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Biotin cranberry mixed berry vitamin review

Hello my lovelies! Now I know you’re probably thinking, Christine why on earth are you doing reviewing vitamins?? Well, we are a beauty blog and I believe beauty is not just makeup. So today I will be reviewing biotin gummies.

Now your girl over here loves her some Pinterest, especially like improving yourself Pinterest post. Recently I would see so much hype about cranberry biotin vitamins on Pinterest so I wanted to try them out. Now my hair is pretty long and thick already, but I love myself some long hair. Adore long hair. As for my skin, lately due to the amount of stress I have been going through and my hormones getting crazy out of wack due to the stress, my skin game has been weak. I have been breaking out so much recently it’s not even funny, so that was the main reasoning I got vitamins.

Now I’ve only been using these for a week, so I know results won’t be super noticeable, but I will do a 1 month update!

After a few days of using this I definitely noticed my nails had been growing crazy fast, so I knew it was working. As for my hair I can’t really say much, I haven’t noticed any grow, much is does look a lot healthier! And now onto my skin.

My skin, I don’t see much change, nothing really gone away or gotten better, but I hope that after using these vitamins for a little longer that I’ll start seeing more progress….cuz yo girl is losing hope!

Comment below on products you use for break outs! Also comment below if you use biotin vitamins!



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