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A Year Working Retail, My Story

Hello my lovelies! I can’t believe it’s almost August! The summer has gone by so fast am I right?!

I thought today I might share a little story with you. Since by the time this goes up, I will have left my job due to my move.

A year ago being a dirt poor high school student I decided to look for a job. I had just turned 18 so I knew there were many job opportunities for me, but what? I swore off working fast food, and I had so many hobbies that I could use in the work force. I thought maybe the book store, since I love to read, but I also LOVE to chat. In my experience there has never been a whole lot of chatting in book stores, so I knew that wouldn’t be a great fit for me. Then I tried applying to ultra (even though that’s like so dangerous for me!) , since your girl loves makeup. I had applied, but never heard back. Getting a little panicked I began looking at stores in my local mall. That is when I found the store I currently work at, I will keep the name of the store private for safety reasons, but I used to shop there a ton when I was a tween because of the sparkly jewelry and super cute clothing. 13 year old me would go crazy in that store. I asked an employee there if they were hiring and she said they were and just so happened to short of staff. That night I sent in my application and a day later I was hired..a week later I was on the clock.

At first I was beyond overwhelmed, this was my first retail job. I have 0 customer service experience, all I had done previous to this was babysit! It was a rough start, my feet would feel like I was walking on glass by the end of the night, and it seemed that no customer cared now knew I was. There were days were I would run in the back crying due to the stress of a situation, or the rudeness of a customer, days where I wanted to throw in the towel. Maybe working at a bookstore didn’t seem too bad? Something inside me told me, keep trying, give it time. So I listened to the voice inside me head. And within 2 months I was completely in love with my job. I had an amazing team, and an amazing boss.

To this day, and it’s been almost a year. I absolutely love my job and the opportunities every there gave me. I didn’t think working somewhere would give me family, but I now know that I have a family with them, even when I do leave off to college. Our sometimes traumatic, frustrating and funny experiences have helped shape and bond each and every one of us. My experience working with My team has helped shape me as a person and as a worker. I am now confident in who I am and how I present myself, and I sure as heck don’t let anyone talk me down anymore for being new!

I know retail can be a pain in the butt to work, trust me I’m not saying it isn’t! But working with the girls I work with made my first retail job the most memorable experience I have ever had.

5 thoughts on “A Year Working Retail, My Story”

  1. I applaud you on sticking to your job when the early days were difficult. I can completely relate to your experience where eventually I loved retail and then by the time I departed, I felt as upbeat as a piece of cardboard. In retrospect, retail offers people skills that can be used in many arenas. Kudos to you and continued success as you continue to move forward:)


  2. I was expecting something completely different from your retail story, I don’t think I have EVER heard someone say that they love their retail job (which is awesome that you do!)
    I worked in retail for two years and in the hospitality industry for 4 and I hated people by the end of it, I felt like retail crushed my soul in a lot of ways. All the frustrating and rude customers got to me.
    BUT having a great team really changes things, if we had a more solid management structure things probably could have been different.


    1. Everyone’s different. I didn’t have a joyful happy time every day. Customers were rude and sometimes it got to me. Or they were rude unintentionally. Our store is a big store and it got messy one would pick up after themselves and that easily annoyed me. But having my team there and having such a good team made those hard times easier.

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