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Get Ready With Us for Prom! 💃

Hello lovelies! Welcome to a very chatty post about our senior prom, we will show you our makeup looks and our dresses and some fun photos!

*We couldn’t find the time to get this up earlier with graduation and finals and things but at least this post is finally here!*

Christine’s Makeup: 

Milani foundation, elf concealer, tarte contour palette, DLShighlighter, La colors brow pencil, elf eyeshadow, NYX lipstick!

Christine’s Dress:

I went with a group of my gal friends since my boo is in another state and couldn’t make it for prom! He was with me in spirit!

Group Pictures:

Hailey’s Makeup:

All the products:

I went for a pretty natural and simple look because I wanted my dress to be the star of the show! I put this makeup on really early in the day because I was going to a wedding in the early afternoon and that would be why it looks a little faded in the evening pictures!

Hailey’s Dress:

This photo was taken right before we got to the dance, around 8:30pm! This photo of the dress is true to its actual color, a rich emerald green!
I found my dress at a tiny little boutique in our local town center! I love this gown so much!


I asked my boyfriend if he would like to be in a blog post and he said sure, so here are some of our pictures!

Us taking a selfie on the dock. Mostly included this picture because I look like a mermaid here!
How that selfie turned out! 🙂
Here is us on the waterfront looking down at the water. PS: Got my hair done in those tight curls, but by the dance, they’d fallen out into lovely loose waves!
We really hope you guys enjoyed seeing our prom looks! Let us know what you think in the comments, do you like our looks?

— Christine and Hailey

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