakouts. Im going to try these out thank u!


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